Places To Visit In Bangkok

The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is definitely more than meets the eye. Even though it holds an important spot amongst top international tourist destinations, it will take you more than a brief tour to truly explore the rich depths of the Bangkok experience beyond the glistening shrines and glamorous street life of the city.

Chinatown, the Museum of Siam, Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Wat Arun, Lake Taco and the Grand Palace are some of the prominent tourist attractions in Bangkok. The malls, temples and aqua parks of Bangkok are also amongst the important places to visit in Bangkok. The restaurants, floating markets and lip-smacking street food of Bangkok complete the rest of the general Bangkok picture. The nightlife of Bangkok stays active through both street markets and pubs that famously glow with life even beyond sunset.

Planning a trip to Bangkok will take you on a journey into a unique and magical land. Whether you are planning a short trip for the major attractions and places to visit in Bangkok, or a longer stay to truly explore the depth, beauty and richness of the Bangkok experience, you will never run short of things to do in Bangkok. Your holiday in Bangkok is definitely something to look forward to.

The temple of Emerald Buddha is also known as WAT PHRA KAEW. The Wat Phra Si Ratan Satsaram or Temple of the Holy Jewel Buddha in English is officially designated as the Temple of Buddha in Bangkok.

This is one of the most significant Buddha statues in Thailand, Located inside the grounds of the Grand Palace. The meditating Buddha made of green jadeite or jasper (greenstone), clothed in gold and diamonds, seated in Virasana (A yogic posture).

You will be surely amazed and in Awe after exploring the beautiful and impressive structure of the temple. Three times in a year only King of Thailand or highest-ranking member of the royal family changes the three jewel-embedded garments during a formal ritual. As per the Temple Decorum or protocol, all visitors must take off their shoes and cover their knees and shoulders before entering the temple premises.




Grand Palace built with the temple of Emerald Buddha. Its creation dates much older (For more than 238 years). However, some Historical records suggest that the statue surfaced near Chiang Rai in 1434.

The Emerald Buddha has been a feature of The Grand Palace, Bangkok since ages; however, its story expands beyond Bangkok and even Thailand. Some of the Religious Scholar suggests that The Emerald Buddha bears a resemblance to the Statues in Sri Lanka and the Southern part of India, because of its specific posture of meditation. Besides, style and posture are not prevalent in traditional Thai statuaries.



Why Is It famous? 

The Emerald Buddha Temple is an example of beauty, art, and representative of Thai Culture. It is famous for its architecture and beauty. You will be in awe after experiencing this marvelous example of the richness of Thai Culture and its beauty.

In order to pay respect, it suggests covering your knees and wear long skirts or trousers; as it is an important guideline to enter the palace premises.

The Emerald Buddha Temple is very unique in posture as its not very predominant Thai Architecture. This has been used for ritual purposes by the King of Thailand and their heir’s.


Everyone loves to shop especially when you have gone to other countries to visit; Chatuchak Weekend Market is one of the largest markets in Thailand. If you are someone who loves to shop at a very affordable price and without bargaining, you must visit Chatuchak Weekend Market, which is situated in Thailand. 

In the world, It is known as one of the largest markets. Behind to establish this huge market, there is a story; in December 1938, the third prime minister came to Thailand when he decided to open local markets in every town to boost the local economy. So in 1942, Sanam Luang was declared the city’s first market. 

Then this market change many different venues for special functions. Firstly, it moved to Saranrom Palace, which is the center of Bangkok. After eight years, it moved to Sanam Chai then again back to Sanam Luang. The market switched to Chatuchak and King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 60th birthday celebration day; it renamed Chatuchak Market.


Why Is It famous?

Chatuchak Weekend Market is the largest in Thailand; here more than 11,505 vendors and 15,000 stalls are available. This vast market is divided into 27 sectors; in this market, you get different kinds of revenue like drinks, plants, food, pets, electronics, dry foods, home accessories, clothes, books, and many more. The price of every item is very cheap and fair rates.


The meaning of Thailand in the Thai language is Prathet Thai, that's means' Land of the Free'. Thailand is a land of islands, large cities, mountains, villages, temples, and a vast marketplace waiting for you.

Among them, the world's largest golden Buddha temple that's officially known as Wat Traimit Withayaram is a unique attraction. This statue made with 5.5 tons of solid gold. This statue itself has a story, and in the museum, you can know about the story with a 3D presentation.



Historical Significance

The Watt Trimet Golden Buddha statue was built in the 13th-14th century in the Sukhamai dynasty style. The Head of the statue is egg-shaped, which indicates the Sukothai period and the metal figure made in India. After a few times, it moved from Sukhothai to Ayutthaya.

In 1801 Rama I, after creating a new capital city of the kingdom that is Bangkok, ordered to collect Buddha images from the ruined temples around Bangkok. And then Rama III brought the Buddha Images in the main temple. In 1935 the statue again moved its present location, which is nearby Wat Tramit.



Why is it famous?

Wat Traimit Golden Buddha Temple is known as the world's most giant solid Buddha statue. The height of the statue is 15-foot tall and made with approximately 83% pure gold, and the weight of this golden statue is approximately five and a half tons. The value of this statue in today's price is millions of dollars—the statue located on the top of the four marble-lined structures. The golden Buddha initially covered in plaster, it accidentally dropped it. Right now, that piece kept on the temple. 


wat traimit



You are visiting Bangkok for the first time? Be sure to visit the Asiatique Riverfront. Who loves shopping? This is a super shopping mall in Asiatique Riverfront. This mall opens in the afternoon and here you can spend your evening in a very beautiful way. There are more than 40 restaurants where all the delicious food of Bangkok is available. 

There are about 1500 boutiques so you can shop with ease. Here you will find all kinds of things to buy. Here you can buy anything you need and even buy gifts for your loved ones. Getting here is also very easy. you can come here by boat. It only takes 10 minutes to get here by boat.

The Asiatique Organization was founded in 1898. It was one of the largest Western companies in Bangkok at the time. The company is located on the banks of the Chao Frere River, so at that time it had access to the ports there. The company closed in 190. Work on the company resumed in 2011 and later in May the real estate company was renamed TCC Land Asiatique the Riverfront.



Why Is It Famous?

It is the largest and most acclaimed mall in Bangkok. This mall is so big and there are so many shops here that if you want to find a specific store you will need a size of this mall. There are more than 40 restaurants here so you don't have to go out to eat if you get hungry while shopping. There are more than 1500 boutiques of clothes, jewelry, shoes, electronics, etc. There are shopping and food as well as entertainment.


4.3 Rating

Traveling means a lot of fun and exploring new things. And just think how good it will feel when you look at these old memories a few years from today. And you can talk to a lot of new people while traveling.

Bangkok is an excellent city that you must visit once in a lifetime. And if you ever visit Bangkok in your life, you should explore this shopping mall also. MBK Bangkok's most beautiful shopping mall and it is extremely popular among tourist and locals. 

\MBK stands for Mah Broom Krong Although "MBK Centre" is official, the locals call it MBK. It was built in 1985 and the mall has been extremely popular ever since. 



Why is it famous?  

MBK is a famous shopping mall all over Thailand and Asia. There are 8th floor and  2000 shops here where they sell everything. Here you will find branded copy cloths. The central at MBK Centre is truly good looking.

It has a huge amount of different shops where you can bargain. Because people come here from different parts of the world, you will understand that the world is diverse and you will learn to recognize people. 

4.5 Rating

If you are a first-time visitor to Bangkok, you must not miss this incredibly famous ‘Wat Pho’ Buddhist temple in Bangkok, Thailand. Also, named as Temple of Reclining Buddha. It is situated on Rattanakosin Island and considered to be a great place for traditional Thai massage.The temple consists of 16 gates, many halls, shrines, a garden, and a museum. This complex is one of the oldest temples in Bangkok city and was rebuilt by King Rama I. It became his main temple where some of his ashes were enshrined.

Later, the temple was renovated and extensively expanded by Rama II. This temple is also spelled as Wat Po, which is commonly called as Wat Pho, a contraction of its older name, Wat Photaram. 



Why is it famous? 

This temple is considered to be one of the largest temples in the city with 46 meters long and 15 meters tall. It is famous for gold plated giant reclining Buddha and considered as the earliest public education centre with marble inscriptions and illustrations to provide instructions to tourists. This complex consists of a school of Thai medicine. Besides, it is also familiar with teaching and practising Thai massage at the temple.

4.5 Rating

Lumpini Park (or Lumphini Park) affords green spaces in central Bangkok. Park was developed in the 1920s spanning over 500,000 square meters to preserve various flora and fauna. This park is known for recreational activities.




Lumbini is known as Lumphini in the Thai language after transliteration. Lumbini is the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama (Lord Buddha) in Nepal. In 1920, the part of royal land was set aside to develop into the first park in Bangkok. King Rama VI donated the land to turn it into a park. The statue of King Rama VI was erected in 1942.

During World War II, the Japanese army attacked Thailand in 1941 and used Lumpini Park as a camp. Allied forces bombed the city. It was one of the largest parks in the city.




The age-old trees, large pool, and colorful plants and flowers in a lush green forest give it a natural ambiance. The palm trees and graceful bamboo garden add to the ecosystem in the shelter and food source of all life.

King Rama VI statue was erected in 1942 at Lumpini Park on the lines of the Lord Buddha's birthplace at Lumbini in Nepal. This park is home to various birds for its natural food sources rich in trees and a large garden.

Tourists explore several pavilions such as the Chinese Pavilion, Clock Tower, etc. "Sagittarius" is one of the most exciting sculptures. The public library, cultural center, administrative building, and community building like Lumpini hall are other structures in the park. Ornamental gazebos and pavilions feature Thai style architecture.



Activities and Events 

  • Senior professionals practice relaxation exercises in a virtual gathering between 06:00 am to 18:00 pm daily.
  • Private dance event training takes place for Saturday-Sunday in the building.
  • Home of Hope is a counseling service to help teach homeless children between 10:00 to 19:00 daily.
  • BMA Apprentice School and Lumpini Park impart vocational training like sewing.
  • Lumbini Park Public Library has cooking facilities available, and they offer knowledge resources like books and videos. It is open on Tuesday-Sunday.
  • Lumpini Youth Center offers sports activities and training for children and youth. Space and sports equipment for football, swimming, basketball, cross trainers, dance is available to subscribers on Monday-Friday.
  • You can see monks chanting the mantra for Buddhism and learn about religion.
  • You can relish music in the park every month on the last Sunday of the month.
  • Biking and rowing activities are available. Floating charges are about 30 Baht / 30 minutes.


Recreational Activity for People with Disabilities

During the Sunrise, Lumbini Park has a designated yard for recreational activities for people with disabilities. It has a ramp for the convenience of people instead of stairs. Separate disabled parking and an exclusive playground provide space to the disadvantaged or disabled people.

Lakes of Lumpini Park

You can enjoy boating in Swan boats in artificial lakes at Lumpini Park. Charges are 40 baht per half an hour and deposit of extra 40 baht. The deposit amount is refunded after the return.

Nature at Lumpini Park

Nature sets Lumpini Park apart, and it stands out of others. You can see around 400 Asian water monitor lizards roaming freely in green plot amidst skyscrapers in the concrete jungle. These lizards are not dangerous.

Lumpini Park has a significant number of turtles as well. Look for squirrels before they quickly hide in the trees. You can purchase bread from vendors and feed fish in the park. The lake has numerous fish. Plenty of fish come in the most common feeding areas.



Where to Eat in the Park?

Vendors sell treats along the northern border of the park for more local-oriented choices. The main entrance in the southwest has the highest concentration of food carts. Fitness crowd buys stuff in the morning.


Jim Thompson House is a peaceful respite in the maddening crowd of the busiest part of the city. It was built in 1959, and the Jim Thompson House is one of the top attractions in Bangkok. This place will give you deep insight into Thai history, architecture, and crafts.

Its perfect location, the landscaped grounds, and tranquil garden make it a convenient escape for tourists who begin to get impatient and nervous from the hectic market and megamalls in the area.




Jim Thompson was an American entrepreneur who is known for reviving the Thai silk industry in the 1940s. He has been an architect, adventurer, entrepreneur, art collector, socialite, and military intelligence officer with the OSS (a forerunner of the CIA). Later, he disappeared mysteriously on March 26th, 1967, after he went for a stroll in Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands. His life journey makes for an exciting read.

The mystery of Jim Thompson’s disappearance in 1967 remains unsolved. It seems like a Hollywood like story that involved the murder of his sister, CIA involvement and the mysterious disappearance of a high-profile millionaire.

Thomson quit his architectural career to join Delaware National Guard for more excitement. His grandfather James H. Wilson, the Union general whose men captured Confederate President Jefferson Davis. During World War II, Jim Thompson served as an operative for the Office of Strategic Services (the predecessor of the CIA today).

He set up OSS office in Bangkok after Japan’s surrender. After leaving service, he founded the Thai Silk Company Limited in 1948 with his partner. He had accumulated an intimate knowledge of the region with extensive travels in Southeast Asia. Resultantly, the Thai Silk Company became very profitable. 

He collected antiques and artwork and ultimately constructed Jim Thompson House in Bangkok to showcase them. On March 26th, 1967, he went for a walk from Malaysia's Cameron Highlands and never returned. Investigation and search for years produced neither explanation nor body.

His older sister was also murdered in her Pennsylvania home a few months after his disappearance. This case also remained unsolved.



The House and Museum

The Thai silk industry of today is the outcome of American's foresight and hard work. Thomson's legacy stays here, and his magnificent home has been converted into a museum. Thai tradition and craftsmanship are visible in Jim Thompson's house amid Bangkok’s hectic life. Most buildings were built over 200 years.




Thompson constructed his house from wooden panels and walls from old structures he found in Thailand. The design of the home is awe-inspiring because he built it with architectural fervor in multiple styles. While traveling in Southeast Asia, Jim collected rare artwork and antique Buddha statues apart from paintings and porcelain. Its furniture is intricately carved. You will also find old looms and colorful silk.

The six teak structures symbolize building styles from various parts of Thailand. You will also learn about traditional silk-weaving techniques.



Guided Tours

Unattended viewing is not allowed due to the valuable artworks and intimate nature of buildings. You are free to see around the front part of the garden unaccompanied. For the inside of the house, you must take a guided tour.

You can pay 100 Baht to avail of regular and frequent guided tours in languages such as English, Thai, French, Chinese, Japanese, or German. Since the layout of the building does not allow large groups of people to halt long in any one spot at a time, so the tour appears a bit rushed. You can feel free to look around and take your time.

The last tour begins at 6 pm. You may have to return for your tour at a given time, depending on how occupied the museum is. Try to be back 10 minutes early.



Tour Tips

Get your carry bags deposited in lockers before beginning the tour. You can take a camera, but you are not allowed to click photos in the main buildings. However, you can click on the grounds and some small buildings. You can savor snacks and tea at the coffee shop and restaurant within the grounds. Please do not miss to visit the excellent store where everything carries the hallmark of Jim Thompson's quality. Please take off your shoes at the start of the tour.


This aquarium is the biggest in South East Asia. It has hundreds of different species on display in exhibits totaling about 5,000,000 liters. It is spread over approximately 10,000 square meters. For children, it would be an educational and exhilarating experience at SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World.



Amazing Animals

Magnificent Sharks, colorful Clownfish, or perhaps inquisitive Sea Turtles are the sea creatures you love the most.



Aquarium Zones

Rocky Hideout

Set out on the underwater world and look at Giant Spider Crab and the Giant Pacific Octopus, who camouflage themselves with surrounding objects.

Shark Walk

Here, you will get to marvel at four different types of sharks and learn essential facts about them

Coral Reef

Dive into the underwater oasis and see scores of clownfish and Lion Fish at the Coral Kingdom.

Behind the Scenes Tour

Behind the Scenes Tour allows you to explore the secrets of sea life in Bangkok. You will check out the "Aquatic Quarantine and Nursery Centre" and the water quality monitoring laboratory. 

Seahorse Kingdom

You will see mythical creatures like seadragons and seahorses gripping at seagrass with their curly tails and suck tiny shrimp with snouts. Big Belly Seahorse is one of the biggest seahorses.

Tropical Rainforest

Here, you will walk through a green rain-forest and enjoy waterfalls and frogs with your children.


Here, you will witness sea stars with our Pop Up Tank, Crawl Through Tank, and Secret Cave Tank.

Rocky Shore

Look underwater movements of sea turtles and jackass penguins during a feeding show. Multiple showtimes are available each day.

Tropical Ocean

You will see beautiful coral and fish species in a gigantic 7-meter high aquarium. Check the information board to learn about their life cycles and preservation efforts. Eagle Ray and Shovel Nose Ray are the main species.

Shark Ship Wreck

Submerge yourself in a human-made shipwreck and watch various fish species but beware of the shark lurking nearby.

Penguin Ice Playground

In Ice Adventure Zone, you will see cute Gentoo Penguins swimming or waddling around.




Please allocate at least 90 minutes to move around all our attractions. In any case, you should enter the attraction until 8:00 pm.

The restaurant and souvenir shop is here to welcome all the guests at the aquarium.

During the off-season, you can buy a ticket from the main entrance and enter the attraction in minutes after security check and photo opportunity.  Wait a little before security check.

Hectic period, the line to buy tickets may be longer.

Purchase tickets online and select the mobile ticket/print at home to bypass the step of having to visit the desk to collect your tickets.


4.2 Rating

The biggest wholesale garment market is Pratunam Market in Thailand. You can select from the dazzling array of clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories at wholesale prices. It is trendy among barging hunters and fashionistas. The majority of shops sell in small quantities as well. You will see shoppers from Asia, Africa, the USA, and Thailand to purchase items in large bundles of bags.


4.6 Rating

The Reclining Buddha is the most impressive highlight for the tourists visiting Wat Pho. Buddha statue in a sleeping posture is world-famous. The historical Shakyamuni Buddha in his last moments of illness before nirvana manifested this iconic posture.

Its figures are as significant as 15 meters tall and 46 meters long covered in gold leaf. Mother-of-pearl illustrations of divine characteristics of the Buddha adorn the 5 meters long Buddha feet. Buddha attained perfection with significant 108 positive actions and symbols. These 108 panels stand for the 108 Lakshmana or favorable characteristics of the divine Buddha.

Dropping coins in these bowls attract good fortune and happiness. To attract good luck, try to buy a container of coins at the hall entrance and drop it in the 108 bronze bowls on the length of the walls. The dropping of coins generates a pleasant, ringing sound. This money goes into helping the monks and renovating Wat Pho even if your wishes do not materialize.




The architecture in Wat Pho is Ayutthayan in style. Many present-day structures were shifted and installed from the dilapidated temple town of Ayutthaya. Many buildings and chedis(stupas/mounds) in the temple complex depict other architectural styles.

The reclining Buddha with feet inlaid with mother-of-pearl and 108 auspicious symbols is the centerpiece in the complex. Over 1000 Buddha images, marble interiors, many Chinese stone statues, and the golden structures beautify the premises. Some sculptures have the Europeans guarding the gates within the compound.




This temple complex in Wat Pho is believed to have existed before 1782 because Wat Pho origins are widely unknown historically. King Rama shifted the capital of Siam (ancient name of Thailand) to Bangkok. He ordered the restoration of the dilapidated old temple site in 1789.

Multiple Buddha images from the abandoned temples in other areas of Thailand were shifted and installed at Wat Pho(old name Wat Photaram). King Rama III brought about sweeping changes at Wat Pho in the subsequent years to restore and expand the temple complex in 1832.

This restoration lasted 16 years. During these years, the king built or restored the most present structures. The same era witnessed the emergence of the temple as a center of art and learning. Wat Pho earned a memory of UNESCO's world award and evolved as one of the most prominent attractions of Thailand today.



Wat Pho Heritage

Wat Pho was famous as the first public university of Thailand, and it is home to the relics of the first four Chakri Kings. Bodhi Tree and Reclining Buddha are the two of the highlights at Wat Pho. Bodhi tree is believed to have grown from a part of the sacred tree in Bodhgaya, India.

Wat Pho has preserved the Chakri dynasty's heritage and stands out as a repository of Thai art, culture, and knowledge.

Phra Ubosot

The main chapel of Phra Ubosot has all the Buddhist rituals performed, and the principal Buddha statue sits on a three-tiered pedestal. This pedestal preserves the ashes of King Rama I.

Phra Rabiang, a double cloister, surrounds the Phra Ubosot. These cloisters house 400 of the 1200 statues of Buddha in Thai history.

Chedis Dedicated to the Four Kings

Four richly ornate pagodas make the Phra Maha Chedi Si Rajakarn(group). These pagodas are dedicated to the first four Chakri rulers, and decorative glazed titles cover these chedis and make them an architectural marvel.

Phra Mondop

Four giants guard the gates of Phra Mondop or the scripture hall. This hall keeps Buddhist scriptures, which are inscribed on palm leaves. Authorities have enacted a controlled environment, and the public is not allowed inside Phra Mondop.

Missakawan Park

Missakawan Park has a Chinese style pavilion and the Bodhi tree. This Bodhi tree is regarded as the descendant of the Bodhi tee from Bodhgaya in India. Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree at Bodhgaya.

Vihara of the Reclining Buddha

Viharn Phranorn’s Ayutthaya style architecture and panels mesmerize beholders. The murals at Wat Pho on the inner columns and walls give the glimpses of the royal battles, court intrigues, and lives of Buddha’s disciples. These murals are 200 years old.


4.2 Rating

The world-class Siam Amazing Park is previously known as Siam Park City. It is full of fun and open to exploring for all age travelers. It has earned the reputation of the oldest amusement and water park in Southeast Asia and a top tourist destination. 

It houses the world's biggest wave pool with many giant water slides, roller coasters, and attractions like Africa Adventure and Jurassic Adventure. People throng here for a fun-filled family day enjoying thrill rides, relaxing at the pools, and Thai massage on the poolside. Illumination at night makes an incredible sight for the visitors.



Tourist Guidelines and Travel Tips

  • Please follow the safety guidelines for each ride to ensure a safe experience.
  • Visitors meeting the height specification for a ride will be allowed.
  • Smoking is prohibited anywhere in the park.
  • In case visitors wants to leave the park temporarily, they have to receive a hand stamp for reentry before exiting, or they may have to pay the admission fee again.
  • Skip jewelry, watches, and other accessories may interfere with the comfort in the ride or get lost.
  • The water park area requires bathing suits, and shoes are not allowed.
  • You can rent lockers for storing clothes, bags, and other belongings.
  • Photography is permitted for personal use only. You can click for commercial use.
  • You cannot ride with handheld cameras, GoPro cameras, selfie sticks, and similar equipment for safety reasons.



Shopping and Dining at Siam Park City

Visitors can take refreshments at stalls, shops, cafes, and restaurants. Most shops accept credit cards. For cash, you will get several ATMs at the park's main entrance.



Where to Shop?

Visitors can rent towels, swimwear, rubber floating tubes, and comfy beach chairs at Water World. You can buy snacks and souvenirs at shops in Family World and Adventure World.



What to Eat?

It is a day-long activity to explore Siam Amazing Park. The Si-Am Marine Restaurant in Water World serves buffet lunch in various Thai, western, and international dishes. You can avail of seatings at 11:30, 12:30, and 1:30. Log Flume Restaurant at Xtreme World offers buffet-style meals.

Small cafes and food stalls are where tourists can pick up snacks or a quick meal, beverages, popcorn, ice cream, other park staples.



The best time to Visit

The park is operational year-round. Schedule your visit on a weekday because on weekends and public holidays it is overcrowded. You may have to wait a long time for most of the rides and attractions.

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