Why I Love Thailand as an Indian Traveler

A great story about why i love thailand as an indian traveler, Read about the things to do in thailand for a perfect travel experience.
Why I Love Thailand as an Indian Traveler

It is stunning

Why I Love Thailand as an Indian Traveler

People, in general, love beautiful places, and Thailand sure ranks up there as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. We also like to have fun, and Thailand has a lot of fun things, from bars, clubs, “massage parlors”, to beautiful beaches, secluded islands, exotic lagoons, and excellent hotels and spas. Thai people are also very warm and welcoming, which reminds us of being right at home.
So, if you are short on money or better yet just trying to spend as little as possible, love food, enjoy partying, have a free weekend around the corner and still want a lovely international holiday that you can boast about verbally and through pictures, Thailand is the answer and your vacation story is sure to have a happy ending.


It is Cheap!!!

Why I Love Thailand as an Indian Traveler

If you want to have a good time without being BROKE upon return, Thailand is the ideal place to go. Cheap for food, stay and shopping, Thailand will not hurt your wallet and yet you will leave extremely happy and satisfied. Saying that I must mention that even though it is cheap, it is excellent value and the food and services are exemplary. And we do love a good bargain! Don’t We?  

It is so close- we are practically neighbors (Just kidding! We’re three doors down alright)

It takes barely any time to get to Thailand and with direct flights from over 7 major cities in India, Thailand is so easily accessible to our lot, we have just got to go say hello.

The food is exceptional!

Why I Love Thailand as an Indian Traveler

Thai Food ✔

Spicy Food ✔

Street Food ✔

Cheap Food ✔

Fresh exotic ingredients ✔ 

Need I say anymore?


We are tied historically

Why I Love Thailand as an Indian Traveler

Our historical connections go back even before 3rd Century B.C.  and were strengthened with the onset of Buddhism which spread rapidly through the region. There has also been a long history of economic ties and exchanges between the two nations.

It is liberating

Why I Love Thailand as an Indian Traveler

Being in Thailand liberates us as travelers, especially when we are living in India. There is acceptance in society there and seems like there is very little room for any sort of judgment. Prostitution is tolerated, being transgender is celebrated and a plethora of Gay Bars make it LGBTQ friendly.
Something for everyone

No VISA Hassles

The most attractive feature is that we do not require a Visa unlike so many other beautiful destinations in Europe and Asia. Indian citizens can get a visa on arrival and it makes life so much easier.


True Hab
Last Updated : Jan 29,2021
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