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The palace of the Shirvanshahs is the most significant monument of the Shirvan-Absheron branch of the Azerbaijan architecture in Baku. Shirvanshahs' Palace or Şirvanşahlar sarayı in Azerbaijani are other names of the palace.

Baku's old city is a treasure trove for history hunters. Its heritage will teleport you the time of the Shrivanshahs. Shamakhi is replete with Silk Road heritage and history as the capital of the powerful state ruled by the Shirvanshahs during the medieval period.

The palace lies at the highest point of the city in the densely populated area. The palace comprises nine buildings – palace, the courtroom, the Dervish’s Tomb, the Eastern Gate, the Shah Mosque, the Keygubad Mosque, the palace tomb, the bathhouse, and the reservoir.

The Azerbaijani 10,000 manat banknote of 1994-2006 and 10 new manat banknotes issued since 2006 depict the palace on the obverse. Under state protection, it was declared a museum-reserve in 1964.

UNESCO designated it as a World Heritage Site in 2000. It was the first place in Azerbaijan to attain this status.



In the 15th century, Ibrahim I of the Shirvanshah dynasty shifted the capital from Shemakha to Baku after a devastating earthquake. He built a memorial complex around the sacred place of worship(pir) and a tomb of Helwati Sufi saint Seyyid Yahya Bakuvi.

Helwati Sufi order had the patronage of the Shirvanshahs. Shirvanshah Kalilullah I and his kith and kin were buried inside the palace. The and wells inside the grounds of the ‘Palace’ were believed to have healing qualities.

The ‘Palace’ fell into ruin after the Safavid conquest of Baku in 1501.



UNESCO termed the Palace of Shirvanshahs as ‘one of the pearls’ of Azerbaijan architecture. Shirvanshah Sheykh Ibrahim I began the construction of the main building in 1411. Fifty different dimensions and outlines of the structures connected with three narrow winding staircases in the two-story building.

Palace and Throne Room

The two-story building of the palace had 52 rooms rich with ancient remnants. After vandalism during history, now only a few rooms remain. King and his family used the second floor, while servants used to live on the first floor.

The special boards put out historical information. Inside, you can listen to medieval music on the iPad. Most relics belonged to the 18th-20th century because Ottoman and Russian empire pillaged Baku’s treasure. 

Carpets, throne models, game board, glazed, and restored wall tiles are a few decorative examples in the Throne room. These reminisce you of the king's chamber during the Middle Ages.


Some say that Divankhana served as a courtroom and official meetings. Others are of the view that king Farrukh Yasar built it as a personal mausoleum. Its construction could not be finished due to frequent battles and historical events.

The palace houses the tombs of the king Khalilullah I(his father) and close relatives.

Bakuvi Mausoleum and Key Gubad Mosque

Sufi teacher and scholar Sayid Yahya Bauvi taught Sufism in Shamakha and Shirvan in the 15th century. He used to live inside the complex, and he had a worship site. After demise, his body was interred in the mausoleum. Adjacent is the Key Gubad Mosque, most parts of it were razed. 

Murad’s Gate

Sultan Murad III invaded Baku in the late 16th century and ordered to build Murad's Gate (eastern gate). This newest part of the whole complex pulls tourists for its ornamental work in its outer side. The gate bears Arabic inscription in the names of Sultan Murad III and the city governor.

Royal Mosque

The palace mosque beside the king’s Khalilullah’s mausoleum has an identical and straightforward style. The water reservoir was used for pre-prayer ablution.

Bath Houses (‘Hamam’)

In the lowest courtyard of the complex, the palace bathhouses were located. Bathhouses were in place to maintain warmth during the winter and coolness in the summer season. King's bathroom had a fancy blue roof.


The palace had an underground water distribution system. Cisterns were constructed in the lower part of the bathhouse to supply water.

Bayil Castle Stone Panels

The castle collapsed and remained under the waters after a major earthquake in the Caspian Sea in 1306. In the 18th century, destroyed castle’s pieces reappeared on the surface after the water level subsided. It again submerged under the water after some decades.

During the Soviet regime, authorities pulled out these stones to the public vision in the Shirvanshahs's museum.



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  • Taxi/Cab : You can hire a taxi or cab to reach the palace.
  • Walk : You can walk 100 meters from the city center to reach the palace.


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Things to Do


Souvenirs: You can buy souvenirs like a magnet and 'armudu' glasses as a keepsake. Armudu glasses are traditional pear-shaped glasses for tea and postmarks of the city map of Baku and Baku European games.

Photography: You can click pictures inside the palace complex.


Palace of The Shirvanshahs, Baku, Azerbaijan

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Very Good
Julia Boechat
Julia Boechat
06/22/2020 17:20
Great place to visit, beautiful exhibits.
Serkan Ergul
Serkan Ergul
07/07/2020 20:33
is a 15th-century palace built by the Shirvanshahs and described by UNESCO as "one of the pearls of Azerbaijan's architecture". It is located in the Inner City of Baku,Azerbaijan and, together with the Maiden Tower, forms an ensemble of historic monuments inscribed under the UNESCO World Heritage List of Historical Monuments. The complex contains the main building of the palace, Divanhane, the burial-vaults, the shah's mosque with a minaret, Seyid Yahya Bakuvi's mausoleum (the so-called "mausoleum of the dervish"), south of the palace, a portal in the east, Murad's gate, a reservoir and the remnants of a bath house. Earlier, there was an ancient mosque, next to the mausoleum. There are still ruins of the bath and the lamb, belong to the west of the tomb
Leow Xin yi
Leow Xin yi
03/11/2020 14:02
Affordable entrance fee but nothing much to see inside. A few artifacts with short descriptions. Even though I read all the descriptions, spent less than 30minutes inside. Really small place where the history is not that interesting. No description on any struggle etc. Just a very peaceful life led by the people and some of their belongings uncovered.
Avi Abasov
Avi Abasov
06/25/2019 18:04
Great piece if history! We loved touring in this palace, which has historical information about the origins of the Shirvanshahs and about the city as well. Tickets were relatively pricey at 15 manatee per person, but I think that coming to Baku - the Shirvanshahs palace is a must see. P.s - the apricot trees outside are just phenomenal to sit under and relax!
Mian Naseem
Mian Naseem
08/21/2019 02:10
More than 200 years old forte. Beautiful built even 200 years before nice architecture of that time without any automated machines. A must go place

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