Dənizkənarı Milli Park (Seaside National Park)




Baku Boulevard (Dənizkənarı Milli Park, National Park) is a promenade that runs parallel to Baku’s seafront. It is the oldest park and a valuable monument of garden-park art in Azerbaijan.

The park was awarded medals and diplomas of various degrees and won previous republican and All-Union competitions. The park conflates architectural elements of the East and the West.

Baku Boulevard is the largest boulevard in the Soviet Union in terms of distance. Modern Azerbaijan necessitated increasing the length of the boulevard. The length of Baku Boulevard will reach 14-15 kilometers after the construction of coastal strips in the flag square.

The territory of the Seaside National Park is being expanded to the State Flag Square. In the extended area along the coast, landscaping works, concrete slabs, fastening, and cleaning works are underway.

In the Eurovision Song Contest, Employees of the Seaside Boulevard Office and facilities attend English language training to serve foreign guests. A large monitor on the boulevard put out information on the culture and history of Azerbaijan.

State Flag Square

State Flag Center is a memorial park in the Bayil area of Baku. It is a beautiful architectural monument spread across 60 hectares. The text of the anthem, the coat of arms, and a map are the state symbols of Azerbaijan that it depicts. This is the highest and largest flag in the world, with a height of 162 meters. 

The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower served as a Parachute Tower in the 1930s. It was restored to give it a modern look during reconstruction work in the Seaside National Park.

Other Places

The yacht club is a spectacular building with its originality. The international Mugam Center and the Baku Business center add to the beauty of the park. The long-renovated town of Venice stands out for its aesthetics.


Around 100 species of evergreen plants, ornamental shrubs, and rare trees were brought from across the globe and planted in the park. Argentina, Australia, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, The Netherlands, and Turkey are some countries.  These imported trees included chantorria, Canary palm, magnolia, baobab, and European olive.

More than 8 species of roses and 100 cacti (6 species) from Mexico were imported to the park.


Its history is 100 years old when Baku oil barons built their mansions alongside the Caspian shore, and the seafront was built up artificially.

Baku City Duma decided to build the seaside boulevard in 1909. Famous engineer Mammad Hasan Hajinski, Kurevich, and architect Adolf Eichler contributed to its implementation and development after qualifying a competition. 

A green belt between the seashore and the newly built Alexander Street (Neftchilar Avenue) was planned as per the proposal. Initial two years, fertile soil was transported here from abroad, and various rare plant species were brought from Azerbaijan and Europe. 

Boulevard developed into a beautiful green and recreation area during the Soviet era. The state carried out reconstruction work on the seaside boulevard in the 1970s due to the expansion of landscaping in Baku.

Some valuable plant species were destroyed due to rising Caspian levels and impact. Non-recreational facilities were built here.

In 1998, given all these development, national leader Heydar Aliyev decreed to give the Seaside Boulevard the status of a National Park as a national treasure.

The president established the Seaside Boulevard Office under the Cabinet of Ministers in 2008.  It followed a lot of restoration, preservation, protection, and reconstruction, keeping in view Baku's modern architectural requirements.

During reconstruction and landscaping work, New plants were planted, and crushed-decorative stones replaced asphalt cover.



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How to Reach

  • Taxi/Cab : You can board a taxi or cab to reach the national park at Baku.

Things to Do

Sea Walk

Sea walk is a unique recreation on the boulevard. Tourists are served by four ships on the boulevard. You can begin walking at the Seaport or the Yacht Club.

Walking Trains

Four Italian-made walking trains on the boulevard run between the clock tower and the Government House, and the clock tower and the yacht club. It can carry 40 passengers.

Socio-Cultural Events

Socio-cultural events of the city and national significance are held at the park at a higher level. The Seaside National Park plays a pivotal role in organizing cultural, leisure, and public recreation services for locals and guests in Baku.

There are several restaurants, cafes, shopping, and recreation centers in the park. State Puppet Theater, Veterans Club, Park Bulvar, and tennis court are some of them.

Other Attractions

The lighting system and the railings in the park have been renovated. New attractions, fountains, and cafes have been installed in various parts of the park.

There are as many as 32 attractions, including “Cinema 8D”, 2 “Cinema 7D”,” Pirate”, “Carnival”, “Disco”,”Autodrome”,”Sun”,”Hip-hop”,”Familybicycle”,“Familyattraction”,”Miracle Bridge”,”Fireball”,”Cheerful Mirrors”.


Dənizkənarı Milli Park, Neftchilar Avenue, Baku, Azerbaijan

Rating & Reviews

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Very Good
imran dogar
imran dogar
10/03/2020 22:15
Very peaceful place I liked it and very huge and no crowd on the place and you feel sick New York spend yours on on yourself inside different places have small shorts just like Chaya shoe tea available ice cream available Fry's and other things I like it
Tee Hamid
Tee Hamid
02/05/2020 18:55
Gorgeous park on the boulevard. So clean and nicely kept. The Caspian sea in the background and mini Venice right by, it's a place one has to visit. You can stroll through the park or by the sea. Lots of food kiosks so you can eat while watching the gorgeous sea.
08/06/2020 21:27
Love this place, it’s well kept and the park itself is fairly large, with much to do. Great place to visit if you’re passing through.
Kharmencita Brueckner
Kharmencita Brueckner
01/11/2020 03:06
BAKU BOULEVARD PARK is not only a perfect place to standby and relax but also a place to walk in slow pace to enjoy the beauty and the air coming from the Caspian Sea. The Park is huge, full of Green Trees and Flowers and there are also beautiful Bistro and Restaurants where you can taste traditional recipes. We were there in December 2019 and usually stroll in the evening. Children are laughing, giggling and playing all around running here and there enjoying the playground and the beautiful Christmas lighting. There is always life in the park not only during the day but it is much to enjoy in the evening when the Lights are on. Snow white and Santa inviting people to dance with them. Nothing to worry to walk during night time because Police are every where patrolling. In short, People enjoy life in the Park..
Rumsheed Mananthala
Rumsheed Mananthala
02/29/2020 01:30
Nice place to spend evenings. Part of one of the largest boulevard in the world.

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