Weekend In Tirthan Valley


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Weekend In Tirthan Valley Day 1

Day 1

Arrive at Kullu. Drive down to Sairopa Tourist center fresh up, have break first and Excursion trek to Rola (Trek to ROLA: Rola at the height of 6800 feet offers Striking views of Great Himalayan National Park. It offers an easy to moderate Trekking experience) Continue Trek to Rola. Picnic Lunch on the way. Afternoon: Arrival at ROLA (8 km walk into jungle) Activities: Tent pitching /Rock Climbing & Forest Exploration & Wildlife watching session (The birds of GHNP are an important part of the Park's biological diversity and an attraction for bird watchers. The Park falls within one of the globally important Endemic Bird Areas identified by the ICDP Biodiversity Project.) Camp Fire with staff dance.

Weekend In Tirthan Valley Day 2

Day 2

Rolla to Shilt Rolla to Shilt 2040 m  - Shilt, 2900 m  – 06 Kms - Today we commence on a short but very steep trek to reach Shilt, through coniferous and broad leafed forests with occasional meadows. This dense jungle is home to the Monal flying beautifully out of the trees. Birds to watch out for at Shilt include Lammergeyers, Golden Eagles and Himalayan Griffons. Shilt is a grassy meadow surrounded by trees and rhododendron with a beautiful view across the valley towards the snow covered mountains reaching highs of 4000 meters. Evening wander around Shilt to look for pheasants including the Western Tragopan. This elusive species prefers to rest in an inaccessible spot in thick dwarf bamboo in steep ravines. One also goes along a ridge through bamboo and forests. Birds to watch for include Monals, Collared and Spot-winged Grosbeaks, Plain Mountain -finches, Red-Eared Buntings and several

Weekend In Tirthan Valley Day 3

Day 3

Return from Shilt to Sairopa Tourist Centre
After lunch drive back to Kullu.



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