Places To Visit In Goa

Deck up your itinerary list with the spectacular places in Goa and get ready to be awe-struck with its surprises. Serving as the hot spot for vacationists from both near and far, Goa is all in all a place for the party animals and solace seekers alike. From the ravishing nightlife pubs to the ever fantastic beaches there is something for everyone. Apart from this, one must not dare to miss out on the Goan churches which not only cater to ultimate tranquillity but also exhibit the architecture of the colonial period.

Tourist places in Goa never fail to stun the visitants, as each one of them highlights something unusual of its own. While the Baga beach is reckoned for the adrenaline-pumping adventures like Jet skiing, kitesurfing, parasailing, and waterboarding the Calangute Beach is famed as the “Queen of beaches” due to its picturesque landscapes. If you decide to visit Goa you will be sure to have one of the most exciting yet relaxing of vacations.

4.6 Rating

Dudhsagar Falls also known as Sea of Milk is a four-tiered waterfall located on the Mandovi River. Dudhsagar Falls is regarded amongst the highest waterfall in India with a height of 310 m (1017 feet) and an average width of 30 meters (100 feet). It is 60 km from Panaji by road and is located on the Madgaon-Belagavi rail route about 46 km east of Madgaon and 80 km south of Belagavi. The area is surrounded by deciduous forests with rich biodiversity. It lies between Goa - Karnataka Border that leaves the people jaw stuck. There is a story which localities believe to be true where there once was a beautiful princess who used to love taking a bath in a lake near her abode, presently Dudhsagar. One day when she was out having a bath in the lake she noticed a charming prince gazing at her from afar, so she immediately spilled the milk in water which is why from then it's said that the milk is flowing endlessly in the streams of the waterfall.



Why this Place?

Dudhsaga Falls is one at its best when it comes to waterfalls. It is truly nature’s gift where one beauty is complemented by the other.
As it is located between the borders of Karnataka and Goa it gives a feeling of peace and content as one is apart from city life.
There are so many nearby places to visit where people admire their beauty.
One can have a picnic and enjoy their time with the family.
A trip to lush greens will leave you rejuvenated.
The beauty is enhanced when animals like leopards, bison, bear, and birds like peacock, bulbul, and kingfishers are witnessed during the trip.



Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit this place is between October- June. When monsoons are over water is in abundance where the monsoon starts between July to Sept. One can gaze at the spectacular sight and feel the beauty of nature.



Best Places To Visit Near Dudhsagar Waterfall

  • Tambdi Surla Temple-Distance From Dudhsagar Waterfall: 30 Km.
  • Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary-Distance 4.7 Km.
  • Devil’s Canyon
  • Salaulim Dam



Where To Eat?

Goa’s food is what people love to have whenever they visit the place. The best cuisines are played on the table for you to devour with your friends and family.
Cafes and Restaurants like Terry Restaurant, Cafe Mangini, Vincenti Restaurant, and many more are one of the best in their services. Food is available at cheaper rates. The average price ranges between Rs 374 - Rs 747 for two people.




There are different means of transportation to reach Dudhsagar Falls. Most people arrive at the Dudhsagar falls by private jeep or by their own transport vehicle from Panaji and nearby areas while others choose to visit the falls through a train journey or by trekking.If we talk about Goa Airport there are three ways - via train, taxi, or jeep that will drop you at Dudhsagar Falls Station. If you are traveling from Mumbai/Goa or Pune one will have to go to Kulem to reach Dudhsagar Falls. People start their journey from the station to Londa Junction to Kulem which is a 3 hrs journey and ultimately a 12km trek to reach the destination. The distance from the airport to the station is around 70.7kms i.e. 2hrs 7min to reach the station. The Vasco Kulem Daily Passenger runs every day from Madgaon/ Vasco in Goa to Kulem. You can take Amravati Express or Goa Express from Pune to Goa. Kulem is the last station for the passenger trainIf you are in Bangalore there are many trains that go to Londa Junction where the next train takes you to the Castle Rock. If you are coming by your own means of transport you will have to drive to Kulem and then start your trek or book a jeep through Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary that will lead you to Dudhsagar Waterfalls. Bangalore to Kulem is a driving distance of 539 km where from there you will drive towards Mollen. As the distance is huge one has to make various break journeys in between. If one is in Madgaon he has to reach Mollen village via car, train, or bus. All buses stop at Mollen village & from there one can easily hire a taxi or other transport vehicles to reach the Falls. 




There is no worry when it comes to resting or relaxing. Fancy a goodnight sleep after a tiring day. One can easily access the hotels and rooms which are available in the nearby areas of Dudhsagar Falls and that at a cheaper rate. The charges range between Rs900-Rs7500 as per night charges providing high standard facilities to their customers. There are a number of hotels like Jungle Book Resort, Rainbow Lining Hostels, Lazy Frog Guest House, etc. The hotels on average charge Rs 1224 for a non-ac room per night for two people and for ac room they charge Rs 2039.



Other Facilities

Emergency lines are always available 24/7 for the people. No need to worry about any aid required as the help will be provided timely. Police station, chemist, or other such aids are easily obtainable.

Come and visit the most fascinating waterfall in India. A sight that will lead you spellbound. Why miss an opportunity for a lifetime? Explore the highest waterfall and dwell in its beauty.


4.2 Rating

Aguada Fort was constructed in 1612 to guard against the Dutch and the Marathas. The Fort stands on the beach south of Candolim, at the shore of the Mandovi River. It was initially tasked with the defense of shipping and the nearby Bardez sub-district. A freshwater spring within the fort provided water supply to the ships that used to stop by. This is how the fort got its name: Aguada, meaning watery in the Portuguese language. This fort is divided into two segments: the upper part acted as a fort and watering station, while the lower part served as a safe berth for Portuguese ships. Aguada is a massive and marvelous citadel defining the landscape of Goa. There is a new lighthouse built in the fort premises, which is called the Aguada Lighthouse. It is regarded to have never been conquered by an enemy. The fort houses a statue dedicated to the freedom fighters of Goa.



Why This Place?

The fort has served as the location for various Bollywood films, including Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa starring Shahrukh Khan and Golmaal and Singham, both starring Ajay DevganThe fort was the grandstand of 79 cannons.The Church of St. Lawrence stands in close vicinity to the fort. It was built by the Portuguese to prevent enemy soldiers from firing at the fort at a close range.One can spend their time with their loved ones and enjoy their vacations having parties at the wonderful sight of Goa.One can have a spectacular sea view from the fort and view the city.



Best Time To Visit

Although there is no fixed time or month to visit this place, anyone can visit the place any time whether in the morning or evening.



Restaurants Near Aguada Fort

  • Cohiba Bar and Kitchen lies within 2.2 km away from the fort.
  • Sinq Nightclub lies within 3 km.
  • Soi – Authentic Goan Restaurant is at 3 km distance from the fort.
  • Tuscany Gardens is 3.1 km.
  • Shivers Garden Restaurant is 3.2 km.
  • Bombora's (3.5 km)

There would be no problem while searching for any cafes or restaurants near the Fort. One can easily avail the hospitality services during their trip to Aguada Fort. The average charge ranges between Rs 900-Rs 1800 for two.




To reach Aguada Fort one can visit by three means-by air, road, and train. A person can easily reach the spot by his private vehicle or hiring a cab. The Fort lies about 16 km away from the capital of Goa i.e. Panaji. Goa is well-connected to different cities through road transport. Tourists can take buses from Pune, Belgaum, Kolhapur, Mangalore, etc. and reach Kadamba bus stand at Panjim. Transportation is not a topic to worry about when it comes to Aguada Fort as the distance is quite easy. If it's through airways the distance is 41.5km i.e. it will take 1hr 5min approximately to reach the Fort. One can hire a taxi or a cab to reach via national highway. From Calangute to Aguada Fort average charge is Rs 266. It usually takes 18 minutes to reach the fort from Calangute which is 7.057 kms apart. Through the railway station, the time taken is about 1hr 9min and the distance is 41.5km.




After a long tiring day, everyone needs a sweet nap to relax. There are many hotels and accommodations provided in the nearby area of Aguada Fort tp chill and overcome your day’s exhaustion. Marquis Beach Resort, Santana Beach Resort, Taj Holiday Beach Resort, and many other hotels are easy to go and available 24/7 for the hospitality services. The average charge is at a reasonable rate ranging from Rs 1794-Rs 5000.



Places to Visit near Aguada Fort

  • Sinquerim Beach lies around 3.2 km from Aguada Fort.
  • Candolim Beach is within 5.2 km
  • Sinquerim Fort (3.2 km)
  • Rocky Beach (3.6 km)



Other Facilities

Facilities like emergency aid, chemist, helpline numbers are always available 24/7 and one can avail them at the time of emergency. There's no worry regarding how to contact the helpline numbers. Its feasible to access important facilities. 

Aguada Fort is a place where a significant part of Goa’s history was shaped. In order to witness the scenic beauty of Goa and capture the mesmerizing views through their third eye, one can visit Aguada Fort and other places of Goa. Fall in love with the beauty of a wonderful heritage of India and a pictorial spot. It's worth capturing inside.


4.4 Rating

Anjuna Beach is a village located on the coast of North Goa. It is a Census Town, one of the twelve Brahmin Comunidades of Bardez. Anjuna was earlier held by the Portuguese. According to the reports it is said that the name was derived from an Arabic word 'Hanjuman' which means merchant guild or change as people were arriving at Anjuna from the sea, and were looking to change money. It is located around 18kms from Panaji. It is well known for its breeze catching palms, soft sand & black rock. It is famous for its trance parties on the beach held from October -April regarded as tourist season. On Wednesdays, they have a day market which starts in the morning and ends at 7:30 pm and on Saturday they have a night market. The village of Anjuna is a five square mile enclosure nestling between the Arabian Sea and the Hill overlooking the beach.



Why This Place?

One can enjoy and have a friendly party and there is a lot that keeps on happening on the beach to keep the crowd engaged. Anjuna's bars and clubs and you'll find both local and international musicians performing on various nights of the week.
Feel the beach- Its human nature when one stays near the beach they want to visit the hills and those who stay near hills wishes to visit beaches. This can be a wonderful travel opportunity for those who have beach visits mentioned in their bucket list.
You can find some great deals there as well as at other markets in the area like the Saturday Night Market in Arpora and the local market in Mupasa.
Spa treatments, ashtanga, Hatha, vinyasa, and dynamic yoga, Ayurveda, and holistic therapies are special services that people can avail.
One can discover Goa as its a place that never stops jolting the people with its beauty and surprising places.




Karmali is the nearest railway station that is 11km away from Panaji and 29 km from Anjuna. Another station is Thivim, situated 19 km from the beach. One can take a local bus to Mapusa as there is no direct train from Thivim to Anjuna bus. From Mapusa, one has to take another bus that will eventually lead you to Anjuna Beach. You can also hire a bike or car that ranges from Rs 250 to Rs 400 to Anjuna Beach.
National Highway 17 is well connected to Panaji and Mapusa. For tourists coming from Mumbai can board the bus from Mapusa to reach Anjuna.
The nearest airport is Dabolin, which is 29km away from Panaji and 47 km from Anjuna. For tourists arriving from Mumbai, Mapusa is the get off point for the northern beaches.



Where To Stay?

After a long tiring day, one finds home to rest and relax. After partying and enjoying night outs and parties one turns exhausted and needs to take a sweet nap. Booking hotels and rooms are feasible and not a Hercules task. One gets both ways of relaxation whether in terms of resting or reasonable room prices. Hotels like Fairfield by Marriot which lie within 2.9km from the beach to Alcove Beach Resort 3.3km they all provide a room with all standard requirements within an average range from Rs 2153- Rs 3290.



When To Visit?

The best time to visit Anjuna Beach is from October to February. So if you want to go for a group trip, family trip, or honeymoon this is the accurate time to visit the place.

Anjuna Beach is famous for its nightlife. The nightlife in Anjuna includes fun activities like full moon parties, cultural delights, and exotic fire shows that are worth experiencing. Come and experience the essence of Goa.

4.5 Rating

Baga Beach is a popular beach and tourist destination in North Goa. Baga Beach in Goa is a lovely retreat house and paradise for nature buffs.

It is located at the North end of the contiguous beach. It is famous for its beach and Baga Creek. The beach contains rows of shacks and fishing boats, and at high tide the beach is narrow. It is named after the Baga Creek, which empties into the Arabian Sea at the north end of the beach. Attracting a mix of younger, middle-class Indian tourists as well as those from overseas this is the partying capital of the Goan coast.



Why This Place?

The food is delicious, and people will find plenty of live music and entertainment. Baga has become a home to several famous clubs, like Café Mambos and the infamous Club Titos, etc. Baga beach has one of the best nightlife scenes in Goa, for which we can see a huge number of tourists visiting the place.A beautiful scene is created when majestic waves touch the glittering sand. One can click pictures of the beach and enjoy the night parties.The beach is extremely popular for its salty bath where we can see a lot of tourists enjoying taking dips in the water.Saturday night Flea Market at the Baga beach is extremely famous. One will find tall and small shacks selling almost everything under the sun at affordable prices. 




The distance from the airport to Baga beach is around 41km. It will take about 1 hour and 15 minutes to cover this journey. From Goa airport take a bus from the bus stop near the traffic signal outside the airport to the panaji bus stand. After that, you will have to take another bus that will lead you to Baga Beach. The bus charges Rs 45- Rs 150 whereas cabs on an average will charge around Rs 1000- Rs 1300. Now Goa government has also helped the tourist coming through the flight to directly hire a bus to Baga beach. if one is coming through private transport the fuel costs could range from Rs 300- Rs 400. The railway station is at 11km from Baga beach. The bus charges Rs 45 - Rs 150 from Vasco da Gama station to Baga Beach. 



Where To Stay?

For accommodation one can either take beach shacks for a low budget or book rooms in nearby hotels. The benefits of beach shacks are that one is close to the beach and will also save the time of traveling. There are various accommodation facilities that are always available for tourists. The normal per night charge for the room is Rs 1500- Rs 5000. Hotels like Villa Fatima , Baga High Q , Wood House Beach resort are famous for their outstanding hospitality services wit ac & non ac facilities. 



Places To Visit Near Baga Beach

Goa has an endless list of beautiful and eye-catching views. There are so many sights to visit that one will get tired but will never like to miss any place unvisited. 

Baga Retreat House-

Dedicated to St. Francis Xavier, the Baga Retreat House is alighted at the top of the Baga Hill. You can go for an adventurous walk and enjoy the charm of Goa.

Kesarval Springs-

This spring is the main attraction of Baga that also has many curative properties. It's one of the most pleasant places to delight the mystic charm and serenity.

Medicinal Spring-

It is perfect for a picnic and bathing as its water has medicinal properties. That's why the name is on its medicinal properties. 

The Sea Cure-

It's best to visit in the month of May as the Goans flock the Baga Beach to acquire sea sure. It's a cure for several body ailments like arthritis, joint pains, etc.

Baga River the main attractions in Baga that offers a pleasing recreation to tourists. You can enjoy an amazing sight at that place where the sea meets the river.



Where To Eat?

Baga Beach has shacks and restaurants where you can savor brilliant seafood and other cuisines. There are also nearby restaurants and cafes where one can have tasty food at reasonable prices. Restaurants like Las Olas Baga is a restaurant that provides reasonable food charges that range from Rs 250- Rs 3000. They provide all facilities like breastfast, lunch, dinner,meals, and so on.



Best Time to Visit

No doubt Baga beach is chaotic and fun to be at, it sees a huge crowd of tourists between October - June. The Baga beach is located between the two famous beaches which are Anjuna and Calangute. 

Why not grab the opportunity and dive in the essence of the beaches? Goa is famous for its beaches so if not visited now then when?

4.4 Rating

Calangute is a town in North Goa which is famous for its beach. The beach is the largest in North Goa and visited by thousands of domestic and international tourists. The peak tourist season is during December and during the summer in May.
The cottages are tastefully fitted with authentic and comfortable Goan Portuguese furniture. The average temperature varies between 25°C - 30°C.
Due to its incredible beauty and serenity, it is known as the Queen of Beaches. It comes under the top 10 beaches for bathing in the world.



Why Visit Calangute Beach?

Its the best place for shopaholics when it comes to shopping for clothes, fabrics from different states of India like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Kashmir, etc.
One can go for water sports and spend time with their family in a peaceful environment.
Goa is known for its beauty and the beauty resides in the different places it has. There are many visiting spots near Calangute beach like Medicinal Spring, Baga Resort, Church St. Alex, etc.
Beaches are famous for nightlife and parties. One can have a complete glimpse and experience of the lifestyle of Goa beaches. The nightlife scene of the beach simply lightens the city with cultural, music, and dance shows.



Tourist Attractions

As Calangute beach is situated near other beaches like Baga beach, Anjuna beach, Colva beach, Medicinal Springs, etc its beauty is enhanced. You can enjoy different places near Calangute beach and spend your time free mindedly.

Colva Baech-
Positioned in the southern Goa, Colva beach is one of the oldest & enchanting beaches, whose nightlife is worth for long time memory.

Baga Beach-
This beach is one of the most famous attractions in Goa that's located 10 km away from the West of Mapusa. This beach is jammed between two famous beaches Anjuna and Calangute.

Baga Retreat House-
Turned up at the Baga hilltop, Baga Retreat House is at a distance with buzzing appearance beside the Arabian Sea.

Medicinal Spring-
The place is popular as a Goan picnic spot. It has many medicinal properties that give it such a name.

Church of St. Alex-
The architectural beauty of the church is quite appealing and this keeps it apart from others.



Best Time To Visit

Goa is a place where there is no time-bound to visit. Anyone can visit the places at any time. The best time to visit Calangute Beach is from November to May as during the monsoons the sea is at high risk due to high tides.




Calangute Beach is around 16km from the capital Panaji which takes 36minutes to reach there. Karmali Railway Station is 25km to the beach,
Tivim Railway Station is approximately 16km & Dabolim Airport is 48km. You need to take a bus from Panaji to Mapusa, and from there take a bus from Mapusa – Anjuna. Once you reach Anjuna beach, you can take a boat for about 100 INR to get to the Baga beach. As Calangute beach is next to Baga beach, you can take a walking distance. KTCL operates a bus from Panaji to Calangute hourly and the tickets cost Rs 30 - Rs 140. The taxi charges Rs 600- Rs 700 from the airport to Calangute beach. From outside Tivim railway station, you will get a Taxi to Calangute beach that fares Rs 600-700. If you are coming from Panaji on your own private transport you will have to cover 15.4km via Chogm road within 35min that would cost you fuel charges.



Where To Stay?

The rooms are comfortable and spacious and the suites are perfect for an entire family. In case one doesn't want ac rooms there are non AC rooms facility too. You can reach to nearest hotels within 4kms from the beach. Hotels like Bloomrooms @Calangute, Estrela Do Mar Beach Resort, Casa De Goa, and many more all will provide rooms for two or for families at reasonable prices with content facilities. The average rate that the hotel charge is between Rs 3335- Rs 6581. One will never have to wander around to search for a good place to relax as Goa is very much capable to live up for your satisfactions.



Restaurants Near Calangute Beach

Goa is well popular for its multi cuisines so don't worry if you are a veg lover or a nonveg lover. There are a number of food facilities available near the beach. One can either go for street food, cafes, or restaurants near Calangute Beach and satisfy your taste buds experimenting with different cuisines at your table. From Indian to Italian, from seafood to barbeque there will be varieties always available for you to quench your hunger. Restaurants like A Reverie, Cafe Comida, Redonda Restaurant, and many others are close to the beach within 500m to 4km. The food charges are at a nominal rate that lies between Rs 900- Rs 3000.

Calangute Beach is famous for its beach parties. So, if you want an unstrained solitude plan for Calangute beach holidays plan your destination now. Whether its a party or a wedding destination, Calangute succeeds in satisfying its tourist and which is why it's at the top 10 amongst the world beaches.

Shri Mangesh temple is located at Mangeshi Village in Priol, Ponda taluk, Goa. It is at a distance of 1 km from Mardol close to Nagueshi, 21 km from Panaji, and 26 km from Margao. The head of the temple is Shri Kavele Math. Shri Mangesh is the Presiding Deity at one of Goa’s most prominent temples. The temple's origin is in Kushasthali, now know as Cortalim, a village in Salcete. The original site was a very simple structure, and the current structure was only built under Maratha rule, some 150 years after it had been moved. The Peshwas donated the village of Mangeshi to the temple in 1739 on the suggestion of their Sardar, Shri Ramchandra Malhar Sukhtankar, who was a staunt follower of Shri Mangesh. The main temple is dedicated to Bhagavan Manguesh, an incarnation of Shiva. Once Shiva had manifested into a tiger to scare his wife Parvati who got frightened and cried searching Shiva screaming Trahi Mam Girisha which means Oh Lord of Mountains, save me. Shiva turned normal and since then Trahi Mam Girisha became associated with Shiva and over time the words got abbreviated to Manguirisha or Manguesh. The other deities in the temple are Nandikeshvar, Gajana, Bhagavati, and the Gramapurusha Deva Sharma of the Kaudanya gotra.


Why Mangesh Temple?

There is also a unique Deepastambha, which is a 7 story octagonal lamp tower, painted white with golden arches. The figure of Nandi Bull regarded as Lord Shiva’s vahana or carrier is yet another eye-catching aspect of the temple complex.




The weather in Goa is pleasant and moderate which brings warm summer days and cool sunny winters. Generally, Goa experiences accurate weather so one can visit the temple anytime.



Best Time To Visit

There are various festivals that are celebrated in the temple during the year. Whether we talk about Magha Pooja in February or Ratha Yatra i.e. the pulling of the chariots. There are thousands of tourists that are attracted to this site and several devotees are witnessed during the festivals.



Transportation Costs

The distance from Panaji to Mangeshi is 20 km and along the same route, it is 10 km away to Ponda. Many inter-state government-run and privately operated buses travel through Mardol. The common route that visitors take is a bus ride from the nearby Kadamba Bus Terminus which is located 21 km away. The distance between the airport and temple is 35.6km via national highway 748, whereas the distance from Dabolim airport is 14km. It takes an hour to reach the temple. The taxi on average costs around Rs 900-1100 to drop tourists to the temple from the airport.


Where To Stay?

Goa caters its tourists with high standard accommodations with content facilities at reasonable costs. Goa is a very busy and crowded place for the people, still one can find hotel rooms easily. According to tourist preferences, rooms are available to them with beautiful and scenic views. The hotels charge on average Rs 1500-7000 per night according to booking preferences. Hotels like Alila Diwa Goa, Martin's Comfort, Hotel Anthurium Circle, etc are a few of the hotels that provide all facilities to its customers from a single bed to room services.



Where To Eat?

As Goa is famous for its multi-cuisine one can never get tired of trying something new and unique. While you will find the majority of cafes and restaurants around the temple, Goa is trying to expand more in terms of food and accommodation offerings. Either one can go for street foods that never fail to water the tourist's mouth, the other option is cafes and restaurants to opt for. From fast food to proper food everything is available at the table at sensible prices. Restaurants like Lead Sheshells, Viraj Classic, Boomerang Beach Restaurant, and Bar provides food for two within Rs 400- Rs1000.


Money-Saving Tips

It is always recommended to carry cash and cards when visiting a tourist spot. One can save costs by walking more and hiring cabs only when the distance is far from the destinations.
The other way is when one avoids extravagant shopping and tries to save more as possible. It's obvious that while traveling the budgets get affected but one should always have to keep their pocket tight.
One can avoid the air service and go for rail service in order to save travel costs. It is a good way to keep up with the costs.

The temple has been mesmerizing devotees and visitors with its simplistic beauty for the last 400 years. Shree Mangesh Temple is a must-visit temple for all those who want their wishes to get fulfilled.

Goa Chitra Museum is based in the former Portuguese colony of Goa. It is grounded on the coastal Goan village of Benaulim. It is run by the artist-curator-restorer Victor-Hugo Gomes. Goa Chitra's collection includes examples of local pottery, farming tools, musical instruments, ancient carts, and palanquins from different points of the past. It also displays an organic farm for the cultivation of various vegetables, herbs, spices, sugarcane, and rice in coastal areas of western India. Goa Chitra Museum delves into the culture of ancient Goa. Chitra Museum is an exceptional place for rethinking things in everyday life. The structure of the museum blends modern technologies with traditional materials and elements such as wood, stone, doors, windows, pillars, and railings that were salvaged by the designer from more than 300 traditional houses that were being demolished.



Why Visit Goa Chitra Museum?

The museum itself consists of three separate museums each committed to a piece of history of Goa Chitra, which plans the ethnographic heritage of Goa Chakra which archives the ancient modes of transportation, and Goa Kruti, a culmination of the arts of erstwhile Goa.
Archaeological Survey of India has stated Chitra Museum as the topmost contemporary museum in India.
It is believed that in the Chitra museum, one gets enlightened by the past knowledge of Goa.
It is the best opportunity to learn from the artisans who have so much knowledge in their niche.



Best Time To Visit

You can visit the place anytime. There's no time limit when visiting the museum. The time is between 9 am to 6 pm according to which one can visit the place at a suitable time.



Transportation Costs

Everyone while traveling to any place concerns regarding transportation and its costs. Three are usually three ways of transportation to reach Goa Chitra Museum. If you are at Goa International Airport it takes 25.5km to reach the museum within 42min.
From Dabolim Airport the distance to Goa Chitra Museum is 24km.
From Madgoan Railway Station the distance is 4km to the museum. One can reach the museum either though a taxi or bus.



Where To Eat?

After a long tiring day, one feels hungry, and for that, he searches for the best restaurants or cafes. It's all about the quality of food that matters. One need not worry about the price of the cuisine but the taste. There are many restaurants/cafes that are available 24/7 to serve their customers. Hotels like
Beleza By The Beach, Hoel Cosmique, etc provides tasty food to your table at reasonable prices. The charges may normally range from Rs 400 onwards.



Where To Stay?

Food is something that never fails to mouth water people and if we talk about Goa's food it enhances people's cravings.
Lotus Beach Resort, Baywatch Resort, Hotel Anthurium Circle are few of many restaurants that lie within 2.6km to 4km range. The rooms provided are couple friendly, for family and friends so there's no worry about where to stay. Beleza By The Beach, San Jaao Holiday Homes, Hoel Cosmique, etc is a few of the restaurants that provide excellent food cuisines to satisfy your hunger within your budget. On average they charge around Rs 1500- 7000 per night for the stays.



Money-Saving Tips

There's no doubt Goa is expensive but one can always try to avoid disbursing money extravagantly. No matter how rich you are one must always learn to spend wisely. There are several ways how you can save your pocket while traveling.
To eat is important but to eat intelligently is an art and a wise decision to make. You can try to order food only that you think would be enough for you to have. Avoid wasting food.
One can go for ordinary rooms to spend a night at Goa rather than booking expensive hotels.
Try to walk more and save your money than hiring a cab or a bus.
Avoid unnecessary shopping. Try to bargain only when you think the thing is worth bargaining for.

If you are looking to visit a place with its cultural heritage, Goa Chitra Museum is where you should visit. Come and apprehend the hue of Goa.

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Top tourist destinations in north Goa include Calangute beach, Anjuna beach, Baga beach, Basilica of Bom Jesus and Fort Aguada. North Goa is all about nightlife, liveliness and party scene. If you want to have an exciting holiday then north Goa is the place for you. There are also casino places like Casino Palm and Casino Pride.
South Goa is famous for the serenity, peace and tranquility you can find at various places to visit in south Goa, including the several beaches like Palolem beach, Agonda beach and Colva beach, wildlife reserves like Cotigao Sanctuary, Netravali Sanctuary and Mollem National Park and BigFoot Museum.
Calangute beach and Anjuna beach are the most popular beaches in Goa. Other top beaches in Goa include Palolem beach, Baga beach, Agonda beach and Colva beach. Most beaches in Goa are sandy beaches, but Aguada beach is a popular rocky beach in Goa.
Goa has a number of cathedrals with gorgeous architecture, such as Basilica of Bom Jesus and Savior of the World Church. You can also go on boat cruises in Mandovi River and Chapora River. Other tourist attractions in Goa include Butterfly Conservatory, BigFoot Museum, Fort Aguada, Dudhsagar Waterfalls and Tito’s Street.
Calangute beach, where you can indulge in sports like scuba diving, and Baga beach, which has the liveliest party and nightlife scene amongst the beaches in Goa, are the go to beaches in Goa if you are on a trip with your friends. Tito’s Street has a number of restaurants, eateries, pubs and bars where you can have a good time with the company of your friends.
Colva beach, Ashvem beach and Margao near Panaji are suitable tourist destinations for senior citizens visiting Goa. Other than that, the whole of Old Goa will hold a charm that will appeal to people of older age, and beautiful sites with rich context like Basilica of Bom Jesus, Shantadurga Temple and Aguada Fort. It would also be fun to go on an accompanied boat cruise on Mandovi River.
Butterfly Beach, Usgalimal Rock Engravings Site and Dudhsagar Waterfalls are amongst the top tourist destinations in Goa for couples visiting Goa. The old Latin quarters in Panaji provide a good area to take a casual but enchanting stroll with your partner. You can also do fun activities like crab catching and cycling tours around Goa together, and go on a boat cruise on Chapora River.
Goa offers a number of options for newlyweds on their honeymoon vacation. The most romantic beaches in Goa are Butterfly beach, Candolim beach and Velsao beach. You can enjoy foods and drinks of all kinds at the restaurants and bars located on the aesthetically charming Tito’s Street. You can also visit sites like Basilica of Bom Jesus on your honeymoon for their gorgeous architecture and religious context. Goa will definitely provide you with an all-round honeymoon experience.
The major beaches in Goa like Calangute beach and Baga beach are the best places to hang around at night in Goa. You will be able to enjoy the parties on the beaches at night time, take a lovely stroll down the beach with moonlight shining on the coastal waters and sand beneath your feet and also engage in shopping for souvenirs, apparel and other items at the market areas that are open during the night around these beaches.
You can get a lot of shopping for souvenirs, pearls and other chic items of all kinds to take back from your trip to Goa at the shopping areas around beaches like Calangute beach and Baga beach. The flea market at Anjuna Beach will let you choose from a range of Goa-style items like flip flops, hippie-looking apparel and handicrafts.
The major places to visit in Goa on a three day long trip are Calangute Beach, Baga Beach, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Aguada Fort. You are also advised to take the exciting boat cruise on Mandovi river during your stay and do sightseeing around your place of stay.
Fish curry along with rice is the staple native food of Goa. You will find cuisines from all over the world at the numerous cafes and restaurants around Goa. There are a range of restaurants, eateries, pubs and bars along Tito’s Street that will let you taste these exotic cuisines and drinks in an enjoyable environment.
You can visit many of the beaches in Goa free of charge, and even the most popular beaches in Goa like Calangute beach have a nominal entry fee. You can go on cycling tours, go crab catching and do sightseeing around places to visit in Goa like Aguada Fort and cathedrals like Basilica of Bom Jesus for free. Thereafter, you can decide on how much you want to spend on food, drinks and other things to do in Goa as per your budget and your preferences.