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Lamayuru to Stok Leh Tour Day 1

Day 1

From this village which has a very famous monastery, you have to cross the stream and then you will cross the first pass. After climbing a little, you will have to walk till you reach your first pass named as Prinkiti la (3.720m). Only after a slight climb, you will be able to cross the path. Go down and soon you will reach a village known as Shilla. There will be a bridge, with the help of that you have to cross the river and then move towards the right so that you reach Wanla. It is a very beautiful village where you can stop at ease. You will have to walk for another three hours and soon you will reach Shills. Move for another 2 hours along the river known as the Yapola till you reach the river known as Phanjila. As you walk and walk more, you see that the valley gets more and more beautiful.u00a0

Lamayuru to Stok Leh Tour Day 2

Day 2

From here, you reach the main valley. Climb the pass as you leave a couple of valleys on your way. After that, you cross a steep. The climb is very tiring to Konzke la (4.900m), but is it worth climbing as you get to see a lot of beautiful views when you reach. In the month of summer, a lot of shepherds from Hinju can be seen so that they are able to graze their cattle there. You will soon pass some of the huts where you will find a lot of people making their butter, curd and cheese. You will also see that the cheese is left there to dry. It is left there to dry so that small nugget can be made out of it. And after that, it is kept for years to come. When you reach the summit, the descent is very long. The more you move, the path is closer to the river. On the opposite wall, as you reach before Sumda, you will get to see a cave. Also, a lot of campsites are there on the edge. Keep moving. The village is isolated.

Lamayuru to Stok Leh Tour Day 3

Day 3

From Sumda, move towards the main valley. The path becomes more and tougher for you as you move. Till you reach Dundunchen, you get to see a lot of pastures and shelters on your way. The climb is very steep. You get to see a lot of beautiful views when you reach on top. You come down now and move until your reach Chilling. The residents of this place work a lot with metals, copper and other things.

Lamayuru to Stok Leh Tour Day 4

Day 4

From here, follow the Zanskar river stream as you move more and more. There will be a cable car across the Zanskar river, you can ask anyone there. You will not be able to take animals with you, so follow this as far as you can. Take the right path and soon you will reach Skaya village. You will reach another village known as Shingo after three hours.

Lamayuru to Stok Leh Tour Day 5

Day 5

The climb is easy from Shingo. It will take two hours for you to reach the fourth pass known as Ganda la (4.850m). From there, you will be able to see the Zanskar region very clearly. The descent is very easy from there till you pass the village Yurutse. When you cross the river, you will follow your right. Walk till you reach the valley known as Rumbak.

Lamayuru to Stok Leh Tour Day 6

Day 6

From Rumbak, you will follow a very beautiful valley later. After this, a very steep and also a difficult path comes your way till you reach Stok la (4.800m). From there, the descent is steep in nature. After that the path is very easy. Now you will reach a river. The river seems to come from Stok Kangri massif. Move towards your left and you will reach village Stok. You can visit the village stok here. It is known to be the home of the king of Ladakh. From Stok, you can go to Leh.u00a0



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