Central Sweden Forests & Wildlife Tour


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Central Sweden Forests & Wildlife Tour Day 1

Day 1

Meet our guide at Stockholm Arlanda airport for the two-hour transfer to Skinnskatteberg. If you travel by car you can drive directly to the guesthouse and meet us there.
Welcome dinner at the veranda by the lake.
Take some time to truly arrive, enjoy the fresh air and views of the lake. Keep an eye out for Ospreys catching fish and listen for the calls of the Black-Throated Divers echoing across the lake.
Night at Udden guesthouse.

Central Sweden Forests & Wildlife Tour Day 2

Day 2

Go for a morning walk if you like and then enjoy a late breakfast at the veranda.
On this trip's initial outing we will take you for a walk in an old growth forest. While the aim of this walk is not to see wildlife we may find tracks and signs of them while we learn about the inhabitants of our taiga ecosystem. Moose, Beavers, Wolves and Bears. They are all here, and we are humble visitors in their home.
An earlier guest wrote this after his tour with us:
One of the most wonderful parts of this trip was walking off-trail in the forest. I can't stop thinking about that thick carpet of moss, lichens, plants, berries, fungi and all the different shapes and colours. It was one of the most beautiful revelations I have ever had.
During July, August or September the forest floor is literally covered in berries and mushrooms of all kinds. Pick as much as you like.
Lunch at a forest café.
In the afternoon there will be some free time to relax by the lake, take a swim, go for a hike or perhaps take the canoe for a paddle.
In the evening you will meet up with your guide again. To search for moose. The surrounding forest is exceptionally good for Moose watching and we are proud to say that we have seen Moose on almost all tours since 2003. Your guide will share the skills of tracking moose as we search for hoof prints, fresh droppings and bite marks. We will be out for about five hours, a combination of hiking and driving, and although most moose are seen while driving we always do our best to get out of the van to get a good view.
Evening meal served by a camp fire overlooking a small forest lake.
We return to the guesthouse late at night.

Central Sweden Forests & Wildlife Tour Day 3

Day 3

After a late breakfast our guide will take you for a canoe trip at the lake.
Our canadian style canoes are stable and safe. Don't worry if you have never been in a canoe before, this is an easy adventure and our guide will teach you how to do it in a safe and fun way. Canoeing is the ideal way to explore this lake and it's islands. Keep an eye out for Black-throated diver, Osprey, Common tern, Grey heron and Common Crane. We typically start out canoeing together and then you are free to explore the lake on your own. You are also welcome to use the canoes at any other day.
Return to the guesthouse in time for another lunch at the veranda.
Enjoy some rest this afternoon or go for a hike in the surroundings. Perhaps you are in for a wild swim or soak up in the wood heated sauna.
This evening we will head out to search for beavers. We travel together to another lake which has proven to be ideal for watching beavers in their natural habitat. There are at least five different Beaver lodges in the lake. We use small boats with silent electric motors to increase our chances to see beavers up close.
We stay out for about 5 hours and eat our evening meal along the way.
Other wildlife seen around this lake is bats, Moose, Roe deer, Red fox, Badger, Wild boar, Mink, Common crane, Kingfisher, Grey heron, Black throated diver and Tawny owl.
We return to the guesthouse late at night.

Central Sweden Forests & Wildlife Tour Day 4

Day 4

Breakfast and another free morning to explore the surroundings on your own.
Lunch at the guesthouse.
On this day we will move out from our rooms and pack for a night in wolf territory.
Before we head out into the wolf territory we sit down to learn the basics about wolves. What is a wolf territory? Why do wolves howl? Who's the leader of the pack? And how many wolves does ot take to kill a moose?
We then head out to a nearby forest where a family of wolves keep their territory. The exact location is kept a secret and it is very important that you don't share this information with anyone. We will explain why.
Depending on the current situation with the wolves we may search for paw prints, droppings, killed prey and other tracks that can prove that wolves are around.
We will also meet up with one of Sweden’s foremost Wolf experts who will talk about his work with wolves and other large carnivores. This will hopefully give you more insight into the wolf's behavior as well as the current management issues.
We then all help out to set up our tented camp. We light a camp fire and enjoy an outdoor evening meal.
As night falls we go closer to the wolves to increase our chances of hearing them howl. We always stay at a respectful distance as we don't want to disturb the wolves. It is of course in our interest that the wolves do not move to another area. Our guides are experienced and know how to handle any situation that may occur.
During the evening you must be prepared to walk up to an hour in rough terrain, often in the dark, in silence. Our aim is to reach some strategic location where we can settle down and spend a few hours to listen.
This can be both a meditative and thrilling experience. Imagine sitting on a hill in a dark forest, surrounded by trees and watch the night sky above knowing that a family of wolves is nearby. We wait, listen and hope to hear them howl.
Hearing wolves howl is one of the most exciting nature experiences that you can have in nature. Although we cannot guarantee that this will happen, we do actually hear wolves howl on most of our tours.
After midnight we return to our camp and sleep well in our tents

Central Sweden Forests & Wildlife Tour Day 5

Day 5

At some tours we choose to get up early for a short morning excursion. Whether we do this or not depends on what we experienced during the night and the current situation with the wolves. We pack up our tented camp and head back to civilisation for a well deserved brunch at the guesthouse before we conclude the tour. You will have the chance to have a shower before you leave. In the early afternoon we take you back to Skinnskatteberg station for a bus or train to Stockholm. As you may be tired after a night in the forest we can highly recommend staying an extra night at Pensionat Udden, to have a chance to relax and sleep well before you leave. Note that if you decide to stay an extra night at Udden, we will not be able to bring you back to Stockholm. But you can easily book your own train from Skinnskatteberg at www.sj.se. The taxi from Udden to Skinnskatteberg station will be on our behalf.



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