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Goa Gajah Cave- Bali is one of the most significant archaeological sites for Hindus situated in Bali, the outer side of Ubud. The site is also popular as the elephant cave, as it is located near the elephant river. The ancient bathing pools, relics, and the green rice paddies provide the cave with a mystic look. The demonic mouth entrance of Goa Gajah suggests that people are entering into the world of darkness or underworld.  


The place is open all seven days in a week with timings from 8:00 A.M to 4:30 P.M. People visiting Goa Gajah should be properly dressed; both for men and women up to knees should be covered. As this place is an active worship site, try not to distract the worshippers who are inside the narrow cave.


Goa Gajah Cave is famous for the temple of Buddhist relics along with a cave attached. While entering the cave people have to pass by two rows of shops. Sarong is provided at the entrance of the temple which you can wear and walk towards the hill ground. Another significance of Goa Gajah is the beautiful surrounding for which the tourists are attracted the most. To explore the cave, you won’t require much time but, the places around with elegant stone steps, rice paddies are a relief to the eyes. Hence, it is considered a must-visit place in Bali.



  • Sunday : 08:00 am to 04:30 pm
  • Monday : 08:00 am to 04:30 pm
  • Tuesday : 08:00 am to 04:30 pm
  • Wednesday : 08:00 am to 04:30 pm
  • Thursday : 08:00 am to 04:30 pm
  • Friday : 08:00 am to 04:30 pm
  • Saturday : 08:00 am to 04:30 pm

Timings are subject to change. You will be automatically booked into a time slot as part of the check out process. Please visit the official website to confirm the time slot before your visit.


How to Reach

  • By Taxi- : To reach Goa Gajah Cave from Bali through public transportation is the taxi meter. The taxi meter will not be that expensive in this case. In case you are in Kuta or Nusa Dua, the budget might increase.
  • By private transport- : Motorbike or any private car with a driver in Bali can be an ideal option to reach Goa Gajah cave. The time to reach will be approx. 10 hours.


Ticket Pricing

  • Entrance Fee: Adult- : IDR 50,000/person
  • Entrance Fee: Child- : IDR 30,000/person
  • Entrance Fee: Sarong & Scarf- : Free to use

Interesting Tourists Activities in Goa Gajah Cave - Bali:

Back in the 9th or 11th century, this temple was discovered and hence considered as the oldest one. Meditation was the primary purpose of building this cave. The architecture of the cave portrays both Buddhism and Hinduism culture. To explore the cave, you need to roam around and experience every detail of it. Now, let’s see what interesting things to do in this place.


1. Lord Ganesha and Shiva Lingam Darshan

The presence of Lord Shiva adorns Hinduism. Besides, you will also get to see the idol of Ganesha, the elephant god. The inside of the temple is T-shaped. The floor settings represent that it was a perfect hub for meditation.


2. Bathing Pools

The cave is not the only attraction of the place. Bathing pools should not be missed by the tourists. The pools are well sculpted of beautiful women figures holding waterspouts. 


3. Having a walk around 

People visiting this place will not leave without taking a walk around the entire temple complex. The natural enclaves enrich the beauty of this place. You can have a pleasing bicycle ride on the paddy fields. 


4. Architecture

The entrance of the cave is intricately carved. The most eye-catching part of the cave is the shape of the demon mouth. The purpose behind this is to restrict the evil spirits and evil eye of people visiting the place. The wall of the entrance is carved with elephant motifs. 


Goa Gajah, Bedulu, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

Rating & Reviews

Based on 6164 reviews
Very Good
Icha Myrza
Icha Myrza
08/22/2020 15:11
We can not see elephant here. But if you want to have tropical forest and ancient cave you can come here. You will need a good stamina to go here. As we have to go down many stairs (and you have to climb the stairs to come back 😅) -- i can say its hundred of stairs 🤸‍♂️
Destro Gaming
Destro Gaming
08/09/2020 00:04
Majestic place. Almost 1000yrs old temple. Pure Balinese vibes.
Shobhit Kulshreshtha
Shobhit Kulshreshtha
03/25/2020 10:10
This place is very beautiful and surrounded by several different type of natural and man-made creations. It has a cave, rocks carved into steps, a man-made temple, pond, centuries old trees, and a waterfall. Very peaceful and enjoyable experience.
Chris Coveny
Chris Coveny
02/18/2020 18:01
Interesting spot close to Ubud. We went early and the crowds were light. Our guide was amazed that we were able to get some good pictures without the usual lineups. Walk down to the waterfall for a jungle immersion and to see some beautiful trees.
Ashley Garrett
Ashley Garrett
02/17/2020 08:56
This is a great temple with lots of history. It’s good for a quick stop as it’s not super big. Most come for the elephant cave which really is very impressive. We didn’t spend more than 30 minutes here but would recommend adding to your itinerary.

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The place is the holy site and therefore, certain rules are made without any exceptions. This temple has a dress code that is wearing sarong and sash which are provided at the temple entrance.
The best time to visit this holistic temple is around 08:00 – 10:00 in the morning or around 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. Fewer visitors are found at this time and you can get to explore a better part of the cave.
Generally, the local festivals of the elephant cave temple are celebrated in November. So, along with the visit to the cave and temple you can enjoy the rituals as well.
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