Places To Visit In Andaman

The Andaman Islands of India are an archipelago of islands in the Bay of Bengal tucked in between the mainland of India and Burma. The name Andaman comes from Hanuman or Handuman, as Lord Hanuman is said to have built the bridge to Sri Lanka mentioned in the epic Ramayana using stones from this very archipelago of islands.

The landmass of the Andaman islands is actually a part of the Indonesia landmass, rather than the Indian landmass itself. The islands are lined by extremely pristine blue waters along the palm-lined white sand beaches of the Andaman, and ornamented by some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. Two of the most popular places to visit in Andaman are Ross island and Havelock island. 

Most of the Andaman islands are open for tourism with several places to visit in Andaman, and every island offers a different kind of experience. Some tend to be a bit more crowded than others and bustling with activity, while others will give you the feeling of true solace and isolation from the world. The islands are known for being extremely beautiful, and some are even crescent-shaped.

Your visit and stay in the Andaman islands is sure to be a very blissful experience, and you will come back refreshed and rejuvenated with the fresh spirit that the Andaman islands speak of themselves as well.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is exactly located at a place called Wandoor. The distance of more than 20 km from Port Blair. If you have some interest in marine species and wanted to see them from very close then plan a visit to this place. Various flora like Gurjan, Padauk, and numerous and Fauna like coral, Dolphins, Turtles, Urchin are here to welcome the visitors.

This park is having tropical rainforest and has a variety of trees and there is an extensive patch of mangroves. You may also plan to visit the office of the Botanical Survey of India (BSI) office located in Port Blair and various parts of India to find out more details about different plant species. This park is monitoring various plant communities since 2011. This place had no historical significance as it is manmade and aesthetically developed to protect marine life including sea turtles and corals. It was established in the year 1983 to protect and conserve marine biodiversity. Department of environment and forests manages the day to day affair of this place.



Why is it famous?

It is famous for corals and nesting sea turtles. Mangroves are also the main attraction. This place is also protected under the wildlife act and the person visiting this site is not allowed to harm any of the flora and fauna. The area of this park is 281.5 km square. 

4.6 Rating

Andaman Nicobar is a group of more than 200 islands located at the Bay of Bengal. Neil Island is one the main island of this group of islands and Bharatpur Beach is the main beach of this place. Famous for Crystal clear water, swimming, water sports activity like boat ride, snorkelling, banana ride, Jet Ski, this beach is a tourist paradise.

Shopping is another attraction of this place. Glass bottom boat at this place is also very famous. The blue water will keep you attached and you may simply prefer spending long hours sitting on this beach and staring at the water. Food outlets available near the beach will keep your hunger away and if you are not hungry you may enjoy more. 

The place Neil Island is taken in the memory of Brigadier James Neil. He was a British citizen but fraught from the Indian side in sepoy mutiny in 1857. Before 1960 this place is uninhabited. Currently, the name of this island has been changed by Narendra Modi Government, and now it’s called Shaheed Island instead of Neil Island. 



Why is it famous?

It is famous for clean seawater, corals, fishes, various water activity and different types of food stall near the seaside. Scuba diving is the main water activity to do here. Travellers mainly visit this place for sea snorkelling and scuba diving. 


4 Rating

North Bay beach, also known as Coral Island is one of the most travelled among the tourists and known for its water sports activities and breezy beaches. This beach is located on the north of Port Blair in Andaman and Nicobar Islands and is a popular destination for tourist attractions in the Andaman Islands.

An amazing thing to know is that the lighthouse seen at the back of a 20 Rupee Indian note is from the North Bay Island. This island remains famous for the richness of its coral reefs and other types of water sports activities that you can indulge in.



Why is it famous? 

North Bay beach is famous for its uninhabited islands and also attracts a lot of tourists with its wide array of activities. You can enjoy all kinds of sports like snorkelling, underwater sea walk, jet ski, and speed boat ride. Once you are on the island you have numerous amounts of things to do. You can avail of any water sport or just relax by the beach. It is also famous for its breath-taking view and magnificent underwater marine life.

4.7 Rating

Radhanagar Beach or Beach number 7 is situated on the western coast of Havelock Island, Andaman. It is a paradise and entitled to an incredibly gorgeous beach with its breath-taking scenery and mesmerizing sunsets & sunrises.

This beach is considered as the best beaches in Asia. It is a beautiful stretch of sand with turquoise water and impeccable surrounding. This beach has won many awards from various magazines and makes for a great spot to spend leisure time.

Why it is famous? 

Radhanagar beach is a perfect stop for those who are looking to spend their vacation peacefully amidst nature. This place is among the popular tourist destinations. It is tucked with palm trees, blue water waves, and smooth white sand. You can feast upon some of the cafes selling all kinds of cuisines. It is the most enjoyable and relaxing beach where one can peacefully perform yoga, or meditate. 

4.4 Rating

Red Skin Island is one of the 15 islands parts of Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. This island only opens for six months in the year. There are two islands as a part of the park where tourists are allowed one is the Jolly Buoy and the other is the Red Skin. Red Skin is open Between June to November every year depending upon various factors affecting the tourist in Andaman.

This place is no plastic zone and eatables options are also not available in plenty. Before catching the boat ride to this island, you should pack a sufficient amount of food and drink items along so that you may enjoy the ride and scenic beauty without any hindrance. There is no hotel facility at this place. Night stay is also not allowed. Tourist visits this place and comes back to Wandoor or Port Blair for staying. 




Why is it famous?

This place is famous for its excellent marine life, Glass bottom boat ride, and beautifully submerged corals. The clean seawater white sand on the beach is another attraction. People interested in doing snorkeling may also plan to visit. Have you seen sea cucumbers, different varieties of fishes, snails, and other mollusks underneath the waters? Then go to the red skin island.


Is this place worth seeing?

Yes, there is no reason to tick out this place from your touring bucket list. Beautiful snorkeling, quite exciting glass bottom boat ride along with other marine creatures make this Red Skin Island a worth visiting place in Andaman.  


If you are an avid knowledge seeker and wish to explore from every sort of things like History, Geography, Marine Life, Environment, then you must visit Museum Circuit in Andaman once in your life. Here museums are well decorated and have a plethora of knowledge.

Some of the most visited museums are Forest Museum, Science Center, Anthropological Museum, National Memorial Museum, Samudrika Marine Museum, etc. All the museums are basically located around the capital city of Port Blair. It may take more than one day to cover as many museums you wish to visit. 



Why Is It famous?

This museum circuit is mainly famous for museums on various subjects. You will go to enjoy but when you will come out you will feel that you gained some knowledge along with enjoyment. All the museums will keep you engaged until you decide emphatically to disengage. 


We are going to travel to refresh our mood from our daily routine base life. India has a lot of history. One of the important histories is when the British came to India and started ruling. Many freedom fighters have given their lives to save us from the British.

But Viper Island is one of the prisons where freedom fighters were kept when they were caught fighting. Everyone should visit this place to know the important history to enjoy some beautiful scenery. 

Andaman is a group of small islands in the Bay of Bengal, Viper island is one of them. Once you go to the Andamans, you should go to the cellular prison here to see how the freedom-fighters were kept here and how they were tortured to death. This Island is memorable for its gory past. You can also spend quality time here with your loved ones. 



Why is it famous? 

Viper Island is situated near Port Blair, The capital of Parliament which is Union territory of India. This Small Island Viper relative's name comes from the ship found in his area of Andaman among 1789. It is believed that the ship H.M.S had got an accident and broken parts were found near this Island. 

Another story says, in those days the Island was full of snakes and Vipers. So it is called viper Island. One of the things to see on this island is the Cellular Jail. Due to the presence of many scorpions, viper, and crocodiles on the island, Freedom Fighters were kept in prison so that no one could escape. There is no doubt that this place is well known for its famous history. Also, since the British left, this prison has become abounded and at the same time, it has become a very fantastic tourist spot.



Is this place worth seeing?

Viper Island is a small Island, it does not take too much time to explore this place, maybe a couple of hours. There is no entry fee for this place and a lot of important history to know. you will not feel regret once you visit this place. 


4.2 Rating

We all must have read or heard about volcano in our life and when we talk about volcano then how can we forget Barren Island. This place is Andaman has the only volcano in India. In the year 2005, a volcano erupted at this place and since then this volcano is active.

Besides the volcano, this place is also famous for one of the best in the class beach where some water-related activity happens. However the government does not allow putting a foot on this island, so a visitor can only enjoy the view from the beachside or can take around a survey of this place. 



We all need a break from our daily busy life. The only way to get rest is to go somewhere and see something new. Andaman-Nicobar Islands is one of the many places in the world that you must visit once in a lifetime. If you visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands, you must go to this park. This park is a place you will love to visit. Let us discuss something about Mount Harriet National park. 

This park was established in 1969. It was created in memory of Harriet C Tyler who was the second wife of Robert Christopher Tyler. He was a British Army officer, a naturalist, administrator, & a photographer. This place was a forest before the park was created. 



Why is it famous?

Mount Harriet national park is the third highest peak in Andaman. There are road s,small rivers and bridges of a full view of the landscape. The picture on the backside of the Indian currency Rs 20 note has been taken from this park. One of the reasons why the park is famous is because of the rare animals and birds.Certain species of some animals are also found in the park. 



Tourist Attractions 

The park is located on the highest hill in the South Andaman. Mount Harriet is a part of this park which is 383 meters high. 

The beauty of this place-

It's full of greenery. The clouds are close enough to be touched. If you visit this place you will feel fresh and calm like never before.


This park is home to many rare species of animals, birds & new species. Here you can find Andaman’s wild pig which is rare to watch. There are some species of crocodile, turtle, rubber crab  that are less likely to be found elsewhere. 

Nature wealth-

Here trees and plants are sufficient which makes birds and animals fit to live. In the park, you will see about 90 species of birds, 12 species of mammals, 27 species of reptiles & 120 species of moths.

Various Kind of park-

It is not just a national park but also an accumulation area under the Andaman Nicobar Forest Department which secret with evergreen forest, that evokes a wonderful beauty. 


There is a 16 km trek area for those who are into hiking.This place is also good for other activities like photography, picnic spending time with friends or family, etc. 



Places To Eat 

There are some restaurants near Harriet Park. 

  • RED River Kitchen - The distance between the RED River kitchen and Mount Harriet Park is 0.2 km. This is a good option for vegans. 
  • Caribou coffee - The distance from the coffee shop to the restaurant is 0.3 km. 
  • The St. Paul Grill - This shop is O.8 km away from the park. The crab cake here is incredibly famous and delicious. You will also find non-veg food here.


Recommendations: Do’s and Dont's 

  • Try to maintain the silence of the park.
  • Do not go to feed the animals here.
  • There is no food stall in this park so be sure to carry some food and drinking water.
  • You may need a guide to explore this park and get enlightened by the history and the information of animals here. 


Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex is one of the tourist destinations in India. It covers an area of ​​about 2 km. This water complex is also known as "Water Sports Complex". This complex is designed as a park. There is a long walkway here where you can walk comfortably. There are chairs and benches for you to sit and relax. The complex has several water sports facilities in the archipelago. There are many water rides in which you can have fun with your family. 

 In 1899, a war broke out between the Andamanese and the British, which was called the "Battle of Aberdeen". The complex was built as a memorial to the war. The complex also has a relic memorial. Gradually, the complex gained a reputation as a children's park and an attractive tourist destination.  


Why is it famous?

This complex is known as the Memorial of Aberdeen. This water complex is very popular with outsiders and locals alike. It looks a lot like Parker. As a result, everyone from children to old people can come and enjoy it here. All the activities present in this complex are designed in such a way that everyone from raw to old can participate and enjoy them. From here you can feel the calm breeze of North Bay.


Where to Stay?

Hotel Island Pride: This hotel is located 0.6 km from Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex. There is free Wi-Fi, room service is very good, housekeeping is arranged.

J Hotel: This hotel is located 0.6 km away from Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex. Room service is very good, each room has air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, laundry facilities.

Hotel de Marina: This hotel is located 0.3 km from Rajiv Gandhi Water Complex. Each room has air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and restaurant facilities.




  • Roads must be kept clean and tidy. It is forbidden to throw plastic on the street.
  • Foreign currency is obsolete here, so make sure there is enough for you.
  • You can go to the Amaya restaurant with your family. Seafood is well available here.
  • You can go to IC Spicy.
  • Chinese food is available here. 


4.4 Rating

Everybody wants to travel and visit New Attractions. By traveling you can make new friends, can explore new things, learn so many things in your life. Travel makes us smarter. Andaman and Nicobar Island is an exceptionally good place to visit. 

If you came here, you must visit this paradise which is Chidiya Tapu Beach. You can feel untouched natural beauty. With travel, you can gain any new skill and manage any situation well. 

Chidya, the English of this word is the bird. The name of this place is Chidya Tapu for seeing many species and some seasonal birds her. This place was turned into a tourist spot after the British left the area. 



Why Is It famous?

This beach is well known for the variety of birds living here. You can feel one of the best sunsets. Enjoy photography of this place. And it is also an outstanding sunset spot in Andaman. Capture the memorable moments here. Chidiya Tapu is also known as birds island. Rare birds are spotted in this place. Also, you can see seasonal orchids. 


Places To Eat 

At this beach, you will find some small shops selling food. But if you want to get a proper meal, here are the names of some restaurants you can go to. 

The Sunset Lounge at Symphony Samudra-

It is 0.1 km far from This Tapu where the price range is around 300 Rs to Rs1200. Japanese, American, Indian cousins are available here. 

The Islander restaurant-

The distance between Chidiya Tapu and this restaurant is 0.3 km. You can get Indian, Seafood, American, Contemporary, Southern-Italian dishes here


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The archipelago of Andaman and Nicobar islands has a total of 572 islands. Even though Port Blair, the state capital, is the most popular mainstream tourist destination, Havelock Island and Neil Island provide a exotic experience of a whole other level. The beauty of these islands is breathtaking, picturesque and a kind of its own, and these islands are inhabited and offer accordations at relatively cheap prices.
Havelock Island and Neil Island in Andaman are the most popular and some of the most beautiful islands in Kerala, with easy and cheap accommodation facilities available. North Bay Island is famous for its scuba diving opportunities. Viper Island and the twins Ross and Smith Islands are amongst other important tourist destinations in Andaman.
The Andaman and Nicobar islands are famous for its exotic virgin beaches and white sand beaches with pristine waters, a range of activities like sightseeing around historical sites, scuba-diving and shopping for pearls and other souvenirs. You will never run short of things to do on a trip to the Andaman.
The capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Port Blair, has a marketplace known as Aberdeen Bazaar where you can buy a variety of items such as souvenirs from your trip, and even pearl shells, pearl jewelry, fishbone articles, locally made mats and other items directly from the island.
It will take you 5-7 days to visit the major islands, beaches and tourist destinations in Andaman, as you will be traveling across islands and engaging in the activities that each one of those has to offer. Even though there are over 500 islands in total in the archipelago, you will be able to soak in the isolated, peaceful and soothing vibes of Andaman in this duration thoroughly.
Enjoying the peaceful, soothing and picturesque touch of the beaches in Andaman and Nicobar Islands is definitely a must do on your visit to Andaman. Scuba diving is another popular and exciting activity to do on the beaches for the adventure-seekers.
The beauty and seclusion of the Andaman and Nicobar islands will take you into a magical land of bliss, isolated from the worries of the world, if you plan for a honeymoon trip to Andaman. It is definitely an ideal honeymoon destination if you wish to get lost in the beauty of white sand beaches, pristine waters and palm trees in the quiet and comfort of Andaman with your special someone.
Within the islands, popular cab and taxi services are not very prevalent. However, they are rather unnecessary as well because the small size of each of the islands doesn’t require much long distance travel. Public transport like rickshaws and buses but you will need to keep track of timings. However, you can hire a motorcycle for rent at the rates of about INR 300-400 per day. In order to commute in between islands, ferry services are easily available.