Your Guide to The Authentic Mauritian Street Food

Traveling all over the world, not only provides us immense pleasure but, also helps us in acquiring knowledge about different countries, their food, culture, beliefs, and lifestyle. It is a fascinating thing to experience numerous types of flavors available only in that particular region. For instance, Kerala is famous for its authentic spices, and Thailand is famous for its exotic herbs, many other places are famous for such unique flavors. It can be pretty obvious that you may or may not like the local food of a country, but the experience you get counts every time you try something new. Mauritius is yet another famous spot where people spend their holidays to relax. Traveling to a new place and not sure what to eat and what not can be a difficult task. You cannot try every food cuisine of Mauritius but, you can certainly savor the best of it. Especially, the Mauritian street food is something you cannot miss trying out. So, we are here to present you with the ultimate guide to the authentic Mauritian street food that would surely bless your palette. Also, don’t forget to shop from the best markets in Mauritius while stuffing yourself with the most delicious Mauritian street food. Hurry up! Prepare a list.



Dholl Puri


One of the most famous Mauritian street-food enjoyed by the locals and tourists on a large scale. Dholl Puri is believed to be inspired by Indian Roti or Parantha the only difference is that these are fried flatbreads, unlike Roti. The stuffing is done over the hot fried flatbread consisting of ground yellow split peas. Since it is a vegetarian dish with flatbread made of wheat and stuffed with peas, the vegetarians visiting Mauritius wouldn’t have to deal with the dilemma of fewer options in a place where you find seafood in every corner. The delicious Dholl puri is found on stalls in every other street and is a great option for breakfast or lunch while you shop in the nearby markets.



Gateau Piment


Another vegetarian snack quite famous in Mauritius is Gateau Piment. The name of the dish is of French origin, whereas the taste and flavors are more on the Indian side. If you are looking for a simpler name, it is also known as chili cakes, prepared with split peas seasoned with some red and green chilies, some coriander, onions, and cumin. It is shaped into a small-sized ball perfect for a bite and deep-fried till it turns into a golden color then, you can savor this steaming hot snack with a cup of tea and enjoy your evenings in Mauritius deliciously. 





Mauritian curries have always been famous for its authentic taste and flavor. The curry is made with fundamental ingredients, like garlic, onions, curry leaves, turmeric, and some seasoning but, the taste is not ordinary at all. You can enjoy a vegetarian or non-vegetarian curry with flatbreads, noodles, dim sum's, or seafood according to your liking to intensify its taste.





Boulettes are among the most popular street food in Mauritius. It is served with dumplings, soaked in a flavorful broth. The dumplings may be prepared and stuffed with fish, prawns, beef, pork, or if you wish to opt for a vegetarian stuffing then, you can choose vegetable dumplings as well. The broth is prepared with fish or chicken stock, seasoned with some vegetables and exotic herbs and is served, steaming hot to deliver the delicious taste to your palette.





Rougaille is one of the most famous dishes in Mauritius. It is a type of tomato stew prepared with fish or meat flavored with tomatoes, onions, herbs like thyme, and garlic. It is prepared in a very short time and is served hot with curries as a side dish. You can also add other vegetables and peas to it, once it is cooked. The dish is also very important in wedding ceremonies and special occasions for its authentic Mauritian flavors. It can be found on various stalls in markets and busy streets of Mauritius.



Du Pain Frire


Du Pain Frire is among the most popular street foods in Mauritius. It is commonly known as fried bread and is available at every corner of Mauritius. If you are missing the Indian bread pakora then, this crunchy fried bread would surely, end your cravings. It is served with delicious chutneys made with tomatoes, coriander, chilies, and garlic. You can enjoy this delicious Du Pain Frire with your cup of evening tea chatting with your friends and family.



Millionaire’s Salad


Confused with the name of this salad? No, don’t worry it is not just for millionaire’s but its taste would surely make you feel like one. The millionaire salad is prepared with a variety of seafood including fish, shrimp, oysters, prawns, crab, and smoked marlins with some salad leaves. The heart of the dish is the vegetable found in the inner core of palm trees, giving this salad an authentic flavor. Lastly, the Sauce rouge is poured over the salad as a dressing. If you are visiting Mauritius this holiday then, make sure to try this unique salad found only in Mauritius. 





Gajak is a variety of Mauritian snacks found in every location of Mauritius. These snacks are sold on the back of a motorbike or stalls sealed in a glass container. The snacks are deep-fried and can be enjoyed with tea or simply while shopping. You can try potato fritters known as gateau patat or cassava chips called manioc goujons, and eggplant fritters locally known as gateau aubergine. It is one of the most widely-eaten snacks in Mauritius. 





Mauritians have their ancestry from china as well and hence, Chinese cuisine is quite famous here as well. Many restaurants are available in Mauritius to serve you some of the best Chinese delicacies. One such Chinese dish is dim sum. Flavored vegetables or meat stuffed in flour dough is steamed until cooked, served with stews or curry, is a treat o your palette.

Aditi Bansal
Last Updated : Jul 28,2020
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