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Om Beach is a famous beach in Gokarna. Two converging crescents give it a shape like the Hindu spiritual symbol 'Om.' Thus, the beach has derived its name from its shape. The confluence of Gangavali and Aghanashini forms this shape.

Om beach is a happening place for adventure sports among the thrill-seekers. Surfing and speedboats are water sports activities available on Om Beach. For all tourists, boating is a good pastime.

You will cherish the sunset view of this beach for years. You will find crows swirling up in the sky, eateries, small cafes, and fishers boats at this pristine beach. The unique black rock formations are other attractions.

Many visitors venture out to cross the danger area (marked by red) to play in the splashing waves. The shutterbugs have endless opportunities to capture this place's beauty with the rocky terrain and mind-blowing sceneries. Shacks for cheap accommodation and restaurants with global menus are all around for a fun time to visitors. The fishing village of Tadadi has its fish processing plant, and fishing is a means of livelihood among local people. 

Om beach stands out as the most famous beach of the four beaches on Gokarna's coast because food shacks and backpacker huts line the shore. These amenities make it a renowned hippie hangout for backpackers. During the season (November to April), many tourists congregate and stay here for weeks. 

The beach has gorgeous coastal inlets or coves with small patches of sand. Hence, this beach is ideal for sunbathing and swimming. Most of the seasons, when the sea is not turbulent, tourists enjoy fine swimming.

Best Time to Visit Om Beach 

October through March is the best time to visit Om beach and adjoining areas due to pleasant weather and moderate temperature.



  • Sunday : 01:45 pm to 01:45 pm
  • Monday : 01:45 pm to 01:45 pm
  • Tuesday : 01:45 pm to 01:45 pm
  • Wednesday : 01:45 pm to 01:45 pm
  • Thursday : 01:45 pm to 01:45 pm
  • Friday : 01:45 pm to 01:45 pm
  • Saturday : 01:45 pm to 01:45 pm

Timings are subject to change. You will be automatically booked into a time slot as part of the check out process. Please visit the official website to confirm the time slot before your visit.


How to Reach

  • Taxi/autorickshaw/bus : All means of transport connect the beach to the central city. You can hire a local taxi or autorickshaw to arrive at this beautiful beach. You can also board a bus to reach here and take a short downhill walk.


Ticket Pricing

  • Ticket : Free entry for everyone.

Things to Do


Travelers can stay here in the wooden cottages and participate in several water sports activities such as banana boat rides, parasailing, water-skiing, and surfing.

Banana Boat Rides: The banana ride is the trending sport during clear water and favorable wind. People in groups enjoy this memorable experience at Om beach.

Bumper Boat Ride: The adrenaline junkies have the opportunity to enjoy thrashing waves on the 15-minute Bumper Boat ride. First, visitors are given special safety instructions. Then, a bumper boat is tied to a speed boat, and speed boat moves the bumper boat in gushing speed.

Dolphin Spotting: Dolphin spotting is an activity for nature lovers. It will help if you remain vigilant during this activity because the humpback dolphins can sense human voices and movement. Have your cameras or smartphones handy to capture these beautiful creatures and carry them as a fond memory. 

Jet Skiing: Jet Skiing ride is another fun activity on blue and gushing water at the beach.

Fishing: Fishing will give you a new experience in the vast expanse of water all around. Take a ride to get to some deep ocean and then drop a hook in the waters for a catch.

Speed Boating: Speed boat is your chance to witness the coastline and the splendor of this vacation spot. It is trendy among all types of tourists.

Beachside Trekking: Hilly terrain setting of Gokarna make it an ideal trekking spot. The pleasurable stroll along the rocky terrain and paths lashed by waves will etch it in your memory. Trekking involves five beaches- Gokarna beach, Paradise beach, Half Moon beach, Kudle beach, and Om beach.

Temples and photography: Explore the temples nearby for your spiritual quest. Photography by the beach is another entertaining activity at the beach.

Yoga and massage: Gokarna has evolved into a hotspot for Yoga and Ayurveda. You can visit the Ayurveda spa for a relaxing massage to rejuvenate your senses and freshness. Yoga instructors are available for a few lessons.

Nearby Places: You can walk to Kudle Beach, which is at a short distance from Om beach. For scenic views and laid-back lifestyle, it is comparable to Om beach. Half Moon beach and the Paradise beach are other secluded and sparsely populated beaches. It would be an unadulterated beach experience.

You can bargain with boat owners and get a boat to Half Moon and Paradise beaches.

Food: Namaste Café is the ideal place for foodie around Om beach to enjoy the local cuisine. Visitors flock at this café to gorge on savory food.


Om Beach, Gokarna, Karnataka

Rating & Reviews

Based on 2742 reviews
Very Good
ajay achu831
ajay achu831
09/01/2020 11:16
It's a OM shaped beach.
08/25/2020 00:42
Calm,serene beach to unwind. We went in August last to be free from the crowd and it was perfect
07/19/2020 14:09
very beautiful beach
Sharath Hc
Sharath Hc
09/14/2020 16:05
Good for hangout
Anshuman Singh
Anshuman Singh
08/27/2020 23:58
Best place for vacation. Clean and less crowded.

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Om Beach is the best beach in Gokarna for the serene environment, water, and adventure sports.
You can reach Om beach by boarding a bus, local taxi, or autorickshaw. After getting down, you have to take a brief downhill walk....
Gokarna is a safe pilgrimage center and attractive beach destination in Karnataka. Scores of domestic and international tourists arrive here as an alternative to Goa as well. The place has many hygienic and budget hotels for accommodation. ...
With its idyllic beaches and pristine waters, Gokarna is popular among tourists as a peaceful holiday spot. It is less crowded and commercialized as compared to Goa. Its secluded Half Moon and Paradise beaches are ideal for solitude loving tourists. Kudle beach and Om beach are other right places to hang out. For pilgrimage, it has Bhadrakali and Sri Mahabaleshwara Swamy Temples. ...
You can board a bus from Bangalore to reach here in 9 hours and 39 minutes. You can also catch a train to get here in 16 hours 25 minutes. A direct flight from Bengaluru to Goa takes one hour. From Goa airport, you can hire a taxi to cover another 155 kilometers....
Both are fantastic beach destinations in India. Gokarna is suitable for people who want less crowd, solitude, and peace. Goa is a more crowded and commercialized destination with a coastline dotted with beaches....
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