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Florence Cathedral or Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower formally the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore is a church in Italy. The locals of the city call it “The Duomo”. It is one of the prominent landmarks in the city. The Florence Cathedral is not only known for its size or beauty but also hundreds of years of history. This magnificent masterpiece was made quiet ahead of time. Today also it's an outstanding example of architectural creativity. It took more than 180 years to complete its construction and it is known in the entire world for its beauty.

Florence is a cultural city with the world’s finest renaissance art, history, and architecture. It’s a must-see for visitors to Italy as Florence is one of the world’s most famous cultural cities.



Florence Cathedral History and Ancient Times

The construction of The cathedral was begun at the end of the 13th century by Arnolfo di Cambio, and the beautiful dome, which dominates most of the exterior, was added in the 15th century on a design of Filippo Brunelleschi. It took 2 centuries to finish the construction of the cathedral. Statues of remembrance for each of these important architects can be found outside to the right of the cathedral, admiring their work for the rest of eternity. The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore was Finished in 1434. The cathedral is also very famous for being the fourth largest church in the world. The cathedral is a bishop's church. There are many other Catholic churches in Florence as well.

The cathedral has the largest masonry structure in the world. With over 4 million bricks, and weighing over 40,000 tons it is the largest masonry structure in the world. The cathedral is built on top of a small church. The bronze doors known as “The Gates of Paradise” on the Baptistery in front of the cathedral were made by a winner of a citywide competition. The painting on the inside of the Dome was designed and initially started by Giorgio Vasari in 1572. However, Giorgio Vasari died before it was completed and so it was finished by Federico Zuccari.

Fillipo Brunelleschi who designed and built the domed rooftop of Santa Maria del Fiore had no previous architectural training, but he managed to create the magnificent masterpiece that astonishingly still stands strong today. Brunelleschi also invented the technology he needed for building the dome. When Brunelleschi was born the cathedral was under construction for more than 80-90 years. The dome project was offered a competition to local people and the Brunelleschi won the competition with just an egg trick.

Fillipo Brunelleschi was Always known as a secretive person, and he didn’t leave a single building plan, drawing, or a letter behind on how he managed to come up with such an amazing design. For years, the scholars try tried to solve the mystery of the structure who needed to find the missing pieces to their theories on how the dome was built. The cathedral Florence took quite a lot of inspiration from the famous Pantheon in Rome. Although there is no proof for that. The dome on top of Santa Maria del Fiore still is the largest brick dome ever constructed.



Dress Code at Florence Cathedral

The cathedral is an active old fashioned,  orthodox church, so there is a strictly enforced dress code: chest and shoulders must be covered and pants or dresses must reach below the knees.



  • Monday : 10:00 am to 04:30 pm
  • Tuesday : 10:00 am to 04:30 pm
  • Wednesday : 10:00 am to 04:30 pm
  • Thursday : 10:00 am to 04:30 pm
  • Friday : 10:00 am to 04:30 pm
  • Saturday : 10:00 am to 04:30 pm

Timings are subject to change. You will be automatically booked into a time slot as part of the check out process. Please visit the official website to confirm the time slot before your visit.


How to Reach

  • By Train : The nearest railway station to Florence Cathedral is Firenze Santa Maria Novella Railway Station. You can go to Florence Cathedral as it is only 800m away from the railway station. If you are carrying luggage with you, take a taxi or bus.
  • By Bus : Yes, there is a direct bus that runs from Stazione Orti Oricellari to Roma Duomo. This bus runs after early 15 minutes daily. It won't take your more than 7 minutes.


Ticket Pricing

  • For Entry into the Dome : 18 Euros
  • For Florence Cathedral : Free

Nearby Tourist Attractions

  • Battistero di San Giovanni
  • Piazza Duomo
  • Piazzale Michelangiolo
  • Uffizi Palace and Gallery
  • Galleria dell'Accademia
  • San Lorenzo and Michelangelo's Medici Tombs
  • Palazzo Vecchio


Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Piazza del Duomo, Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy

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The entrance to the cathedral is free, however, you have to buy a ticket to visit the top of the Dome which is 18 euros. The ticket counter is at- Piazza San Giovanni 7 and opens every day from 8:15 AM to 6:45 PM. At the cathedral, there is always a line and in summers the wait can be for long hours.
The cathedral is an active old fashioned,  orthodox church, so there is a strictly enforced dress code: chest and shoulders must be covered and pants or dresses must reach below the knees.
You can climb to the top of the Cathedral but to do this, you must buy the special cathedral complex ticket and when doing so, ask for a reservation to climb the Dome of Cathedral, they will give you a date and time at which to show up at the Cathedral entrance (different from the Cathedral).
Florence Cathedral climb has 463 steps through narrow corridors and some fairly steep staircases, so wear comfortable shoes. If you have impaired mobility, any heart condition, or suffer from claustrophobia or vertigo, this activity is not for you.
During the high tourism season from May to September you will have to reserve at least 2-3 days in advance.
Yes, you will be allowed entry to Florence Cathedral. If you are staying in Florence and planning on visiting several monuments and museums, you may want to consider purchasing the Firenze Card. The card costs around 85 euros and for an additional 7 euros you can have unlimited access to public transport (ATAF buses and Tram) for the duration of the pass, free access for people under 18 whose immediate family has purchased the card, it lasts 72 hours from the first time you use it.
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