Your Guide To The Ultimate Budget Trip To Maldives

The first step involved in planning a trip is to prepare a budget and expense allowance for the trip.

People who don’t have a huge budget would only end up canceling all the plans for a vacation. Well, everyone deserves a holiday and we are here to make that possible.

Budgeting a trip involves several factors to be considered. We are taking the responsibility to cover all these factors for you. So, if you are someone planning for a vacation to the magnificent island of Maldives, then this article is a perfect way for you to start budgeting your trip.

The island of Maldives is an astonishing place that provides you with a mixture of fun activities and astounding views. No doubt, it is a paradise for those who love sandy beaches with clear seas and coral view. It is a perfect holiday destination for you to leave all your stress behind and indulge yourself in the serenity of nature. It is also a great place for water sports enthusiasts and photographers, with its picturesque view. Well, you can enjoy all the fascinating activities, the island of Maldives has to offer, under your budget. Make sure to read till the end to plan an under-budget trip for you and your family.

Things you need to consider

  1. Budget allowance
  2. Travel expenses
  3. Budget stay
  4. Food under budget



Make a budget


The first thing you want to do before leaving for any trip is to make a budget and expense allowance for the vacation. Keep all the factors in your mind while preparing a budget. You need to include the flight tickets, hotel stays, food expenses and commuting expenses along with activity charges while preparing a budget. Also, make sure to carry a little extra amount that your prepared budget for any kind of emergency or misfortune. Prepare a list of beaches you want to visit and water activities you want to perform and stuff like that and you are good to go. Also, make sure that your flight and hotel booking should not go over your budget and to do so keep reading the list.


Cheap ways to travel in the Maldives 



One of the major expenses on a trip is of flights and travel. So, we must make sure that you book the cheapest flights available at the time. The best time to visit the Maldives is from December to April and hence, the rates are consequently higher at that time especially during Christmas and New Year week. The time from May to September expects lower crowd and hence, the prices are low as well. So, plan your vacation accordingly. 


Commute to the hotel

Usually, the hotel you have booked provides commute from the airport to the hotel at a minimal price whereas some hotels provide free transportations. In case, your hotel is not providing you with transportation then you can opt for a ferry to reach your hotel in Male with a price of 10 MVR. You can also opt for the local bus at the airport that would cost you around 20 MVR to reach Hulhumale. 


Commute within the island

A variety of local transports are available for you to commute within the island of Maldives. You can opt for a ferry to enjoy the scenic view or you can commute via local bus but make sure to check the timings and working days to avoid any issue. You can also opt for a taxi but since it is a low budget trip, we would suggest you go for the other two options and avoid taxis at all costs. 



Budget stays in the Maldives


Equity Beach Inn

Location: Shelistial/K.Guradhoo, 08080 Guraidhoo, Maldives

Contact Details: +960 777-6257

The hotel provides comfortable and clean rooms with a private beach for you to spend your day relaxing by the shore. They also offer free breakfast and airport transfers at additional cost and several other amenities including water sports at a low cost.


Charming Holiday Lodge

Location: CHARMING HOLIDAY LODGE, 19060 Midu, Maldives

Contact Details: +960 689-5018

You get all the facilities at a low price which includes a private beach, motorized water sports, free breakfast, airport transfers, comfortable rooms, and several other amenities. 


Revya Inn

Location: Valu Magu Road, Maafushi, Maldives

Contact Details: +960 992-7788

The hotel is located in the central Maldives and provides many facilities including airport transfers, private beach, cozy rooms, BBQ facilities, and much more.


Castle Inn

Location: Beach Side, AA. Bodufolhudhoo,, Maldives

Contact Details: +960 773-9377

You get several amenities including Airport transfer, Private beach, Free Wi-Fi in all rooms, Air conditioning, Daily housekeeping, breakfast, and so much more at such a low price.


Palm Residence

Location: Manzil Goalhi, Rasdhoo, Maldives

Contact Details: +960 972-7576

The palm residence hotel is known for its great service and beautiful architecture. You get airport transfers, coffee shops, 24-hours security, comfy rooms, and many other facilities. 


Eating under budget in the Maldives 

The island of Maldives is famous for its scenic beaches and adventurous water sports but, the food is a must-try as well. To make sure that your trip to the Maldives stays under budget, you should avail of the breakfast option at your hotel to avoid eating at an expensive place. You can also dine in the restaurants in your hotel if you liked the food quality. Though we suggest you, try the local food as well. Some cheap eats, and ranked for top quality include the following places. 


Island Feast

Chabeylee Magu, Goalhi 09, Maldives, +960 959-0969 



Isso Restaurant

20145 Sabudheriyaa Magu Rd, Malé, Maldives, +960 300-5555



Indian Food Court

Burevigas Magu, Lot # 11207 Hulhumale Rep. of Maldives Malé, 23000, Maldives, +960 725-2255




Unit D.1.06 Huvandhumaa Hingun Hulhumale, 23000, Maldives, +960 335-3666



Some important tips

You must carry your underwater camera (if you have one) or you can rent one from the local beach while snorkeling as the marine life is exquisite in the Maldives. You can go on island-hopping; a full day excursion and also don't forget to enjoy the water sports activities, mostly provided by the hotels. Also, keep in mind that the Maldives is an Islamic nation and you don't want to carry any object or thing that might offend their religion like religious idols, pigs and pork products, alcohol or narcotics. Make sure to buy a local sim card available at a very small price to stay connected to your friends and family.

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