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Gujarat Desert Beach Tour Package Day 1

Day 1

Arrive in Ahmedabad to a warm welcome by our Namaste India Trip tour guide who escorts you to the waiting air-conditioned coach that will take you to Wankaner, a princely town in Saurashtra. Four later you are there and check into a nice hotel. Rest during the afternoon and when the Sun is low over the horizon you set out to the Ranjit Vilas Palace, the one-time official residence of the erstwhile Maharaja of Wankaner. Today Wankaner is better known for its ceramics industry, which, however, we will give the go by. Then we go on to another famous place, the Shah Bawa Dargah Sharif where you can make a wish and hope it comes true. Stay overnight in your room. Venture out at night to walk the main street and explore the bazaar and food stalls.

Gujarat Desert Beach Tour Package Day 2

Day 2

Breakfast on Saurashtra fare of Ganthiya – khaman – dhokla or Bajra roti and board the coach for the 4-hour drive to Mandvi, a port and a beach resort. Mandvi was also a royal city as you can see in the Vijay Vilas Palace that typifies glorious Rajput style architecture. Mandvi also has its share of Muslim architecture represented by the Mazar-e-Noorani. Then you can go on to the beach and frolic with the waves or just lie down and let the breeze lull you into somnolence as you watch the Sun dip into the Ocean.

Gujarat Desert Beach Tour Package Day 3

Day 3

Have a hearty breakfast of traditional Kathiawari snacks or “Dabeli” a sort of burger and board the coach for the drive to Bhuj. Bhuj is known for its Aina Mahal and Prag Mahal, legacies of the royal families that ruled here. A brief visit to Swaminarayan temple and the Cenotaphs completes the Bhuj circuit. Explore the town where street hawkers sell a variety of interesting stuff including ceremonial swords you can buy as souvenirs.

Gujarat Desert Beach Tour Package Day 4

Day 4

Wake up early, breakfast and set out to explore the Rann of Kutch. Early morning and late evenings are best since the desert comes alive with wildlife like the desert wild ass, foxes, blackbucks, wolves and jackals. Return to Bhuj for the overnight stay.

Gujarat Desert Beach Tour Package Day 5

Day 5

Breakfast over you board the coach for the return trip to Ahmedabad where the tour ends. The tour guide assists you with onward departure formalities.

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