World’s Best Christmas Markets to visit this Winters

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World’s Best Christmas Markets to visit this Winters

World’s Best Christmas Markets to visit this Winters

Our favorite time of the year is here! Gifts have been wrapped & Santa is already on his sleigh ready to give us a surprise visit all the way from North Pole. With just 27 days remaining to the last festival of the year, it is the right time to hit the local stores and ransack the shelves to buy those little tinsel, balls, and stars – just to get into the festive mood. Or, you can get the real taste of festivity before the actual festive season begins, at those fascinating ‘Christkindlesmarkts’ around the world. Now, we might not have a magical sled like Santa to take us around but the extravagant, majestic Christmas markets that are set up across the globe do provide some compensation in form of gorgeously lit shops, locally handcrafted souvenirs for your beloved, spectacular light & music shows, festive traditional delicacies such as freshly baked gingerbreads, cinnamon rolls, pancakes & off course, the euphoric mulled wines. When here, why not join the mayhem to go ‘Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas’ with dear Santa.

World’s Best Christmas Markets to visit this Winters

Most of the Christmas markets kick off in the last week of November and few continue till early January. This is the perfect time to catch on a long-shelved family outing or a shopping spree long due to partake in the mad festivities of the season, soak in the sparkling colours, take turns on gigantic ferry wheels and dance your heart out while happily sipping local wines during the chilly, wintry nights.

Things You Expect from these Christmas Markets

World’s Best Christmas Markets to visit this Winters
Scene at Christmas markets

A Christmas market is a street market that reflects the ‘spirit of Christmas’ in its truest sense. Even though these markets have originated in Germany, the immense popularity of the same has taken the world by storm. These markets have a lot of tradition & culture which is briefly interwind in the way they are celebrated and each country is proud of showcasing their uniqueness as you visit them during your short trip.

You can expect –

1. Christmas gifts from a Kind Witch at Rome

Italian tradition says Christmas festivities should start from December and continue till January. The pomp and merriment of the event ends with the arrival of the Befana – a kind old witch who distributes gifts to children and grown-ups alike.

World’s Best Christmas Markets to visit this Winters
Piazza Navona Christmas market

Ancient fountains surrounding Piazza Navona, fairy lights, wooden crib scenes along with live music and assortment of Italian delicacies will make your visit worthy of your spending.

World’s Best Christmas Markets to visit this Winters
Bafna Witches of Rome

Enjoy the rich culture or marvel the grandeur of Ancient Roman architecture while happily partying through the festive nights with our recommended tour packages.

Dates: 8th December-6thJanuary

2. A tall and lanky Plum Man at Nuremberg

At Hauptmarkt in Nuremberg, you get a taste of the old German tradition as you walk down the streets to enjoy shopping for Christmas while sipping happily into your glass of mulled wine and biting into the famous grilled sausage, also known as “Nuernberger Rostbratwürste, in a bun.”

World’s Best Christmas Markets to visit this Winters
Christmas Village at Nuremberg

But, do not forget to pick up your share of the famous plum man, popularly known as ‘Zwetschgenmännlein’. These tiny figurines are carved out of dried plums which are hard to find elsewhere.

To get the best of the festivity and beauty of the place, check our recommendations to plan your short trip to Nuremberg.

Dates: 29th November-24thDecember

3. Singing Christmas tree in Zurich

Werdmühleplatz Market or the Christmas market at Zurich will take your inside ‘Alice into a winter wonderland’. The one-of-a-kind singing Christmas-tree-shaped stage has kids lending their voices to Christmas tunes and carols.

World’s Best Christmas Markets to visit this Winters
The Swiss Singing Christmas Tree

Why not plan for a complete city tour to enjoy the best of the Swiss financial capital?

Dates: 21stNovember-23rd December

4. Foie Gras at the Christmas Capital, France

The capital of Christmas, France gives you a flavour of an old tradition in the Christmas merriment, but with a French twist. You get a vision of beautiful Christmas decorations dressing up the streets while you go gift shopping, drinking, and tasting the French delicacies including Foie Grass which is unique to France.

World’s Best Christmas Markets to visit this Winters
Christmas market in France

Take this opportunity to visit the romantic wonders that the ‘Land of the Franks’ has to offer, not to mention the majestic Eiffel Tower in Paris that attracts couples from across the world. Our recommended tour packages will give you the best of France and the Christmas Market festivities.

Dates: 22nd November-30th December

5. A Fairy tale Christmas Market at Stein Am Rhein, Switzerland

Get a real wintery fairy tale experience in the Christmas wonderland called Switzerland. Every year, the Christmas market is themed on one of the classic fairy tales like Rapunzel and has 20 shop windows decked up according to the chosen theme. Traditionally dressed maidens will take you on a tour around the town while narrating the history of the good old days.

World’s Best Christmas Markets to visit this Winters
Christmas market in Stein am Rhein

Enjoy the beautiful, white winter of Switzerland while partaking in one of the country’s biggest festivals of the year during your short stay.

Dates: 4th December-31st December

But, why restrict your Christmas fun to only above listed five European cities when the whole world is your oyster? There are other Christmas markets that are sure to blow your mind & guarantee a breath-taking experience during your visit.

1. Ignite your Christmas mood at ‘Village of Lights’, Leavenworth

If Germany is out of reach for your family this winter, you can consider soaking up in the Christmas vibe at Leavenworth, Washington, USA. The Bavarian-styled village hidden in the Cascade Mountains is home to one of the biggest Christmas markets in the world.

World’s Best Christmas Markets to visit this Winters
Christmas Market at Leavenworth

The entire village is beautifully decked up with Christmas décor and bright lights to charge up your festive mood before Christmas. Treat yourself to Bavarian beer and a rare assortment of cakes, chocolates, pastries, cookies, and candies. Drown yourself in the enchanting music for just a day, i.e. 29th of November and enjoy a luxurious stay at one of the Alpine lodge buildings or hotels at the ‘Village of Lights’.

Date: 29th November – 1st December

2. Sing Christmas Carols at Frankfurt Christmas Market, Birmingham

You can get the taste of Germany’s biggest Christmas markets outside German itself, with England’s royalties. Frankfurt Christmas Market entertains guests from all over the world with traditional Christmas Carols, amazing décor, and 80 beautiful wooden stalls for Christmas shoppers.

World’s Best Christmas Markets to visit this Winters
The Frankfurt Christmas Market of Birmingham

You can enjoy riding the ornate carousel or taste the roasted almonds, pretzels, schnitzels, and bratwursts while happily sipping into Gluhwein or German Beer/hot chocolate.

Also, why not extend your itinerary by adding some extra days in the spectacular capital city, London. Take this opportunity to see the royal palaces, click pictures of the beautiful River Thames, ride on London Eye and shake a leg at London Pubs. (Plan your trip with our recommended tours here).

Dates: 7th November-23rd December

3. Enjoy the Christmas Spirit at Zagreb Advent, Croatia

The Christmas Market at Croatia has been voted as the best Christmas market in entire Europe. The endless activities offered during this event is a sure treat for party people who wish to soak in Christmas festivities before Christmas itself.

World’s Best Christmas Markets to visit this Winters
Christmas Village at Zagreb

The whole city is drowned in the Christmas spirit, offering loads of fun activities, rides, and an outdoor ice rink for the toddlers and grownups alike. Taste the amazing street food or shell a few coffers on the local crafts while enjoying Croatia’s wintry weather. (Check our recommended tours here)

Dates: 30th November-7th January

4. Breathe the Aromas of Roasted Chestnuts at Christmas Village, Vienna

Vienna is a place to treat yourself to its rich history, art and culture as well as the mesmerizing beauty of Mother Nature. The capital city of Austria owes its cultural legacy to some of the worldwide acclaimed personalities like Mozart, Beethoven, and Sigmund Freud.

World’s Best Christmas Markets to visit this Winters
Christmas Village at Vienna

The Christmas market also upholds the cultural heritage of the city in its truest sense. Aromas of roasted chestnuts and beer will be a sure treat for the gastronomes.

Plan your stay accordingly to get the best of both the culture and festivity with our recommended tours.

Dates: 22nd November-26th December

5. Partake in the True Holiday Festivity in Asia’s Biggest Christmas Market, Tokyo

Witness the German-style Christmas Market in Asia with twenty-six days of limitless fun, food, and frolic at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, Japan. Live carol performers, crafts, and twinkling lights will give you the taste of German festivity and the best of what Japan has to offer in its platter.

World’s Best Christmas Markets to visit this Winters
Christmas market at Tokyo

Dates: 30thNovember-25th December

Christmas Market presents the perfect excuse for you to escape the mundane life and get lost in maddening festivities before Christmas itself. Just pack your bags and be a part of some of the most spectacular exhibitions of the year.

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