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Monastic legends of the Russia Day 1

Day 1

Departure from Moscow by express train to Yaroslavl  (it is reachable in around 3 hours).  Arrival to Yaroslavl. Meet your guide near the railway carriage. Today we will go sightseeing Yaroslavl - the capital of the Golden Ring of Russia, and one of the most beautiful cities on the route. Far beyond the city limits you can see its tall slender bell towers and elegant domes of the churches. All of this original architecture is the wealth of Yaroslavl, the evidence of its unique history. During the tour we will visit Elijah the Prophet church that is considered a real masterpiece of ancient Russian art. The interior painting of this church, made by famous Kostroma masters, have no equals in beauty, richness and brightness of colors. After the Lunch we will drive to Tolga Convent. The beautiful white Tolga Convent founded in 1314 stands on the left bank of the Volga. Four convent temples crowned with multiple heads with shining domes and crosses, soaring above them slender multi-layered tall bell tower, white on the horizon, attract attention to Tolga from quite a distance. We will take a little walk around the convent, along the small lake with black swans and we'll see a very famous icon of Russia: "The Theotokos of Tolga". Than we drive back to city centre, where you'll have a free time for shopping and relaxing in this beautiful city .  Overnight in hotel. 

Monastic legends of the Russia Day 2

Day 2

After the breakfast we will drive to Vologda (200 kms) - it will take aproximately 3 hours. On arrival, we'll have a city tour around this little gem in the north-east of Russia. Our itinerary will start in Vologda Kremlin. The monumental St. Sofia cathedral which stands on a high bank of the Vologda river is the first stone temple of the city. Its severe, majestic beauty most of all draws the attention of the Kremlin visitors. We'll visit the cathedral and deep into the history of Russia in the days of Ivan the Terrible.  After the lunch of local cuisine we will drive to Semenkovo village (20 kms) where we'll see a charming wooden architecture of the Russian North. The museum presents a model of the traditional Russian northern village in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Here you can get the first-hand experience of Russian traditions, attitudes and cultural background. Than we come back to Vologda where you have a free time to vist a Lace Museum - the only in the world or the Museum "World of forgotten things". Overnight in hotel.

Monastic legends of the Russia Day 3

Day 3

After breakfast a winding drive along the Kubenskoye lake takes us to Ferapontovo (120 kms). We'll  stop near the lake edge and take a short boat trip to Kamenny Monastery, which is situated on a small eponymous island in the very centre of the Kubensky Lake. Seventy kilometers away, the tiny isolated monastery at Ferapontovo makes a lovely contrast to Kamenny. It is among a small group of Russian cultural sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This honor was bestowed on the monastery primarily as a recognition of the early 16th-century frescoes in the monastery's Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin. These paintings are considered among the greatest examples of medieval Russian art. Than we drive to Kirillov (20 kms) and stay in a charming wooden hotel, where we have a lunch. Today you have an opportunity for fishing and relaxing on the shore of the lake or vist a traditional Russian banya. Overnight in Kirillov. 

Monastic legends of the Russia Day 4

Day 4

After breakfast we will take time to enjoy the Kirillov town and visit an enormous monastic complex. Founded in 1397 by a monk from Moscow, the monastery grew from a cave into magnificent grounds comprising 12 churches, three-storey fortress walls and the glorious Assumption Cathedral. Than we'll drive to Goritsy (7 kms), where you will have reached  a tiny settlement with a busy tourist pier and some little houses with ornate windows in a typical Russian fashion. We visit  the largest monastery of the Russian North in Goritsy and, after lunch, we'll  drive to Cherepovets airport (100 kms). 20:05 - Fly to Moscow from Cherepovets airport. 



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