Places To Visit In Greece

Greece is a collective archipelago of 6,000 islands located in the comforting warmth of the Mediterranean, surrounding by amazing beauty and culture,

You will find the extensive mythology surrounding Greek lores manifesting in front of your eyes at all of the places to visit in Greece in the form of temples, ancient ruins, monuments like the Pathenon and Delphi, and the stories associated with the places to visit in Greece. The beauty of the architecture of these on the islands of Greece lined by sand and pebble beaches along the pure blue coastal waters will leave you overwhelmed to be in a place as rich in context as Greece. Some of the islands amongst the list of top tourist places in Greece are  Santorini, Mykonos and Rhodes Town.

If you were ever even barely interested in mythology or history, you will surely be in the know about the relevance and significance of Greece. A vacation in Greece will not only be thrilling but also enriching, and you will come back relaxed and rejuvenated by the beauty of Greece.

One of the best sights in Greece is the Acropolis of Athens. This is a famous ancient castle, this castle is located on top of a large rocky outcrop in Athens, one of the cities of Greece. Evidence of the ruins of many ancient Greek architectural and historical buildings is found here. The capital of Athens is located on the mainland with a population of about 3.2 million in the metropolitan area.

The city is considered the cultural, historical, and economic center of the country. In 1985, UNESCO named Athens as the first European capital culture. The most famous landmark in the city is the Acropolis. Other important buildings in Athens are the Acropolis Museum, Syntagma Square, the Parliament House, the Parthenon, the ancient Kalimarmaro Stadium, the Athens Trilogy, the Athens City Hall, the Agora Market Square, the Olympian-Temple of Zeus, and the historic Placa District.

As well as the Catholic Episcopal Church. The Acropolis of Greece is the center of Athens. It is a place in the city that was built entirely by the "rocks of Acropolis". Today it is one of the most beautiful places in Greece that can be seen from all corners of Athens. The main reason why this place is famous is the historical monuments here, all the monuments of this region have been around for more than 2000 years.

Various natural disasters such as earthquakes did not cause any damage to these buildings. Also one of the reasons why it is famous is that other archeological monuments can be seen around the Acropolis such as Theoio, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Odysseus of Herod Atticus.

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The Athenians began work on the building which was burnt in the under-construction stage by Persians. They almost demolished the under construction architecture and rebuilt it to be the focus of the Acropolis building complex. The architect of this temple began in 447 BC and was completed in 483 BC. It is believed that architecture is regarded as the supreme of Doric order.

The main motive of this architecture was to give shelter to the monuments built by Pheidiusb with gold and ivory. The architecture of this building was priced over 469 silver talents(one talent can carry the cost of a crew for a month today). Till now, the temple is always on top of the ranking of lavishness, largeness, and religious center.

This ethnic city is also named after the Greek goddess Athena and have also plenty of fine buildings, monuments and so many. Athenians first invented democracy, which stands for governments that should be chosen by all the people who lived in the country and every important issue solved by a group of people who are selected by mobs.

Especially, Parthenon is unique for its proportion and the way it was built. It was made of Pentelic marble. Approx 16500 pieces of marble were joined together in a very perfect way. The statue in the pediments you can be witnessed here. The historical city, Parthenon, pick you into the heavenly contentment zone. 

In Greece, the world’s largest archaeological museum with the richest collection of antique materials is the National Archaeological Museum. In the 19th century, this ancient time museum was founded and designed by L. Lange. It is located between Epirus Street, Tositsas street, and Bouboulinas street.


Here you can see 11,000 exhibits that took gradually from the different sides of the world. The museum covers 8,000-m² area; many halls are created on each floor including exhibition grounds. This museum re-presents culture, the historical value of the Greek.  If you feel hungry then do not worry about that there is a beautiful cafe; without a ticket, you can enter the cafe.


In Greece, the National Archaeological Museum is the largest museum with huge collections of antiquities. In 1829, the museum was established to protect the memories of ancient times by collecting antique things from all over Greece. The depth of the Bronze and Stone Age influences visitors in the Roman era.


Here you can see the sculptures of the classical period. Cycladic art, very expensive statues, architecture, Roman art, and many more. The area of this museum is very big that is why you do not cover everything in one day. So that you need at least two-three days for watching everything. However, you do not have that much time then must-visit highlights corner of the museum. 

In the center of Greek which is the capital of Athens, there the temple of Olympian Zeus located. After 638 years, the construction began to start. Now this time the temple is glory for us but only some parts remain today. Most of the parts were destroyed by earthquakes in 1852 after that parts were not repaired again and only 15 columns survived.

In 550 BC, the time of Pisistratus, there is another temple situated that place After his death, his sons Hippias and Hipparchos started to build a new temple that is Olympian Zeus. Antistatic, Callaeschurs, Antimachides, and Phormos were designed this temple; the height of the temple is 108 miter and the ground is 41 miter. But before completing the temple, Hippias threw out from there.

From this way the construction of the temple many times stopped and renewed again but for some reason the temple fallout. And in today’s time, you can only see some columns. 

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Greece is famous for its enchanting and captivating beauty in its natural landscapes. The historical context and stories associated with the famous places to visit in Greece like Athens and Crete, and the lip-smacking foods on the offer here will make your trip not only a truly delightful one but a soulful one indeed.
Greek islands such as Crete, cities like Athens and Thessaloniki, natural sites like Zagori and Meteora and ancient ruins like Delphi and the Acropolis at Athens are the most notable of the top places to visit in Greece.
Santorini Island is not only one of the prettiest places to visit in Greece but also one of the most romantic places due to the overall vibes here due to the spectacular sunsets and sunrises you can view from the top of cliffs above the whitewashed houses. Kefalonia Island, Nafplio, Rhodes and Zakynthos are also amongst the most beautiful places to visit in Greece.
Rhodes, Crete, Santorini, Chalki Village and Milos are some of the most romantic places to visit in Greece. The Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion is one of the best places in Greece to enjoy a calm and stunning sunset with your partner.
The beautiful and geometrically arranged village of Pyrgi, the unique light arrangement at Pittaki, the necromancy temples of Ephyra, the volcanic rocks of Lemnos, the fairytale castle of Agrilis and the seaside town of Nafplio are some of the best unusual and unique places to visit in Greece.
The islands of Agistri, Kythnos, Sifnos, Lefkada, Ikaria, Astypalaia and Hydra are some of the cheapest places to visit in Greece. In addition, you can go on free walking tours in Athens and enjoy many of the sightseeing spots in Athens for free,
The Acropolis of Athens is perhaps the most famous ancient ruins in Greece with monuments like the Parthenon and the Temple of Athena. Delphi has the sanctuary of Apollo, while Dion has the sanctuary of Zeus. Olympia and Mycenae are the other famous historical places to visit in Greece.
A stay of 7 days is needed in order to understand the beauty and vastness of places to visit in Greece. You will be going to the various tourist attractions in Athens for half of the duration, and the other half will be spent traveling to the islands of Greece, like Mykonos, Santorini or Crete, as per your preferences.
Greek yoghurt and honey, Greek coffee and Greek salad are some of the best foods at the places to visit in Greece.. You will also find Dolmadaki, made from rice and mint, and Saganaki, made from cheese and Moussaka, as other popular dishes you would be advised to try on your trip..