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Lamayuru Chilling Leh Tour Day 1

Day 1

From this village which has a famous monastery as well, we will cross a stream and climb the first pass. You have to climb the mountain till you reach a small valley which will lead you to your first pass which is Prinkiti la (3.720m). You will cross the pass after just a short climb. Go down till you reach the village known as Shilla. You will have to cross the river with the help of a bridge and then you reach the next village known as Wanla. Wanla is a beautiful village where you can stop and enjoy.u00a0

Lamayuru Chilling Leh Tour Day 2

Day 2

You have to walk for 3 hours and you will reach the village known as Shills. After that, you have to walk the river Yapola for 2 hours and then you will reach a village known as Phanjila (3.300m). You will walk even higher and you will see that the valley is getting more and more beautiful and the view will leave you to spell bound. After that, you pass the village Hinju (3.750m) and also the camp foot and you will soon reach the next pass.

Lamayuru Chilling Leh Tour Day 3

Day 3

The climb is very tiring to the Konzke la (4.900m). After that, when you reach, the views are very beautiful and you reach the last pass Prinkiti la (3.720m). In the month of summer, shepherds from Hinju region cross the Konzke la so that the livestock can graze properly. The trail will also pass the huts and you will see them making butter, cheese and curd. Cheese spread will be seen spreading on the ground. It is left to dry and made into small white nuggets which are then left for years. Descent is long enough from Konzke la. As you move, the path gets close to the river. You will find a number of good campsites there. Keep moving till you reach Sumda Chenmo (3.900m). The village is isolated.

Lamayuru Chilling Leh Tour Day 4

Day 4

After you reach Sumda, the path gets really tough till you reach a shelter which is majorly made up of rocks. Half of your journey, you will find them.

Lamayuru Chilling Leh Tour Day 5

Day 5

On this route, you will come to the third pass. You will have to climb. You will reach Stok Kangri (6.153m) and Kang Yatse (6.400m) and from there you get to see beautiful views. From the top, it is very long and also very tiring and you reach Chilling. The residents of this region are those who work with metals like that of copper, tin and silver which are used for making different things.u00a0



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