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One of the best sights in Greece is the Acropolis of Athens. This is a famous ancient castle, this castle is located on top of a large rocky outcrop in Athens, one of the cities of Greece. Evidence of the ruins of many ancient Greek architectural and historical buildings is found here. The capital of Athens is located on the mainland with a population of about 3.2 million in the metropolitan area.

The city is considered the cultural, historical, and economic center of the country. In 1985, UNESCO named Athens as the first European capital culture. The most famous landmark in the city is the Acropolis. Other important buildings in Athens are the Acropolis Museum, Syntagma Square, the Parliament House, the Parthenon, the ancient Kalimarmaro Stadium, the Athens Trilogy, the Athens City Hall, the Agora Market Square, the Olympian-Temple of Zeus, and the historic Placa District.

As well as the Catholic Episcopal Church. The Acropolis of Greece is the center of Athens. It is a place in the city that was built entirely by the "rocks of Acropolis". Today it is one of the most beautiful places in Greece that can be seen from all corners of Athens. The main reason why this place is famous is the historical monuments here, all the monuments of this region have been around for more than 2000 years.

Various natural disasters such as earthquakes did not cause any damage to these buildings. Also one of the reasons why it is famous is that other archeological monuments can be seen around the Acropolis such as Theoio, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Odysseus of Herod Atticus.



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How to Reach

  • By air : If you want to travel to the Acropolis of Greece, first of all, you have to come to Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos by plane. Next, you can reach the Acropolis of Athens by 43km bus or private car.
  • By train : If you want to travel to the Acropolis of Athens in Greece, if you want to reach the Acropolis by metro, you have to take the metro from Athens metro line 2 to reach the Acropolis museum station. The Acropolis of Athens is a short distance away.


Ticket Pricing

  • Ticket : € - 20 per peoples

Tourist Attraction

Audio of Herod Atticus - Audio of Herod Atticus is a second-century theater in the Acropolis of Athens. Entering this area of the Acropolis, you will see that there is a road on the other side of the main road from the theater and above it to the Acropolis. During the summer of the year, the theater still hosts live performances based on Greek literature.

Beule Gate - This place comes from the Odyssey of Herod's Atticus and the tourist enters the Acropolis through Beule Gate. This remarkable Beule Gate was discovered by a French archaeologist in the 19th century. The spectacular entrance to the Acropolis can be seen from the Beule Gate.

Monument of Agrippa, First-Century BC - Across the Beule Gate, on the way to Propilia, every tourist will see this historic Agrippa monument. This remarkable monument was built of tall, rectangular bi-colored marble.The monument was named after Marcus Agrippa, son-in-law of Augustus.

The Beautifully Preserved Temple of Athena Nike - The Athena Naik Temple is one of the most popular tourist attractions. The most elegant and well-preserved of the Acropolis buildings, this temple was restored in the 19th and 20th centuries. This famous place in Greece was dedicated to the goddess Athena as Victory Brown.


Acropolis of Athens, Athens, Greece

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Nick Kondylas
Nick Kondylas
08/12/2020 12:07
Here are only a few of the richest gifts ancient Greece has given to the world that still impact us today. • It was home to the first recognized historian. • It is the birthplace of world-famous mathematicians. • It is the foundation of Western philosophic thought. • Its founders designed the initial concept of democracy. • It was the first place to bring trial by jury into the courtroom. • It educated and entertained us with mythology. • It brought us the origins of theater. • It created the Olympic games. • It introduced beautiful architecture. • It shared with the world an incredible collection of sculptures and pottery. • It brought us the explanation of true tranquility. • It gave us the most comprehensive, meaningful word for “happiness.” • It gave us greek language as the basis for the technical terms of all sciences.
Obblical Tongey
Obblical Tongey
10/03/2020 17:15
One of the best places to see in the world. Not much to say due to just how fantastic the architecture is, especially for its time. Being the birth place of democracy already adds a great bonus for history but it just feels like the best place to go to in a short trip to Greece due to its beauty and links to the ancient times.
jean d
jean d
08/03/2020 17:19
An extraordinary piece of human culture that withstood all those centuries. Even in the hot Greek summer sun it is a pleasure to adventure to the top and see those sites. On top of that, the view on the city is superb
André Marques
André Marques
09/18/2020 00:35
A must in Athens, of course. Maybe bring a bottle of water and a hat because it can get really hot and you can't (I think) but water up there. Oh, and bring practical, closed-toe shoes, some stones are a bit slippery. But it's great up there and it's view of and from the city!
T.J. Thies
T.J. Thies
07/06/2020 00:59
Amazing, must see if visiting Athens. Apart from the ancient buildings there is also a great view of the city. Empty during corona pandemic but when things go back to normal I would recommend going earlier in the day to avoid big crowds.

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