Places To Visit In Amsterdam

Amsterdam has always been one of the most buzzing cities of Europe, with a richness of experience to find across several scenes. A trip through Amsterdam will take you down both a chilled out party scene at cafes and such, and also through scenic countrysides laden with lush greenery and windmills that speak of the natural tranquility and beauty of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is much more than what appears on the surface. Amidst the active party life in Amsterdam, there exists a depth of culture and entertainment at museums such as Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum and other places to visit in Amsterdam, and a plethora of activities to do around here such as cycling, beer tasting, relaxing at parks such as Vondelpark, shopping around Museumplein, Jordaan or Bloemenmarkt and going on cruises along the canals that network the city, something which has earned Amsterdam the title of “Venice of the North”. Even a casual stroll down the streets of Amsterdam serves to be a highly enriching experience.

The places to visit in Amsterdam on your trip will leave you spell-bound in the picturesque sights around the city and engrossed in the charming and delightful experience that all the things to do in Amsterdam will provide you with. It is definitely a place that deserves to be on your itinerary of insightful and enjoyable exp[eriences.

Rijksmuseum, popularly known as national museums that represent the Dutch culture. The location of the museum is exactly located at the center of Amsterdam which is known as Museum square. The museum was first introduced on 19th November 1798 in The Hague. However, later in the year of 1808, this museum was shifted to Amsterdam. The museum has about 1,000,000documents, huge pieces of artwork and, other additional items that are linked with the history of the Dutch.

So, if you are the one who has an extreme interest in any kind of historic culture, then it is a must to visit Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Visiting the museum will make you awestruck with the sculptures and documents. So, if you are planning to visit Amsterdam, keep Rijksmuseum on your visiting list. For 200 years, Rijksmuseum has gained immense popularity for the kind of artwork it contains. Each object that you get to see in this museum portrays the Dutch culture very vividly. Among most of the masterpieces, Rembrandt’s is one of the popular ones in this museum.

This is one of the largescale paintings that you can see in this museum. This entrance of the museum is beautifully decorated with a whimsy sculpture and garden. In the summer, the entrance is apt for spending time with your family members. The passages of the museum perfectly connect two halves of the atrium. Besides, many other attractive masterpieces can attract your eye. Therefore, do not skip visiting this amazing Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Amsterdam. Every year more than 1 million people from all over the world come to visit the Anna frank house especially young people. Anne Franks's diary and her voice inspired us to work for a better future. The museum is called Anna Frank house but actually, it is not a house where Anna Frank lived.

In that hiding room, we see pictures of celebrities, Actors, royalties, famous artists. If you have any plans to visit holland you must come here. It is a house very similar to all the other houses in the city inner of Amsterdam But it hides a special history it was in this house in Anne in the back that Anne Frank and her family and four other persons were in hiding for persecution for the Nazis.

Ia it the place where we get information about the 2nd world war. The hiding place of this house is upstairs on the second floor in the back. She was 2 years trapped in this small space only 7 square meters wide. And this is where she wrote a diary. On the walls, she cuts all kinds of pictures from magazines that she got from the outside world. Anna frank wants to become a famous writer. Unfortunately Anna Frank could not finish a book it was her father who in 1947 fulfills her dream and publishes the diary of his daughter.

Van Gogh is an art museum about the works of Vincent van Gogh, established in 1973, situated in Amsterdam South, Netherlands. The museum consists of a huge collection of Van Gogh’s drawings and paintings. The museum is a light-infused building with its remarkable presence and paintings widely scattered throughout the museum.

This is a most-visited museum in the Netherlands and those who visit the museum will not find such art paintings anywhere else. You will see the Japanese prints influence on the works of Van Gogh, with some crucial works, vivid colored walls, and a myriad of self-portraits. Van Gogh museum is one of the famous museums in the world and attracts a lot of tourists from all across the world.

Van Gogh’s works and life has touched many travelers globally. This museum is famous for its series of breathtaking vibrantly painted canvases. Many thoughtful and special exhibitions are usually the highlights of this museum. The best part of visiting this museum is there is no waiting time and disabled visitors are given priority entrance. It has world-famous paintings of the Bedroom and Sunflowers. Visitors can spend 1-2 hours inside the museum.

NEMO is one of the most attractive, unique, and interesting science museums situated in the Netherlands. It is designed by an Italian architect Renzo Piano and features most interactive exhibitions and hands-on experiments. The purpose of this museum is to educate and make travelers aware of the admiration and remarkable features of science.

The design of this museum is like a gigantic green, copper-clad ship structure building, situated near Amsterdam Central Station which is not missed by any traveler who is passing by the street. From closed ones to open-air exhibitions, this museum is fun to explore for all ages from children to adults to elders.

NEMO Amsterdam is famous for its natural phenomenal work like sound, light electricity; where you experience the universe through planets and stars. There are a lot of things to learn in this museum from fun-filled experiments to learning to make energy from water, light, and wind. It is great for all ages from children to grown-ups to elders, as you will learn different stages of science. Inside this giant green structure, you will discover loads of presentations and exhibitions of gadgets and experiments. You will be amazed to see the displays of the human body, engineering, and energy.

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Royal Palace of Amsterdam, the grand reception palace of King Willem-Alexander's. This royalty monarch is situated at the core of Amsterdam. History says that at the age of Golden Dutch, the municipality of Amsterdam pronounced to create an intricate and royal hall at the west side of Dam square, which would represent the growing Dutch Republicans and it's managerial potential. The Royal Palace was created by Jacob van Campen, who was influenced by the Roman Dynasty's architectural plan.

Thus, the work of Campen was done by 1655, and this aristocratic and imperial hall was inaugurated as a cooperative palace in 1806. Today the Palace is open for all its visitors. Still, before 1806 when the Netherlands was under the governing power of the French Empire, this Royal Palace belonged to the King of Holland, Louis Napoleon I, and it was his residential place.

After the French Dynasty was over for the Netherlands, it was baptized to the first King of the Netherlands, King William I. It was still under the residential Palace of King William I. Since then, it had been serving the Royal Dutch Family. Many critical receptions, including the ritualistic celebrations, were celebrated there, also the victory of the Netherlands over Indonesia in 1949 and the crowning of Queen Beatrix in 1980. 

First of it is the Royal Palace, which had some great history from the French Rule to the crowing of Queen Beatrix to King William-Alexander's reception.

Second, it is famous because of its perseverance of rich culture and royal architectural plans and designs. The carves of the monument are impressive, eye-catching, and so dramatically built that one can remain enchanted with the beauty of the Royal Palace for its rest of life.

The interior of the Royal Palace is full of sculptures, carves, and some striking painting and illustration borough by some world-renowned artists and painters like Rembrandt and Ferdinand Bol. The center of the hall has some compositions and sketches which represent the Dutch sovereign. The monument is still glowing for more than a century and a half.

The Oude Church, also known as The Old Church is big and monumental in Amsterdam. It is the oldest parish church and was built as a catholic place to worship. It is Amsterdam’s unique building that expresses the character of Dutch Protestantism. The church is the home to the city’s oldest bells and has quite spacious and elegant interiors.


Be it old and new sects, religious and seculars, coexist at this place. The Oude Church is famous for its architecture and history and the inside space is used for contemporary art exhibitions. The floor of the church is made up of gravestones with fine stained-glass windows. The church holds excellent concerts and acoustics regularly.


The interiors of the church are covered with magnificent paintings of saints. Though it is the oldest building, however, it is the most famous among the tourist and has a great sense of history. You will also enjoy the wonderful view from the top of the building. There are many bookshops and coffee shops to sit and relax. 

In the year 1991, the giant brewery opened to the public as a tour and visitor center of the brewery center, known as the "Heineken Treat and Information Centre". The attraction began to improve day by day and within no time in the year 2001 the visitor center changed its name to "Heineken Experience".

After a year of profitable renovation and enlargement, the Heineken Experience opened to guests on 3 November 2008. They have transformed the place to give visitors a rich experience and because of that, the visitors can encounter comprises four levels of traditional artifacts, product research and sampling, and collaborative displays that apply the most advanced high-tech multi-media technologies for more salutary visualization.

It is positioned at the center, this old factory managed to deliver all of the cast's beer till 1988 when the main construction route was shifted to a more prominent facility outside of the location due to enormous demand for the product. At the moment it functions as a gallery and guest appeal which has been visited by millions of people from all over the globe ever since it began its doors in 2001. Many more things to be explored! Do not wait further, book the ticket now.

With just over 1.2 million people, Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands. This city has a rich history and famous culture and so many tourist attractions. The city is so small and expensive too. Amsterdam has 165 canals each one more ridiculously delightful.
Be yourself a favor and take moment to simply get lost within its beautiful canals you won't regret it.

Every corner of this town offers some unique vistas some peace of historyBrighten up your day by visiting this floating flower market of Amsterdam which is called Bloemenmarkt. The market was founded in 1862 and it is still one of the best attractions in Amsterdam. On the Amstelveld which is square between Rembrandtplein and Frederiksplein and just west the Utrechtsestraat Bloemenmarkt is a wonderful, small friendly flower market.

If you loved flowers it is a great place to visit. The Netherlands is one of the peaceful and safest places in the world. Gorgeous old crooked buildings lying quiet beautiful canals full 0f charming cafes quiet streets ad quaint little alleys ride your bike around or just stroll the streets and take it all. Bloemennmarkt is Amsterdam's floating lower market.

It is one of the most attractive and busiest places in the heart of the city. A great place to visit for tourists or locals. There is a nice selection of flowers, plants, and bulbs. Except for those, you will find snowdrops, carnations, tulips, orchids, peonies, and many other flowers. You can enjoy the place as much as you want. Hop on a boat and take a ride on canals this is one of the best ways to the cities.

If you are planning a tour to visit Amsterdam recently, then you cannot skip visiting the famous wax museum namely, Madame Tussauds Amsterdam. This place is just near to the Royal Palace of Amsterdam. At that time, it was the first foreign branch of a British institution. Later it was shifted to Amsterdam and was first opened to the public.

This was the main attraction of why people visited the place. The building of the museum is also an attractive part as it was developed in a dutch style. The collection of the Amsterdam museum is divided into four sections: Royals, Sports, A-List Arts, and culture. When you enter each section, you will get to see the most popular figures of that genre in history.

Some of the famous wax figures that you get to see there are Queen Beatrix, David Beckham, Johnny Depp, Lady Gaga, Einstein, Vincent van Gogh, Rembrandt, etc. Hence, this has become a popular tourist attraction in the capital city of the Netherland, Amsterdam. With time the old-fashioned wax cabinet in Madam Tussauds museum is modernized with various unique designs and multimedia effects. Therefore, skipping a visit to this place can be worthless.

The Albert Cuyp Market is renowned as the most famous street market which is located in the De Pijp region of Amsterdam Oud-Zuid, Netherland. This is the only huge market available for versatile or various things on the Albert Cuypstraat near Van Woustraat as well as Ferdinand Bolstraat.

The name of this route and also the market both were given from the name of Albert Cuyp, a great painter of the 17th century. The 'Cuyp' has intrigued inhabitants of Amsterdam, household chefs, visitors, and everyone who searched for something like a profit, since the year of 1905. This market offers plenty of exciting purchasing and exploring, including accessories to bags to new foods as well as fishes.

Typical Dutch dishes are also available, such as pure hot herring, baked stroopwafels. The market has been located right in the center of the De Pijp region, which consists of ethnic stores, cafes, restaurants, and trendy bars in Amsterdam province. In the neighborhood of De Pijp, more than 300 stalls extend along Albert Cuyp Street.

You will get various kinds of stuff in those stalls including clothing, cosmetics, and mattresses, moreover, vegetables, cheese, fruit, seafood, and herbs. In Amsterdam, costs are quite cheap. This market is busy, particularly on something like a pleasant day as well as Saturdays. Delicious traditional Dutch food including testimonies also cheese among all varieties are available.

Several other items are being sold that give the market as well as a community a good ethnic environment and are of attraction to Turkish, Antillean, Surinamese, and Moroccan inhabitants. The Netherlands is the most populated and is reputed to be Europe's biggest diving market. This is also an essential destination for visitors.

Some well-known Dutch Stroopwafel is refreshing there. The Albert Cuypmarkt seems to be the world's most popular clothing market in Amsterdam with its cosmopolitan foods as well as clothing shops. There are several fascinating markets in the entire city, such as the Ferdinand Bolstraat and Ceintuurbaan.

Almost 300 stalls sell all, including bananas, berries, seafood and herbs, cookies, cheese, blossoms, seeds, moreover, inexpensive garments, gemstones, slippers, motorcycle accessories, mattresses, and grooming kits, on the 100-y years-old open-air street market. The emphasis is on foodstuffs from across all areas of the nation, however, garments and other items are available for sale, sometimes less than just about anywhere else.

Residents and visitors are famous in the market. This is a perfect spot to sample Netherlands street food. Any days or periods it can be quite noisy. This market draws over 50,000 people during crowded Saturdays. This market doesn't need to be skipped while you want to explore 'the actual' Amsterdam at its multipurpose peak.

Amsterdam is the best place to visit European cities. You will be able to enjoy your holidays here. In place of Amsterdam, there is a place of eye film museum where there is an organization to do cultural and museums. Cinematography and films are provided at this place. The collection is believed to contain 37,000 film titles, 700, 000 photographs, 60,000 posters, and 20,000 books.

The film was first started in the world in the year 1895 in the Netherlands. Then in the year of 2012, the Oxford building was designed by the Austrian architectural company. It is considered famous by a historical museum of films and other types of foreign films. This area reflects the origins of documentaries, cinema, satisfactory works, films, and the system used.

Its stunning architecture through a Vienna-based company is an amazing part of this museum, entirely through the Delugan Meisel affiliated architect. Famous for the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, the focus of the construction coincides with its design being closed by a tower of high-upward oil.

In the city of Amsterdam in the Netherland, the Dungeons of Amsterdam is quite identical to Hamburg Dungeon, Berlin Dungeon, London Dungeon, and York Dungeon which are owned and managed by UK-based Merlin Entertainments. The overall cost of this attraction is 7.5 million euros.

Live shows, performers, a coaster, and resultant impact represent the early and early ages of history. The main attraction of the Amsterdam Dungeon is the scariest live theatre show. On your way via the dungeon, you will be able to see brief shows of music, scent, and illumination effects. The biggest draw is the excitement of the unpredictable, scary, and old-model characters.

The biggest attraction is multicultural live acts and a variety of distinctive scary experiences, including the maze of the reflection hall. The Dungeon Theater Show now looks humble, almost customized in the age of 3D projection, live theatre shows along with the combination of computer-generated effect and laser lighting.

However, for adult children and youth, we suggest it. Moreover, the biggest attraction is the Dungeon talented performers. You can spend a great time along with a wonderful experience as well if you will visit Amsterdam Dungeon to explore with your friends.

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Museums like Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum and EYE-Film Museum, and other spots like Heineken Brewery, Anne Frank House, Vondelpark, Rozentheater and Royal Palace of Entertainment are some of the most famous places to visit in Amsterdam.
Restaurant Brooklyn, Rancho Argentinian Grill, Restaurant Indrapura, Ron Gastrobar and Ron BoatHouse are some of the renowned restaurants in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is famous for its delicious bakery products, such as pastries and cream-filled sandwiches.
Amsterdam houses a number of historical sites thanks to its century-old history. Portuguese Synagogue, de Waag in Nieuwmarkt, de Oude Kerk and Anne Frank House are some of the notable historical sites of Amsterdam. The iconic canal belt of Amsterdam is actually one of the oldest structures to be found here.
Amsterdam is famous for its exquisite canal system, Red Light District, Anne Frank House and its historical tourist attractions. A trip to Amsterdam is known to be full of chilling, fun, educational and entertaining times.
You can tour around the happening and entertaining shopping areas in Amsterdam like Bloemenkarkt and Albert Cuypmarkt free of charge. You can also listen to lunchtime concerts at Concertgebouw, and enjoy the tours and walks around places like Zeeburg and Vondelpark in a similar way. There are in fact a lot of places to explore in Amsterdam. Any additional expenses you do will be as per your preferences and budget.
Visiting the Anne Frank House, museums such as Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum, touring around the gorgeous canals and and Red Light District and eating a Dutch breakfast comprised of delicious bakery and cream products at one of the fine eateries in Amsterdam are the things that should be on your itinerary for a one day visit to Amsterdam.
You can visit all the major tourist attractions in Amsterdam in 3 days. However, if you wish to enjoy the vibes and culture of Amsterdam in a more thorough manner you can stay for a longer duration.