Places To Visit In Kerala

Kerala is the state of India along its south-west coast that is also known as “God’s own country”, thanks to the richness of its natural beauty. In fact, the famous backwaters of Kerala will sweep you ashore into the dreamland bliss that a visit to Kerala actually feels like. Your experience in this Spice Capital of India is sure to not remain bland in the nearest way, with the beauty, tranquility and depth of richness of the places to visit in Kerala.

The breathtaking beauty of sunrise in Kerala at twilight hours is just the figurative symbol of the prism through which your entire trip to Kerala ahead of you will be full of colors to spread vibrance into your experience through the places to visit in Kerala.

From the delightful houseboat ride in Alleppey and in Kozhikode, which is also known as the Venice of the East, to the enchanting beauty of hill stations like Wayanad, Munnar, Vagamon, your experience in Kerala will surely cover the entire landscape of a memorable and fulfilling experience. All of the places to visit in Kerala will have something beautiful and unique about them to offer on your trip to Kerala.

Eravikulam National Park is the first national park in Kerela. The National park is very famous for its reserve of Tahr. Nilgiri Tahr(Nilgiritragus hylocrius) and are the endangered goat-like species. This park is also famous for different endangered species of Butterflies. The national park is also quite popular for Tea plantation and blue colored Kurunjiflower. The famous Kurunjiflower blossom once in 12 years. The National park is also famous for the Anamudi peak, which is the highest peak in the South of India.

The Eravikulam National Park has 48 species of Mammals, 133 species of Bird, and 21 species of Butterflies. The Park covers 97 sq. km area and some parts of famous Western ghats. The National park is considered a heritage site. The Eravikulam national park’s terrain includes hill plateau, grasslands, sholas, mountain peak, perennial streams that merge with Periyar River, waterfalls, and others.



History of Eravikulam National Park

Eravikulam National Park was managed by Kannan Devan as a Game Reserve till 1971. The park had very unique and versatile features that gained the attraction of many scientists and naturalists. Famous European Col. Douglas Hamilton described the beauty and magnificence of this place in 1854.

The land was distributed between various sections of the society and plantation crops like tea, coffee, and cinchona were tried. Tea was the most suitable for this area. The first tea plantation was done in 1890. Later, the wide cultivation of tea and eucalyptus was done by clearing natural vegetation. Besides cultivation, the English game hunters among the old planters had taken interest in hunting activities. It included Nilgiri Tahr, Sambar Deer, Barking Deer, Gaur, Wild Boar, Leopard, and Tiger.

The Range Game Preservation Association used to manage such activities with the help of Muthuvan tribals who were employed by them as game watchers. The managers of the nearby estates were appointed as Wardens for managing the various game areas.

In the year 1996, a separate Division named Eravikulam National Park Division was formed with headquarters at Munnar. Today Eravikulam National Park is one of the six protected areas under the Division, now known as Wildlife Division, Munnar. Over the years, awareness has increased and management has changed. The game association has a new objective to become the High Range Wildlife and Environmental Preservation Association (HRWEPA) with the Forest Department in managing the park.

The introduction of participatory management and the explosion of visitors have brought about pattern shift in park management. Now all the organization activities including the visitor organization and protection including fire protection are carried out with the help of seven EDC’s in the park. This has helped a lot in the management as evident from the reduction in the illegal activities in and around the Park over the last 5 years.



Why is Eravikulam National Park Famous?

The Eravikulam National Park is very famous for its diverse population of species. The park has endangered goat Nilgiri Tahr (Nilgiritragus hylocrius) and is also very famous for being the habitat of Neelakurinji (Strobilanthes kunthianam), which blooms once in 12 years. 

The park is very popular for its fauna such as Nilgiri Marten (endemic), Ruddy Mongoose, Small Clawed Otter, Dusky Striped Squirrel, etc.

Flora of Eravikulam National Park

The land inside the park can be easily categorized as grasslands, forests, and shrublands. The Grassland is the land above 2000 m. The park is filled with landforms, Deep valleys that have thick forests here. Shrublands are found at the base of the mountain cliffs. Grasslands, many species of orchids, and balsams can be found in Grassland. The Brachycorythiswightiiis which is almost extinct also found in this area. Park has Many other top species like Neelakurunji, cyanotic species, and others.

Fauna of Eravikulam National Park

There are just 26 varied species of mammals inside the park including the Nilgiri tahr, which has the largest population here. There are 750 tahrs here and maybe even more. Other very popular mammals to spot are sambar deer, jungle cat, wild dog, leopard, tiger, golden jackal, and others. Top small animals to spot are Nilgiri langur, Indian porcupine, ruddy mongoose, dusky palm squirrel, small-clawed otter, and others. Elephants can also be spotted in this park during different seasons.

Safari of Eravikulam National Park

Safari is only allowed during certain seasons. This happens due to extreme weather conditions, epidemics, natural calamities, and others. Some Vehicles can travel up to a few meters inside the park and beyond there is a checkpoint that stops the vehicle. Tickets for safari can be booked online. Only a small quantity of tickets are sold every day to maintain the decorum and peace inside the national park. Trekking trails stretch for 2 km and it would take around three hours to complete the train. The Kurunji trail is the best of all and pre-booking is very important.



Tourist Places near Park Eravikulam National Park

  • Munnar
  • Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Idukki
  • Thattekad Bird Sanctuary
  • Vagamon

Athirapally, The land of great waterfalls, rivers and forests. Athirappilly Water Falls is the largest waterfall in Kerala and very famous all over India. One of the major tourist's attractions of Kerela, this mesmerising waterfall is the miracle of nature. The beauty of this waterfall will take your breathe away. The peace that you will get by visiting the nature’s wonder cannot be described in words. Sholayar ranges beautifully combined with forest and sizzling silver cascades located in central Cochin and River Bharathapuzha is extremely pleasing. Athirapally is one of the ideal places where the monsoon can be enjoyed.

Athirappilly Falls formation resembles the popular Niagara Falls in the USA. So, Athirappilly Waterfalls is commonly called as "The Naigara of India". It is also the largest waterfalls in Kerala.



History of Athirappilly Water Falls

Local communities banded together alongside the river to stop the construction of a hydroelectric dam upstream from Athirapally Waterfall. The dam would have taken more than 140 hectares of forest, and destroyed Athirapally Waterfall, one of many scenic waterfalls important for the local tourism industry. The dam also would have destroyed the habitat of many important species, including the rare Cochin Forest Cane Turtle, the endangered Great Indian Hornbill, the Lion-Tailed Macaque and the Nilgiri Langur.

The dense vegetation of forest division is located around Athirappilly Falls. Athirappilly Water Falls is considered one of the best biodiversity hotspots in Kerala. Athirappilly region is home to four kinds of Great Indian Hornbill. The lush green vegetation supports rich wildlife and fauna. The forest reserve is a habitat of elephants, bison, tigers, leopards and many other animals And is considered one of the best wildlife destinations in Kerala.

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of Athirappilly Falls is the different movies that were shot here. Athirappilly Falls is one of the major and top film shooting locations in India. There is a big list of hit movies which brought prominence and esteem to this beautiful place. Bollywood films like Guru, Dil Se, Khushi, Yaariyan and South India films like Punnagai Mannan, Happy, etc. have been shot here at Athirappilly.



Trekking in Athirapally Water Falls

The thrilling pathways leading up to the falls is a pleasure for mountaineers who are seeking for a quick adventure. The routes of the trek are pretty well maintained and you get to enjoy a spectacular view of the falls throughout. Loads of monkeys and different colourful birds will keep you company and entertain you throughout the way, and sometimes you can enjoy the view of a samba dear as well. Washrooms are available throughout the way for the convenience of the travellers. The path takes you right to the base of the falls where the view is simply amazing. 



Price to Visit Athirappilly Water Falls

Price to visit Athirappilly Water Falls is only 15 Rupees but the experience you get is worth more.



Tourist Attractions 

  • Chapra Falls
  • Sholayar Dam
  • Valparai 
  • Malayattur Wildlife Sanctuary.
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Varkala Beach is heaven in Kerela. Located in south Kerala at north end border of the Trivandrum. It is the perfect place for relaxing and sunbathing. The beautiful views of sunsets are just so alluring that you never want to leave that place. It is one of the best places to hang out at Kerela. The area has coconut palms and some restaurants that you can easily enjoy and have exclusive south Indian meals. The beach grew very popular recently and caught tourists eyes. It is quietly secluded, peaceful and clean. The beach is a perfect place to watch the sunset or relax gazing at the stars at night. This beach is bordered by high cliffs. below this cliff is a 500 -metre stretch beach. 

Varkala beach is commonly called as Papanasham. This beautiful beach has turned Varakala into a beautiful place. The beach is popular because it is less crowded, has fewer number of shops and beach sellers and a lesser amount of commercialization. Here one could swim, play cricket, volleyball and even manage to practise yoga. above the beach are tall red laterite cliffs and just next to the sea are freshwater mineral springs.



History of Varkala Beach

Varkala is a holy town that is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Its ancient Janardhana Swami Temple is very famous around the world. The temple belongs to Lord Vishnu, the Hindu god who preserves and sustains life. It has been said that the temple has been founded some 2,000 years ago, though its structure dates back to the 13th century when it was rebuilt by a Pandya king. Varkala Beach is considered sacred to Hindus. It’s another name Papanasham means "destroyer of sins" and pilgrims perform rituals for deceased relatives there. According to Hindu mythology, the beach Varkala gets its name from a garment that Sage Narada's Valkalam threw to mark the spot where a group of followers had to pay penance for their misdeeds.



Interesting Part about Varkala Beach

The ideal holiday destination Varakal Beach is very popular among tourists. This beach has been counted under top ten seasonal beaches in the world by the discovery channel. The stunning beauty of this beach cannot be described in words. The beach is quite famous for swimming, sunbathing and just laying around. The panoramic beauty of this place can not be easily described in words. Another name for this beautiful beach is Papanasham beach as it is believed that taking bath here washes away all sins.

This massive beach on the Arabian sea is quite popular for spa, mineral springs, ayurvedic centres, and it offers the best treatments and therapies. Cliff clad beaches and pretty vibrant environments give a very peaceful feel that a lot of people on their honeymoon want to spend their days here. The cliff offers captivating views of sand and sea. Holidaying in Varkala gives an unforgettable experience as many attractions flock large numbers of tourists from all over the world. It’s a marvelous destination to chill and regenerate your senses.

You can hire a boat from Kappil Beach to explore the local backwaters. Hotels on the cliff all offer backwater trips too. Ponnumthuruthu Island (Golden Island) is a popular destination along the Anjengo backwaters. It has a 100-year-old Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

You can drive 30 minutes down the coast from Varkala and you'll reach Anjengo. The historical fort was developed by the British East India Company in the late 17th century. It served as the first signaling station for ships arriving from England, and as a depot for the pepper and coir trade. You can also visit Jatayu Earth's Center, which is about 50 minutes northeast of Varkala. This new park opened in 2017 and features the world's largest bird sculpture at the top of the hill.



Restaurants To Eat at Varkala Beach

Major restaurants in Varkala specialize in fresh seafood. Some very famous restaurants are Gods Own Country Kitchen on North cliff. Clafouti is the top upmarket option on North Cliff. ABBA Restaurant and Bakery Cafe at the Green Palace Hotel is renowned for its extravagant menu. Cafe Del Mar is a good option for Italian coffee and continental cuisine. Coffee Temple is another famous coffee place. Darjeeling Cafe is a trendy hangout spot. The Juice Shack is unbeatable for its impressive variety of fresh fruit juices.



Famous Hotels to Stay at Varkala Beach

  • Kaiya House
  • Akhil Beach Resort
  • Keratheeram Beach Resort
  • Mad About Coco
  • Jicky's Nest
  • Mango Villa
  • Varkala Marine Palace
  • Hill View Beach Resort
  • Cliff Stories
  • Palm Tree Heritage
  • Maadathil Cottages
  • Satta Beach Residency
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This magnificent historical museum was established in 1857. This beautiful architectural wonder was designed by Mr Robert Chisholm, the Architect of the Government. This structure was established by Maharaja, Uthram Thirunal around 135 years ago. It is one of the oldest buildings of India and a very important landmark of the city. The architectural style of the museum is Gothic and minarets. The old building was not strong enough to display many objects. It was torn down and the current, Napier museum, was built and opened to the public in 1880. This Napier museum is named after Lord Napier. He was the former Governor-General of Madras. The museum is situated in the heart of the Thiruvananthapuram city.



Sculptures and Images Inside The Napier Museum

Bronze Images

In Kerala, image-making is very popular since ancient times. The art has drawn inspiration from the religious faith of the people. Shiva, Vishnu, Parvathy and Lakshmi in several forms have been given shape in the beautiful image of bronze and copper whose details are modelled on rules laid in the ‘Silpashastras’. This art in Kerala dates back to 9th Century.

Wood carving

Kerela is also very popular for wood carvings and stone sculptures. Most of the wood carvings are seen on ‘Namaskara Mandapas’. The name of the wood used for making wood carving is ‘Kumble’ which is very soft and very easy to carve. The main attraction of wood carving in this gallery is the royal dressing table, a multi-chambered jewellery box and a lot more.

Ivory carving

The art of Ivory carving has been practised in India since medieval times. The ivory carving is purely a manual work and is practised in India with the simplest of tools like knife and chisels. The Ivory carvers created new designs of exquisite beauty and delicacy from excellent structures of Gods of the Hindu pantheon to simple utility items. 

Stone Sculptures

The museum’s collection includes 2nd century ‘Gandhara’ sculpture to 18th century Kerala sculptures. The temples of Kerala exhibit diverse influences that are the storehouse of exquisite stone sculptures. The sculptures of god are among the typical specimens of temple figures. The earliest stone sculptures of Kerala date back to the 8th Century AD. Stone was the most used materials for the work of artistic brilliance due to its nature of preserving. 


Napier Museum, Thiruvananthapuram has an exquisite collection of ancient, medieval and modern South Indian coins, of which Satavahana coins (100 BC-249 AD), Chera coins, Vijayanagara coins and Sivaganga coins are the utmost importance. Apart from these coins, there is a collection of foreign coinage which include Roman, Dutch, Persian, Chinese and Turkey coins.



Restaurants Near Napier Museum

  • Indian Coffee House
  • Mothers Veg Plaza
  • Khaki Taste Buds Restaurant
  • Mascot Hotel Sayahna Garden Restaurant(KTDC)
  • Le Arabia Restaurant
  • Garden Grille & Bar Restaurant
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Cherai Beach is of the finest beaches of the city. Located on the north end of the Vypeen Island, picturesque Cherai beach is a perfect blend of sea and waters. fishing nets on the waterfront and thick coconut groves add so much allure to this place. This enchanting beach is one of the must-see spots for tourists. The coastline of this Beach was 15 Km which is quite different from other coastlines of different Beaches. Swimming and sunbathing are some very popular activities that attract tourist so much to get away from the clamour of the city. Many locals and tourists are enjoying and relaxing on the sandy shores of the beach.

Popularly known as 'Princess of the Arabian Sea', Cherai Beach is just 30 Km away from Cochin. At this perfect relaxing destination, you'll find the high mask lamps along the walkway edges that make this place pleasurable during the night.

Cherai Beach also has a children park where you can spend some fun time with your family & kids. Visitors can ride speedboats and water-scooter, which are easily available on rent. You can find a large number of hotels and resorts around Cherai, which you can accommodate at a reasonable cost. Holidaying in Cherai is a real paradise for someone who wants to spend some quality time with their loved ones. Cherai tourism assures a wonderful beach holiday experience by providing a peaceful holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Cherai Beach is around 18 Km long is considered as the golden beach of Kerala. you can feel the warmth of the golden rays of sunset. The newly modified main beach with the walkway adds to the charm and the High mast lamp makes the beach serene even at night.



Things To Do At Cherai Beach

The main part of the Cherai Beach is the northern end of Cherai that is more fascinating than the actual beach. Backwaters are very close to the ocean and separated only by a sandy stretch of land. The 15 km long beach is very unique as it is very clean and perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and surfing. On the beach, adventure enthusiasts can enjoy various water sports activities like water scooters, speed boats, snorkelling and canoe ride. If you are less interested in these water sports activities, you may choose to go for viewing dolphins frolicking in the sea. Bicycling through the villages is the excellent choice for exploring local area life and scenic beauty of the place. Hiring a bike on rent at the beautiful view of village life in Cherai is very refreshing and it gives a wonderful experience. Kite Flying is another very interesting activity to do in Cherai as locals are very fond of it. This activity is so popular among locals that there is an annual kite-flying festival celebrated every year with great joy.



Activities To Enjoy At Cherai Beach

The splendour of Cherai beach has to be experienced personally so that you would never want to miss a chance to visit this place again. If you love travelling you must have seen the magnificence of this place through the various beach photos. Tourists and locals can indulge in various activities here like.

  • You can enjoy swimming due to the shallow depth of the sea, which makes it safe for children as well. You could even try surfing in the clear water.
  • A satisfying evening walk on the beach walkway, witnessing exquisiteness of the sunset would be the best experience of the whole trip.
  • Cherai beach is one of the most amazing places to visit in Cochin if you are in search of the yummiest and best seafood. The local cuisine is something to die for and a must-try for all the foodies.



Best Resorts Near Cherai Beach

  • Cherai Beach Resort
  • Cherai Beach Residency
  • Club Mahindra Cherai Beach Resort
  • Sea Lagoon Health Resort
  • Amaravathy Beach Resort


4.1 Rating

Visiting Edakkal Caves is like visiting our forgotten past. These caves have provided great historians and scholars with a lot of important information regarding the lives and habits of our ancestors. The caves are known to be formed by natural rock formations. It was formed by a large split in a huge rock. The Edakkal Caves have extremely beautiful carvings inside that will take you back to ancient times. To reach these beautiful caves you have to do the trekking up to Ambukuthi Hills. The aroma of Flowery, nutty & smoky coffee stays with you the entire way. It is truly a surreal experience as we step into the realms of history.



History of Edakkal Caves

Few Kilometers away from Kalpetta lays two caves that exhibit natures’ skill and architecture. These Edakkal caves are located 1,200 m above the sea level. They are located on Ambukutty Mala. The name of the caves ‘Edakkal’ means ‘stone-between’. Here you can see a cave formed by a heavy boulder straddling in the rock. So many legends are involved in the construction of Edakkal Caves. Some historians believed that the caves were formed by two sons of Lord Rama, lava and kasha. The local people visit this place to tribute Goddess the Goddess Mudiampilly.

The beautiful caves were uncovered by Fred Fawcett, he was the then Superintendent of Police of the Malabar district in 1890. He identified the place being a habitat of the Neolothic people. He also discovered the rock-shelter, situated on the western side of Edakkalmala. 

Edakkal Caves are famous for its cave paintings which are considered to be of 6000 BC. To set foot on the caves, one has to trek through the Ambukutty Mala. It will take around 45 minutes to climb the hill and you will never get disappointed with the glory and magnificence of this renown.

There are two chambers inside the caves. The lower chamber or the bottom chamber is 18 ft long, 12 ft wide and 10 ft high and the upper chamber or the top chamber is 96 ft long, 22 ft wide and 18 ft high. You can notice carvings of human, animal figures and objects used by humans, on the walls of the caves. These carvings are the evidence of a highly civilized society who lived here in the pre-historic age. Edakkal caves have drawn great attention of archaeologists historians and scholars worldwide.

Edakkal caves are the only known place in India with historical Stone Age carvings. You can see here carvings belonging to Neolithic and Mesolithic age. The human figures of these caves raised hair and some have masks. They all have archaeological significance and are interesting too. Along with these pictorial carvings, you can also watch Tamil and Brahmi Scripts on the walls in Edakkal caves.

Caves have some links with Indus Valley Civilization too. Around 400 signs were discovered recently, which had shown its relationship with the ancient civilization.



Why Are the Edakkal Caves Famous?

Edakkal Caves are very famous for:-

The Pictorial Paintings

The Caves are very famous for their paintings of human, animals and symbols. These paintings are believed to be sculpted in 6000 BC. These historic drawings are the symbol of culture and lives of those who lived in the caves years ago.

The Stone Age Carvings

Inside the Caves, you can see a lot of Stone Age carvings on the walls. The work leaves you in awestruck and the carvings are believed to be from the ancient Neolithic and Mesolithic ages. 

The Stunning Petroglyphs

Edakkal Caves some portions are petroglyphs, these are rifts in the rocks or clefts. The petroglyphs have excellent formations. There are three types of petroglyphs to see at the Edakkal Caves and the oldest ones go back to 8000 years.  

The Great Trekking Spot

The trek through the Ambukuthi Hill to the Edakkal Caves is an excellent experience. You will pass through exciting and beautiful scenery and amazing terrain through the way. 



Places To Stay Near Edakkal Caves

  • Edakkal Caves in Wayanad
  • Hermitage Resort
  • Hotel Pepper Grove (KTDC)
  • The Hill District Club
  • Le Villagio Holiday Apartments
  • Pepper Trail
  • Green Ample Resort
  • Hotel Great Jubilee
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Hill Palace is the largest and first-ever museum in Kerela. Located in Tripunithura, it is built in the year 1865. The Hill Palace was once the Imperial Administrative office and also the official residence of Kochi Maharaja. This massive palace is called hill palace because it is located on a hill and it has a beautiful garden and view from the palace is to die for. Located about 10 km from Kochi. 

This beautiful Museum has a sense of history and heritage linked to it. Going through this museum is like going through some part of history. The ancient culture you get to see through this place is outstanding and very liberating. The rulers of this place took good care of this place and so as the government of India. The Glorious Hill Palace is worth a visit.



History Of The Hill Palace Museum

This beautiful Palace has around 49 buildings and it is spread across 54 acres. There are a total of 49 traditional architectural buildings. The complex has an archaeological ancient museum, heritage museum, a deer park, a pre-historic park and as well as a children's park. The buildings are white in colour and very well maintained. In the complex there are also terraced lawn, ponds and fountain are perfect for photography. 

The palace is also very famous in movies. A lot of Bollywood and Tollywood movies have been shot here. The most famous movie is the Malayalam movie Manichitrathazhu. You can see oil-paintings, murals, sculptures, manuscripts and belongings of the Kochi royal family. Antique ceramics from the Far East, ancient Kudakkallu, Thoppikkallu, laterite memorials and wooden memorials from ancient civilisations like the Indus Valley and Harappa can also be seen here. It even has a gallery showcasing contemporary art. It is a pride for Keralite people to have relics of such value and significance placed here.

The palace Also exhibited hundreds of different antique pieces of from Japan and China, tombstone, hood stone, menhirs, granite, laterite memorials, rock-cut weapons from the Stone Age, wooden temple models, and plaster cast models of objects from Mohenjodaro and Harappa Civilisation. The museum also owns a gallery of contemporary art. If you are in Kerela, this mesmerizing palace is worth a visit.



Best Time To Visit The Hill Palace Museum

Kerela is a tropical city and summers can be extremely hot here. In rainy season you will experience extreme rainfalls and also mild Floods sometimes. Winter season from October to March is the perfect time to visit The Hill Palace Museum.



Good Accommodations To Stay Near The Hill Palace Museum

  • Hill Palace Hotel & Spa
  • Ashoka Inn Chottanikkara 
  • The Classik Fort
  • Temple Plaza
  • Happy Stay
  • Aquaria The Boutique Resort



Best Restaurants To Eat Near Hill Palace Museum

Kerela has some amazing food. Malayali food is quite popular in India and across the world as well. Some very famous south Indian delicacies are Dosa, Idli and many more.

Some Famous restaurants near The Hill palace are:-

  • Rajadhani
  • Chillies Restaurant
  • NM Food World Restaurant
  • Hotel Aryans
  • Mosaic
  • Trilogy
  • Sky Grill

You can enjoy some authentic Keralite food in these places near The Hill Palace.


4.1 Rating

Snuggled in the Green valley of Munnar, the glorious Hill station of Mattupetty offers an amazing experience for tourists and help them feel alive and happy. This beautiful place takes you very close to the calmness of nature. The whirl of serene tea plantation of the hills here and beautiful rolling grasslands makes Mattupetty a delightful destination, which deserves a visit. Mattupetty Dam is Located 13 km away from Munnar, near the famous Anamudi Peak. Mattupetty hill is at a height of 1,700 meters. The major attractions of this beautiful destination are Mattupetty Dam and Mattupetty lake, that plays a vital role in water conservation and power generation for the city. 



About Mattupetty Dam

The Muttupetty Dam and lake are just a perfect picnic spot. Tourists and locals both can enjoy themselves to the fullest here. You can also enjoy trekking and jungle walk at this natural treasure trove. Gifted with so many natural wonders, Mattupetty offers plenty of fascinating and mesmerising sights to the visitors. The District Tourism Promotion Council has made arrangements for the people to enjoy different boating facilities like a speedboat, pedal boat, rowboat, and motorboats.

The Mattupetty Dam was, constructed under the Pallivasal Hydro Electric Project in late 1940. The major purpose was of water conservation and power generation. It is a storage concrete gravity dam. The still water of the dam and the nearby beautiful tea ground makes Mattupetty an ideal tourist destination you can take pleasure in a world of peace while sitting by the lakeside.

Just a few Kilometers away from the dam, in a serene ambience, one can spot 'Mattupetty Lake,' which is covered in a mist of clouds. Mattupetty is also quite popular for an Indo Swiss Farm Project, which was started in the year 1963 as a part of the agreement between Indian and Swiss government. Watching these cattle is an entirely different experience. The Hill station is also commonly known as 'cattle village’.



Best Places To Stay Near Mattupetty Dam

  • Pine Tree Munnar
  • Mar Thoma Retreat Home
  • Elysium Garden Hill Resorts
  • Le Celestium Heavenly Stay
  • Green Ridge Holiday Home


Best Time To Visit Mattupetty Dam

The best time to visit Dam is from August to May. The weather is perfect during this time for any activity, that you may want to experience, particularly in these months.



Restaurants Near Mattupetty Dam

  • Lake View Cafe & Restaurant
  • Hotel Mariya
  • KLDB Canteen
  • Hotel Traffic Jam (Sunikkada)
  • Sai Bhavan
  • Golulz Hotel Home Made food



Nearby Tourist Attractions of Mattupetty Dam

  • Kundala Lake
  • Top Station
  • Echo Station & Point 
  • Kannan Devan Tea Museum
  • Marayoor Sandalwood Forest
  • Attukad Waterfalls
  • Blossom Hydel Park


The beautiful Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple is one of the oldest temples in Kerela. The architectural wonder is standing strong at the heart of Thrissur. This glorious temple is an example of Kerela’s rich heritage culture. Today it is standing tall and restored to its old glory. The temple is made of wood and stone in a nine-acre walled patch of green. The temple has also won the “Award Of Excellence” at the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation.



About Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple

Restoration of the temple was a very difficult job. This job required an effort that spanned more than 10 years. The work was carried out under the guidance and control of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). the team of archaeologists, craftsmen and others were hired for the work. The major motive was taken to keep the original structure intact and renovate traditionally. Restoration of the stunning old temple intricately carved out wooden sculptures, and elegant woodwork was done with rituals and using only organic tools and matter. The restoration process of the temple used the same techniques that were used for the original construction.

A walk through the calm and composed surrounds of the temple will treat you to a mix of architectural beauty, heritage, culture and history. The temple is also renowned across the world for its Festive celebration. Millions of followers and devotees gather every year to experience the famous "Thrissur Pooram" at the temple which also involves a spectacular display of fireworks. This majestic structure in the centre of city life has many a story to recount. 



Festivals At Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple

Maha Shivaratri

Maha Shivaratri, is one of the main festivals celebrated with a lot of splendour at the temple. One lakh lamps light up the temple on this day. called as “Lakshadeepam” it is a significant offering here. The scene is so mesmerising that it deserves a visit.


Aanayoottu, or simply known as the feeding of elephants, is another major festival observed at Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple. On this festive day, the elephants are lined-up in a single row and fed by thousands of people ready with offerings like Sugarcane, Rice, Ghee, Coconut, Jaggery. Ayurvedic medicines are also added in the special food for the elephants.

Thrissur Pooram

The festival of colours – Thrissur Pooram is celebrated on the grounds of the Sri Vadakkunnathan temple, the Thekkinkadu Maidanam by mainly the other two temples. Vadakkunnathan witnesses this festival which attracts large masses of devotees and spectators worldwide. 



Dress code At Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple

There is a strict dress code for entering the temple:

  • Men can only wear Mundu & Veshti, and boys can wear shorts.
  • Women can wear Saris, long skirts & Salwar Kameez.



Entry Rules At Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple

  • Only Hindus can enter the temple.
  • Children below one year are not be allowed inside the temple.



Restaurants Near Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple

  • Pathans Veg Restaurant
  • Nivedyam pure veg restaurant
  • Sree Radhakrishna Coffee Club
  • Thrissivaperoor Women's Food Court
4.4 Rating

Kerela is a place on earth where people will find the wealth of nature hidden in the sands of time. The Alappuzha beach is also called as the Alleppey Beach is a very famous beach of Kerela. The beach is famous for locals and tourists. Its inherent beauty and more than 150 years old pier which stretches into the sea. This beautiful serene beach is so good for relaxing and even picnicking beside the beach is great. Alappuzha Beach is a host to many festivals like Sand Art festival and Alappuzha Beach Festival. The beach is worth visiting if you are in the city.

About Alappuzha Beach

This glorious Alappuzha beach is also known as Venice of the east. This beach has masked as one of the major places in Kerela. Alappuzha is considered a landmark between a network of rivers flowing into it and the Arabian Sea. Tourists visit this place to relax, enjoy and experience the tempting natural beauty all around.

One can even indulge in different adventurous activities at the beach like boating, or enjoy at children's park with toy bicycles or trains. Filled with natures green beauty and scenery, Alappuzha is a wonderland of Kerala. You can also find an old lighthouse nearby Alappuzha beach which is very bewitching to visitors. This beach is also popular for the grand event of Nehru Trophy Boat Race that takes place every year in the month of August. It's a very big event and a large number of tourist flock this place on this very day. Also, some historic remnants add colonial atmosphere to the entire area. There is doubt that holidaying in Alappuzha has become a synonym of Kerala tourism. Vacationing over here is very refreshing all because of the rich blend of the Sea and Sun.

Location of Alappuzha Beach

Alleppey District, Alappuzha, Kerala 688007, India

Price of Alappuzha Beach

There are no entry charges to the Beach. It’s free.

Timings of Alappuzha Beach

The timings of the beach are 5 AM to 7 PM daily.

How to Reach Alappuzha Beach

Nearest Airport: The nearest airport is Kochi International Airport. From the airport, you can hire a car or taxi to reach Alappuzha. Distance is around 90 km.

Nearest Railway Station: Alappuzha railway station is the nearest station, located at a distance of 1 km from the beach. Other stations are at Ernakulam, which is at the distance of 60 km from the destination.

Nearest Bus station: KSRTC Bus Stand is the nearest bus stop, which is 4.5 km away from the beach. Tourists can reach the beach by bus or local transportation.

Restaurants Near Alappuzha Beach

  • Mushroom
  • Avocado Garden Restaurant
  • Cassia Beach Restaurant
  • Indian Coffee House
  • Halais Restaurant
  • Dreamers Restaurant
  • Meenachi'sThattukada

Accommodations Near Alappuzha Beach

  • Marari Beach Resort
  • Hotel Lake Palace
  • Kayaloram Lake Resort
  • Hotel Royale Park
  • Picasso Hotel
  • Arcadia Regency
  • Tharavadu Heritage Resort
  • Punnamada Backwater Resort
  • Lemon Tree Vembanad Lake Resort
  • Keraleeyam Heritage Home & Ayurvedic Resort

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple is located inside of The East Fort in Thiruvananthapuram in the capital city of Kerela. The mesmerizing temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This temple is a blend of the Kerala and Dravidian styles of ancient architecture. It is the world’s richest Hindu Temple. The History of Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple goes back to the 8th century. It is one of the 108 sacred Vishnu temples in India. Divya Desams are the holiest temples of Lord Vishnu that are mentioned in the works of the Tamil saints. 



History Of Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple

The fusion of the Kerala style and the Dravidian (Kovil) style can be found in many nearby temples. One essential thing about this type of ancient design is its high walls. The main sculpture of the god of the temple is an 18-feet-long idol. The astonishing construction of this beautiful temple is done with precision in stone and bronze with beautiful murals and paintings making these walls beautiful. The broad corridor of the temple extends from the eastern side and have 365 and one-quarter of granite stone pillars marvelously carved with ornate designs.

In the temple, Sri Padmanabha seated gloriously on the serpent Anantha, which has five hoods facing inwards forming an umbrella over the God's head, signifying contemplation. 

This is known as the 'Anantha-Sayanam' posture, the posture of eternal sleep, on the serpent. The idol rests its right hand over a Shiva Lingam while surrounded by the great goddesses - Sridevi; the Goddess of Prosperity; The Goddess of Earth. Lord Brahma emerges from the idol's naval on a lotus.

The capital of Kerala Thiruvananthapuram takes its name from the God of the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, who is also known as Anantha (one who reclines on the Serpent Anantha). The word 'Thiruvananthapuram' means - the Land of Sree Anantha Padmanabhaswamy. 



Interesting Facts About Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple

  • The beautiful ancient architecture of Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple is a blend of the Dravidian and the indigenous Kerala styles.
  • The Royal crown of ‘ruler’ of Travancore lies in this temple. Vishnu was ‘crowned’ as the Emperor of Travancore in the 18th century and members of the royal family rule as regents on his behalf. 
  • Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple plays host to many festivals like the Laksha Deepam festival, Thulam and Meenam, and Thiruvonam.
  • The presiding deity of Lord Vishnu at Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple is made of fossilized shells.
  • It is the richest Hindu Temple in the world.



Accommodation Near Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple

  • Rangamaalika
  • Classic Sarovar Portico
  • Hotel Prathiba Heritage
  • Hotel Horizon, Thampanoor
  • The Travel Planners
  • Hotel Chaithram (KTDC)



Dress code to be followed at Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple 

  • Only people who belong to the Hindu religion are permitted inside the temple.
  • There is a strict dress code that needs to be followed while entering the temple Sree Padmanabhaswamy. Men need to wear a dhoti (worn around the waist and going down up to the heels) and should not wear shirts or shorts of any kind.
  • Women need to wear a sari, set-mundu, skirt and blouse, or half sari.
  • Dhotis are available for rent at the entrance of temple only. These days temple authorities allow wearing of dhotis over pants, churidar or shorts to avoid inconvenience to the devotees.



Restaurants Near Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple

  • Venkadesa Bhavan
  • Vrindavanam Restaurant
  • Gauri Shankar Hotel
  • Hotel Sri Aiswariya
  • Sri Udupi Hotel And Lodge
  • Swaad Pure Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Highrange Food Restaurant
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Some of the best places to visit in Kerala are Alleppey, Kovalam, Munnar, Wayanad and Idukki. These places all offer a different experience but very typical and reminiscent of the vibes of Kerala. If you would rather visit the cities in Kerala, then Cochin, Thrissur and Kozhikode are considered to be amongst the ideal choices.
Alleppey is an internationally famous tourist destination in Kerala known for its backwaters and the houseboats on it that offer privacy, resting facilities and food all within the comfort and pleasure of the houseboat. Wayanad is famous for its walking trails and Kovalam for its palm-lined beaches.
Kerala boasts of a range of beautiful and enchanting landscapes, from the tea plantations of Munnar, to the beaches of Kovalam and the backwaters of Alleppey. They are some of the most beautiful landscapes you will come across and you can plan your trip according to your preferences. Kozhikode, formerly known as Calicut is famously known as the most beautiful city of Kerala.
Munnar is known to be the ideal honeymoon destination in Kerala. It has beautiful and vast tea plantations on its slopes that provide a calm, peaceful yet enchanting time in the natural beauty of the place. In addition, the weather in Kerala is the coolest in Munnar which makes for an even more relaxing overall atmosphere.
It is not advisable to visit Kerala for a trip during the monsoon season, as the backwaters can often have high water levels and the forests are often densely overgrown due to the heavy rains in Kerala at this time. Summer and winter months are usually the best time to visit Kerala.
If you are going to Kerala for just one day it is advisable to pick one of the best places to visit in Kerala and explore there. You can pick from a number of places like Alleppey, Munnar, Wayanad and Idukki, as they each offer a different but just as immersive and exciting of an experience.
You will be able to visit all the major and popular places to visit in Kerala in a duration of 4 days. However, in case you wish to explore the beauty of Kerala to its depth with a group of friends or family then it is advisable to stretch the duration of your stay to 7 days.
Puttu is a breakfast staple in Kerala and is often eaten with Kadala curry. Appam with stew is another popular food native to Kerala. Beef curry, lentil curry, prawn curry, Thalassery biriyani and fish are other foods from Kerala.
The Idukki district in Kerala has thick forests on 97 % of its land area. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kerala and you can do a number of activities like camping, hiking and exploring in these exciting and rich forests.