Your Ultimate Guide to the Exotic Maldivian Cuisine

The astonishing island of Maldives is house to many beautiful and scenic beaches. People often come here to experience the serenity of nature. They spend their holiday relaxing by the shore while hearing the birds chirping at a distance, flying high in the sky and the breezy wind hitting their bodies providing them with one of the most pleasant experiences that one can wish for. If you are someone planning to spend your holiday relaxing on this exotic island of Maldives then this article would be of great help to you. Relaxing is one thing but to understand a place and its culture you must try the authentic street food of that place. The Maldives is home to a variety of mouth-watering seafood. So, any seafood lover would undoubtedly, consider this island a paradise to spend their vacation. Not just sea-food but many other tempting food cuisines and drinks are a must-try here, especially the street food. We are playing the role of a guide by providing you with all the details about the authentic Maldivian cuisine and street food in the Maldives. Make sure to choose your favorite Maldivian cuisine and drink from the list below, so you can enjoy it on your vacation to the paradise island of Maldives.


Kulhi Borkibaa


Kulhi Borkiba, also known as the fish cake, is one of the oldest food cuisines of the island of Maldives. The fish cake is prepared by adding several elements such as grated coconuts, minced peppers, and some ginger, which are then added to the rice and smoked tuna used in the preparation of the cuisine. The fish cake or Kulhi Borkiba is one of the most famous cuisines prepared at the time of festivals. The locals love to enjoy the cake during tea time as well. 


Mas Huni


If you love salads then, the Maldives has a unique salad prepared with tuna just for you. Mas Huni is consumed widely in breakfast by the locals along with chapati or bread. It is just like scrambled eggs or Egg Bhurji but, instead of eggs, they use shredded tuna mixed with coconut, spices with citrusy lemon juice, giving this dish a spicy and tangy flavor. 




People all over the world have their tea-time snacks like, Indians love pakoras while having a cup of tea. Similarly, Kavaabu is a Maldivian snack like pakoras made with tuna fish, coconut, lentils, and rice with some spices and chili. It is a must-try street food of the Maldives.


Theluli Mas


It is a very common street food you can find everywhere in the Maldives. Theluli mas is prepared by deep-frying fish with some chili and garlic and is a perfect snack for you to have with your evening cup of tea or coffee. 


Boshi Mashuni


Boshi Mashuni, also known as the banana flower salad, is a perfect appetizer for you while you spend your day relaxing by the beach. The dish is prepared with shredded banana flowers and some coconut mixed with turmeric, spices and garlic, and lemon juice giving this dish a sweet and tangy flavor, which is hard to resist.


Saagu Bondibai


One of the most popular ingredients consumed by the locals is Sabudaana in the Maldives. If you have a sweet tooth then, Saagu Bondibai is a must-try for you. It is a pudding made with Saagu in coconut milk and condensed milk with a touch of cardamom and rose, making it an exquisite Maldivian dessert.




Rihakuru is a traditional Maldivian cuisine prepared by cooking fish for a long time until it gives a paste-like texture then, some chilies, spices are added to it to give it a spicy flavor. The cuisine is famous for its rich texture and spice and you can take some Roshi and dip it in Rihakuru to enhance the taste.


Maldivian Lady


A famous beverage of the island of the Maldives prepared by the locals. The Maldivian lady is a very refreshing drink you can enjoy by the beach while soaking in the sunlight. The drink has a fruity and tangy taste with a tropical aroma. the drink is prepared by some tropical fruits like pineapples, oranges mixed with apricot brandy and skinned rum. Perfect for a date by the beach.


Maldivian Live Lobster


Your trip to the Maldives is never complete unless you taste the delicious Maldivian lobster. The lobster is cooked alive which enhances its taste and gives a unique flavor. The Maldivian live lobster would melt in your mouth and would leave you with the essence of its exotic taste.




The beautiful looking traditional Maldivian dish is quite common here. The locals prepare Garudhiya commonly here as it is a very basic yet delicious fish soup. The dish is easy to cook by using just three elements that are fish, water, and salt. It is often served with onions, rice, and chili with a little lime juice mixed in the soup.  




One of the most famous evening snacks consumed by the locals is Gulha. It is a ball-shaped small-sized dumpling filled with tuna, some coconut, onions, and chili. You can have Gulha with tea in the evening or even while shopping as it is convenient and ready to eat a snack. The taste is delicious and would fill your mouth with different flavors all together. 


Maldivian Vegetable Curry


Finally, there is a delicious option for the vegans or vegetarians who are planning to visit the island of Maldives this season. Almost all the Maldivian cuisines have fish as the main ingredient but not in the Maldivian vegetable curry. It is also known as Tharukaaree Riha in the Maldives. The curry is prepared by fresh vegetables like sweet potato, beans, carrots, onion, pumpkins, and many more veggies. It is a bomb of flavors with exotic Maldivian spices and curry leaves. The dish is famous among locals as it is healthy and full of nutrients. 

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