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The world-class Siam Amazing Park is previously known as Siam Park City. It is full of fun and open to exploring for all age travelers. It has earned the reputation of the oldest amusement and water park in Southeast Asia and a top tourist destination. 

It houses the world's biggest wave pool with many giant water slides, roller coasters, and attractions like Africa Adventure and Jurassic Adventure. People throng here for a fun-filled family day enjoying thrill rides, relaxing at the pools, and Thai massage on the poolside. Illumination at night makes an incredible sight for the visitors.



Tourist Guidelines and Travel Tips

  • Please follow the safety guidelines for each ride to ensure a safe experience.
  • Visitors meeting the height specification for a ride will be allowed.
  • Smoking is prohibited anywhere in the park.
  • In case visitors wants to leave the park temporarily, they have to receive a hand stamp for reentry before exiting, or they may have to pay the admission fee again.
  • Skip jewelry, watches, and other accessories may interfere with the comfort in the ride or get lost.
  • The water park area requires bathing suits, and shoes are not allowed.
  • You can rent lockers for storing clothes, bags, and other belongings.
  • Photography is permitted for personal use only. You can click for commercial use.
  • You cannot ride with handheld cameras, GoPro cameras, selfie sticks, and similar equipment for safety reasons.



Shopping and Dining at Siam Park City

Visitors can take refreshments at stalls, shops, cafes, and restaurants. Most shops accept credit cards. For cash, you will get several ATMs at the park's main entrance.



Where to Shop?

Visitors can rent towels, swimwear, rubber floating tubes, and comfy beach chairs at Water World. You can buy snacks and souvenirs at shops in Family World and Adventure World.



What to Eat?

It is a day-long activity to explore Siam Amazing Park. The Si-Am Marine Restaurant in Water World serves buffet lunch in various Thai, western, and international dishes. You can avail of seatings at 11:30, 12:30, and 1:30. Log Flume Restaurant at Xtreme World offers buffet-style meals.

Small cafes and food stalls are where tourists can pick up snacks or a quick meal, beverages, popcorn, ice cream, other park staples.



The best time to Visit

The park is operational year-round. Schedule your visit on a weekday because on weekends and public holidays it is overcrowded. You may have to wait a long time for most of the rides and attractions.



  • Sunday : 01:45 pm to 01:45 pm
  • Monday : 10:00 am to 06:00 pm
  • Tuesday : 10:00 am to 06:00 pm
  • Wednesday : 10:00 am to 06:00 pm
  • Thursday : 10:00 am to 06:00 pm
  • Friday : 10:00 am to 06:00 pm
  • Saturday : 10:00 am to 06:00 pm

Timings are subject to change. You will be automatically booked into a time slot as part of the check out process. Please visit the official website to confirm the time slot before your visit.


How to Reach

  • By Cab : Apart from departing from Victory Monument BTS Station, you can hire a cab from the Airport Rail Link Hua Mak Station. You will reach Siam Amazing Park in 20-30 minutes.
  • By SkyTrain, Bus, Van : Victory Monument is a war monument and main transportation hub close to central Bangkok in the Ratchathewi district. This drops off and pick up spot for dozens of public buses and minivans. Board the SkyTrain to Victory Monument BTS Station, then get into a bus or van to the amusement park (30-minute ride).
  • By Taxi : You can also hire a taxi to get to the park. Taxi fare is reasonable in Thailand.


Ticket Pricing

  • For Senior citizens : Senior citizens who are 60 years or older will get free entry.
  • For Adult : An adult ticket is 900 baht (2135.76 INR) that is inclusive of access to Water World and unlimited amusement park rides in the other areas.
  • For Children taller than 131 cm : 900 baht (2135.76 INR)
  • For Children between 101 cm and 130 cm : Eligible for Kid Adventure Pass for 750 baht (1779.80 INR) that include access to Water World, Small World, and Family World.
  • For Toddlers up to 100 cm in height : Free Entry

Things to Do

Inside the Park- Zones and Popular Attractions

Water World, Adventure World, Family World, Xtreme World, and Small World are the five different zones. The park offers something everyone, including adults, children, teens, and families. Some zones are exclusively for younger children.

Water World

This zone is the most popular among families, couples, and solo travelers. The freshwater wave pool and a variety of water slides suit everyone. Please note that rides and shops in this zone close one hour earlier than the rest of the park.

Five Key Attractions at Water World

Wave Pool- It is the world’s largest wave pool.

Si-Am Lagoon- Slides, water tanks, and water toys.

Speed Slider- Multi-lane Rainbow, spiral, and mini water slides are available for visitors.

Spa Club- You can relax sore muscles at a spa bath zone.

Flowing Pool- Rubber tubes floating in a human-made flowing river

Adventure World

Fun rides, space theme, and other types of themed rides are available to delight tourists with varied interests.

Five Key Attractions at Adventure World

Jurassic Adventure- Jurassic jeep tour with dozens of animatronic dinosaur species.

Astro Liner- 3D movie theatre in a space shuttle.

Astro fighter- Children can steer soaring battleships.

Rock & Roll- It has colorful chairs that flip and rotates 360 degrees.

Trabant- This giant flying saucer-shaped ride that moves back and forth and up and down at speeds increasing gradually.

Family World

The family world has rides, which are fun for the whole family without any height restrictions.

Five Key Attractions at Family World

Dinotopia- Museum includes lifelike dinosaur skeletons and animatronics.

Africa Adventure- A simulated tour of an African Jungle on a boat or a train.

Si-Am Tower- This air-conditioned observation tower gives a beautiful view of the whole theme park.

Double Deck Merry Go Round- This double-decker revolving carousel features horses, carriages, and upbeat music.

Grand Canyon Express- This leisurely train moves in a winding path.

Xtreme World

Xtreme World has the largest and most thrilling rides. Most rides suit adventure seekers with few tame rides for younger visitors.

Five Key Attractions at Xtreme World

Boomerang- This fast roller coaster that sways backward and forwards.

Giant Drop- Thrilling tower ride that drops from 75 meters in the air.

Vortex- This suspended roller coaster has multiple exciting loops.

Break Dance- This colorful ride rises, rotates, and tilts.

Balloon Race- Faux floating hot air balloons are attached to a rotating base.

Small World

Child-sized rides are meant for the youngest family members.

Five Key Attractions at Small World

Swan- Water ride in boats shaped like swans. A speed boat is also an option.

Mini Carousel- Miniature carousel in Family World.

Play Port- Tunnels and slides in a climbing playground.

Mini Astro fighter- Small planes rising and revolving in the air.

Mini Motorcycle- Miniature motorcycles.


Siam Amazing Park, Suan Siam Road, Khan Na Yao, Bangkok, Thailand

Rating & Reviews

Based on 8649 reviews
Very Good
Hesham Meneisi
Hesham Meneisi
08/19/2020 12:06
Nice rides, not too many but a good adrenaline rush. The water park has a huge artificial beach with a wave generator, up to 2.2m deep. Only reason it's not 5 stars is that the rather early closing time. Should be 8pm or so.
08/01/2020 10:08
A lot of different from 15 year ago when i visited this place. Because of Covid, so there r not much cloudy people as it should be. So all the service was great. No queue. Will visit again for sure.
Rea Derendorp
Rea Derendorp
03/04/2020 22:45
Amazing. Fun. Exciting. Wild It was a very hot day and it seemed like there were a lot of people in the entrance, but the moment you go inside, it wasn't that much at all. I love all the rides, I don't have photos of all of them but I mostly enjoyed the crazy and funny ones. Going back to the roller coasters as many times as I wanted, there were NO lines at all! The lunch buffet included in the ticket was good enough for us to stay full for the day. When it wasn't enough, there were some convenience stores and snacks sold inside. Some rides seems to be only for kids, but no, adults can ride it too! 😅😅😅 Just hold on properly and you're gonna be okay. The equipments are in great shape, so no need to be scared. It was all so safe!
08/13/2020 00:16
Its a blast, amusement park and water park. Biggest wave pool in asia, but not big waves. Fun place lots to do, faur prices. I think after 3 or 4pm its only 500 baht. I love it, only about 30 minutes from sukhumvit via highway. Kids water slides, toddler waterslides, grown up water slides, great theme park rides. Its a lot of fun and close. Could spend a day, half day here and wear the kids out for a good nights sleep
Amy Chadderton
Amy Chadderton
07/22/2020 07:09
Many rides closed for maintenance (probably because it's quiet due to Covid) but otherwise it was a fun day out.

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Operating Hours: 10:00-18:00 hours Water Park: 10:00-17:00 hours Amusement Park: 10:00-18:00 hours Lunch Time: 11.30 - 14.30 hours The park remains open from Monday through Sunday, including public holidays.
An adult ticket is 900 baht (2135.76 INR) that is inclusive of access to Water World and unlimited amusement park rides in the other areas. Senior citizens who are 60 years or older will get free entry. Children taller than 131 cm- 900 baht (2135.76 INR) Children between 101 cm and 130 cm – eligible for Kid Adventure Pass for 750 baht (1779.80 INR) that include access to Water World, Small World, and Family World. Toddlers up to 100 cm in height- Free Entry
Sometimes Siam Amazing Park gets overcrowded, so it is better to book e-tickets ahead of time to secure your spot.
Attractions in the proximity of Siam AMAZING Park are Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class, Tommy Taxi Bangkok, Chatuchak Weekend Market, Amorini and Nikki Tour Guide
Dreamworld offers more rides for children under ten years and preschoolers. For an extra charge in Dreamworld, you can experience tobogganing in zero temperatures and artificial snow in the Snow World. Dreamworld conducts the action/stunt show. Siam Park is close to downtown. Apart from rides and water slides, Siam Park has a big artificial wave pool. It depends on your expectations for entertainment.
Visitors can rent towels, swimwear, rubber floating tubes, and comfy beach chairs at Water World. You can buy snacks and souvenirs at shops in Family World and Adventure World.
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