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Gobustan National Park is a mountain and hill site that occupies the southeast end of the Greater Caucasus mountain ridge. Gobustan is a bridge that connects the past and modern ages. Likewise, Azerbaijan is regarded as a historical, cultural, and economic bridge between Asia and Europe. 

It is about 64 kilometers southwest of Baku on the west bank of the Caspian Sea west of the Gobustan settlement. The site covers an area of 537 ha and is part of the larger protected Gobustan Reservation.

The site covers areas of a plateau of rocky boulders coming out of central Azerbaijan's semi-desert. It has an exceptional collection of more than 6000 rock engravings bearing testimony to 40000 years of rock art.

The site features the remnants of burials, settlements, and inhabited caves. These remains reflect an intensive human use by the area's inhabitants during the wet period that followed the last Ice era from the Upper Palaeolithic to the Middle Ages.

In 1966, Gobustan formally became a national historical landmark of Azerbaijan to preserve gas-stones, mud volcanoes, relics, and ancient carvings in the region. In 2007, UNESCO inscribed Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape on the World Heritage List in the committee's 31st session.

An original tambourine stone, Gavaldash, is another attraction at Gobustan. Tapping them with a small stone, you will get a clear drum-like sound. Gavaldash consists of shell limestone.

It is a flat piece of limestone. The porosity and emptiness of shells are the reason for the distinction of sound. It generates various sounds depending on the density of the shells in the composition of the limestone.

At present, Gobustan is an open-air museum, and thousands of people visit this amazing art gallery every year.



The first archaeological excavations began in the 1930s on the territory of the reserve. After 1947, Azerbaijani archaeologist Isak Jafarzade conducted systematic explorations after initial discoveries in 1939-40. He discovered and recorded around 3500 rock paintings on 750 rocks apart from drawings, signs, human-made pits, and holes in rocks.

Djafarguly expanded this early inventory with further discoveries and excavations. Numerous Bronze Age structures were discovered after excavations in more than 20 prehistoric sites since 1965.

Rustamov conducted excavations of one cave and uncovered a 2-meter stratigraphy covering 10,000 years. It had a fallen engraved fragment, which gave a terminus ante quem for this anthropomorphic figure.  Archaeological research was carried out for more than 20 dwellings or shelters and 40 burial mounds.

In 2016, work began to create a digital database catalog for rock arts in the Cingirdag-Yazilitapa area of Gobustan.  Around 541 new images were found in the reserve area of Cingirdag-Yazilitapa. The latest number of recorded rock arts has exceeded 7000 on the site.

Norwegian traveler and explorer Thor Heyerdahl visited Azerbaijan and studied the Gobustan petroglyphs to find the kinship of Azerbaijanis and Norwegians. He found similarity of the vessels used by the seafaring Vikings to the ships portrayed on the rocks. He concluded that the Vikings began their journey westward from here. 


Outstanding Universal Value

Gobustan carries outstanding universal value for the density and quality of its rock art engravings. These engravings portray images of lifestyles, flora, fauna, and hunting in prehistoric times and the cultural continuity between prehistoric and medieval times.

These engravings are an exceptional testimony to a way of life that has vanished. You can see graphical activities linked to fishing and hunting when the vegetation and climate were warmer and wetter than today.

It portrays ritual dances, bullfights, primitive men, animals, warriors with lances in their hands, boats with armed oarsmen, sun, stars, and camel caravans. All of these dates back to 5000-20000 years on the average.

The Jinghirdag Moutain-Yazylytepe hill and Kichikdash Mountain are the most undisturbed and remote landscapes. These areas warrant protection to keep their authenticity intact.

Boyukdash is the most visited place with more disturbances in installations such as stone quarry and prison. It has to be managed as part of the plan.

The knowledge does not extend evenly across the whole rock art reservation. A large-scale survey of the wider environment is desirable to ensure the rock art corpus' overall integrity.

Adequate legal protective measures are in place for the property. Documentation needs to be completed. Technical competence and active conservation measures are required to conduct necessary urgent conservation work.



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  • Taxi/Cab : You can hire and board a taxi or cab to reach the Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape.


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  • Admission Ticket : 2,192.29 INR(50.93 AZR)
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Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape, Qobustan, Azerbaijan

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Very Good
Tim Paris
Tim Paris
06/11/2020 14:08
Stunning scenery with a lot of rock arts and history ready to be unveiled
Robin Banks
Robin Banks
10/25/2019 21:15
Spectacular (if you have an interest in such things). Cave drawings, weird/cool cliffs, perfectly camouflaged little lizards bouncing around . The museum has an excellent video that puts it all together chronicling the lives and deaths of the inhabitants. It's close to Baku and definitely worth the trip.
Bee mirza
Bee mirza
03/19/2020 08:32
Wonder of the world. Different place in this area Full of mysterious caves jiant rocks. You will love it to see Nd heard the stories about native people their culture, events hunting, Its hard rocks so follow instructions and safety precautions Limited parking no handicap access always watch your head and steps. Donr foeget to visit musium which few kilometer away
Saif Al Hinai
Saif Al Hinai
04/23/2019 22:26
Worth visiting. About 1 hr drive from Baku city. A historical place with great scenery. Well displayed and nice walkway with steps. You have to be able to climb steps to fully enjoy the rocks. You need minimum 1 hr
Dilna Jasmine
Dilna Jasmine
06/09/2019 02:35
This is a beautiful mountainous region with ancient carvings on one side and the calm Caspian Sea on the other. You can easily spend a good 1 to 2 hr walk in this region. Recommend to wear walking/running shoes while visiting this place. Its rich in history, has a museum, a small local restaurant, washroom etc. This place does have snakes so always walk in groups and never leave kids alone as it can be accident prone due to the uneven rocky walk area. Always walk on the pathway only!! Enjoy the cold drink outside that an old lady sells, she says she prepares it from water pumped out of the mountain directly.

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