Switzerland ski guide

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Switzerland ski guide

Switzerland is quite literally a paradise for skiing, snowboarding, sledding, winter hikes or whatever activity you can imagine in the gorgeous Alps in winter.

This Switzerland Ski Guide will give you an introduction into the country as a destination for skiers and snowboarders, we’ll share some of the most awesome regions with you and give you some tips on how to get around and save money.

Switzerland is the perfect location for all your winter sports desires. It’s landscape is not just visually breath-taking but a gift for anyone seeking adventure and extreme activities. Situated dead-center in the European Alps, Switzerland is gifted with gigantic mountains, deep valleys, waterfalls, forests, lakes and if that was not enough, beautiful cities and copious amounts of fondue and the world’s best chocolate!

And on top of that, it lends itself absolutely perfectly to any type of winter sport.

From personal experience, I would call it the gold standard for ski resorts and regions.

Getting around with a full set of ski or snowboard equipment can be a struggle. All the layers of thick clothing plus the skis or board, the helmet, ski sticks, all kinds of cameras, take up a lot of space! Most people choose to either go with their own car or rent a car to get to their destination.

The upsides of having a car is that you get to your destination on your own terms, you can get to the ski area and you can run errands wherever you are with your car. But usually there is enough infrastructure in place that taking public transportation should not be a problem.

Most hotels or B&Bs have a shuttle service or a bus stop nearby and the buses are prepared to carry your equipment with you. You can get weekend or week passes and you might also get public transportation included in your ski pass. In almost all situations, you will have everything you need in your accommodation or around the ski area and running to a shop nearby is usually never a problem. So going from your hotel to the area is the only thing you have to worry about and this is where public transport comes in!

Make sure to ask your accommodation beforehand on how the situation is like in the area.

SBB – Swiss Train Company
Find everything you need to know about how to get to your destination!

Swiss Pass
The Swiss Pass can store tickets, ski cards, car sharing information and more! You can easily get your week or month passes on there and just use one card. Very handy.

Combine your love for skiing with a discounted transport ticket. Lot’s of perks are involved here for winter sports enthusiasts.

Interrail Ticket
The interrail ticket gives you access to a variety of SBB and private trains around the country. This is very handy if you plan on traveling around a bit.

Local Transport
SBB can get you to your destination, but they can also serve as a provider of local tickets. But mostly, you will buy your ticket locally before boarding any public transportation.Read more about the Swiss public transportation here.

Switzerland ski guide

The Swiss world of winter sports offers anything from lavish luxury hotels with Michelin-star chefs all the way to, well, expensive B&Bs. Whatever your preferences (and possibilities), make sure to plan and book early!

Vacation Homes: This is the way to go. Gather some people and book a nice flat or house for your ski trip. There are several websites that websites that help you with this such as TripAdvisor, homeaway.com and casamundo.com.

Hotels: The second most popular way to live when on plowing down the Swiss ski slopes. Offers range from outrageously luxurious resorts all the way to cozy B&Bs. Look up whatever suits you via the usual suspects: TripAdvisor, booking.com and hotels.com.

Airbnb: Airbnb is legal in Switzerland but highly regulated by the state. It’s worth checking out, but vacation homes predate Airbnb by a lot. Vacation homes have been the driving force behind tourism forever in Switzerland and most likely you will find Airbnbs on the vacation home pages anymways.

Switzerland ski guide


If you are looking to compare numbers, check out OnTheSnow or Bergfex. There are a lot of ski resorts in Switzerland, some really small, some super massive. You will have to look into how much you want to spend, how much time you have and what part of the country you can easily reach and want to see.

Here are some of the classics:

Switzerland ski guide
Switzerland ski guide
Switzerland ski guide
Switzerland ski guide

Ski vacation in Switzerland is one of the most expensive vacations you can make. It is undoubtedly gorgeous and you’ll carve away on world-class slopes but it’s kind of hard to do on a budget. But not impossible! Here are some cost-cutting tricks for your winter vacation in Switzerland:

  • Book directly: If you book directly with hotels or resorts, you have a good chance of finding some deals and offers. It might be another night included in the deal or a discount on the ski pass. You should always check out the hotel directly to make sure you don’t miss out on deals.
  • Research: Do a thorough research to grab those sweet, sweet deals. It is not too hard to find deal packages that include half-board, flight and a ski pass. A package will most likely cost you less than buying everything separately. Or not, do the research. Make use of ski vacation organizers who offer packages.
  • Avoid the popular ski regions: You should try to find resorts and regions that are slightly smaller and less popular, this will be most notably in the ski pass prices and the cases in which you will eat/drink on the slopes.
  • Look for meal deals: There are often buffets offered in lesser known restaurants. Do some Google or Yelp research to find the best deal around you and avoid eating at the top of the mountain for a fortune.
  • Take the train: Plan ahead and make sure you find cheap train tickets, for groups for example. Car hires are really expensive in Switzerland.
  • Take care of equipment and ski passes in advance: You can rent your kit and buy ski passes way in advance on SwissPasses and really get a good deal compared to having to purchase those things on location.
Switzerland ski guide

Generally, Switzerland is beautiful all year round!

But we are talking snowboarding and skiing here! Naturally, Switzerland being in the northern hemisphere and due to the elevation of some of the resorts, winter is around December and January.

In some regions, snow can fall as early as September, but generally the ski season starts with the opening of the lifts around mid-November/early December and lasts until around April.

The Matterhorn, Gornergrat and Rothorn glacial areas are open year-round, so yeah, you can do summer skiing here!

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