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The beautiful Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple is one of the oldest temples in Kerela. The architectural wonder is standing strong at the heart of Thrissur. This glorious temple is an example of Kerela’s rich heritage culture. Today it is standing tall and restored to its old glory. The temple is made of wood and stone in a nine-acre walled patch of green. The temple has also won the “Award Of Excellence” at the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation.



About Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple

Restoration of the temple was a very difficult job. This job required an effort that spanned more than 10 years. The work was carried out under the guidance and control of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). the team of archaeologists, craftsmen and others were hired for the work. The major motive was taken to keep the original structure intact and renovate traditionally. Restoration of the stunning old temple intricately carved out wooden sculptures, and elegant woodwork was done with rituals and using only organic tools and matter. The restoration process of the temple used the same techniques that were used for the original construction.

A walk through the calm and composed surrounds of the temple will treat you to a mix of architectural beauty, heritage, culture and history. The temple is also renowned across the world for its Festive celebration. Millions of followers and devotees gather every year to experience the famous "Thrissur Pooram" at the temple which also involves a spectacular display of fireworks. This majestic structure in the centre of city life has many a story to recount. 



Festivals At Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple

Maha Shivaratri

Maha Shivaratri, is one of the main festivals celebrated with a lot of splendour at the temple. One lakh lamps light up the temple on this day. called as “Lakshadeepam” it is a significant offering here. The scene is so mesmerising that it deserves a visit.


Aanayoottu, or simply known as the feeding of elephants, is another major festival observed at Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple. On this festive day, the elephants are lined-up in a single row and fed by thousands of people ready with offerings like Sugarcane, Rice, Ghee, Coconut, Jaggery. Ayurvedic medicines are also added in the special food for the elephants.

Thrissur Pooram

The festival of colours – Thrissur Pooram is celebrated on the grounds of the Sri Vadakkunnathan temple, the Thekkinkadu Maidanam by mainly the other two temples. Vadakkunnathan witnesses this festival which attracts large masses of devotees and spectators worldwide. 



Dress code At Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple

There is a strict dress code for entering the temple:

  • Men can only wear Mundu & Veshti, and boys can wear shorts.
  • Women can wear Saris, long skirts & Salwar Kameez.



Entry Rules At Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple

  • Only Hindus can enter the temple.
  • Children below one year are not be allowed inside the temple.



Restaurants Near Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple

  • Pathans Veg Restaurant
  • Nivedyam pure veg restaurant
  • Sree Radhakrishna Coffee Club
  • Thrissivaperoor Women's Food Court



  • Sunday : 03:00 am to 08:00 pm
  • Monday : 03:00 am to 08:00 pm
  • Tuesday : 03:00 am to 08:00 pm
  • Wednesday : 03:00 am to 08:00 pm
  • Thursday : 03:00 am to 08:00 pm
  • Friday : 03:00 am to 08:00 pm
  • Saturday : 03:00 am to 08:00 pm

Timings are subject to change. You will be automatically booked into a time slot as part of the check out process. Please visit the official website to confirm the time slot before your visit.


How to Reach

  • By Air : The nearest airport is at Kochi (Kochi International Airport) which is 53 Km from Nedumbassery. From airport, you can opt for private cabs or public transport to reach the temple.
  • By Train : The nearest Railway station is at Thrissur which is 3 km away. The temple has a prime location, at Kuruppam, just 2 km away from the Thrissur city. The Thekkinkadu Maidan is where Thrissur Pooram is held encircles the Vadakkunnathan Temple.
  • By Road : Regular Buses, Cabs are easily accessible from Kochi, Thrissur stations. Thrissur city is connected to all parts of Kerala, and you can easily plan a road trip coming through Tamil Nadu and Karnataka


Ticket Pricing

  • Free Entry :

Places To Visit Near Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple

  • Shri Laxmi Narayan Temple (Birla Mandir)
  • Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple
  • Shri Krishna Pranami Mandir


Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple, Swaraj Round North, Kuruppam, Thekkinkadu Maidan, Thrissur, Kerala, India

Rating & Reviews

Based on 12031 reviews
Very Good
Sheetal R
Sheetal R
07/28/2020 10:26
One of the beautiful temple. Mesmerized with its structure, culture and art. Its a lord Shiva temple. Big, very clean with pleasant environment. You will definitely feel blessed here.
Namratha Shenoy
Namratha Shenoy
07/03/2020 08:05
Powerful deity, great ambience, epitome of art and culture, pretty pretty greens! Unlike many of the temples, renovated with care not to wipe off the original form of paintings and architecture . The temple is at it's best during the monsoon rains, highlights being the greenery around.
Ranadhir Singh
Ranadhir Singh
05/29/2020 14:29
This is one of the most oldest Temple in Thrissur, Kerala. This Temple has four ways to enter. Because the whole town developed around this Temple. So many temples and so many Lodging and Boarding places are there around this Temple. This Temple is very famous due to the great celebrations with large number of elephants every year.
Anu Varghese
Anu Varghese
07/27/2020 10:18
Peaceful atmosphere . The view of temple is such a pleasant full one. good experience
Albin Thomas
Albin Thomas
05/27/2020 20:36
One of the biggest and one the very famous temples in Kerala... Very good Atmosphere. Neat and clean. Kerala Architecture.

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The temple is among the first one among the 108 Shiva Temples in ancient Kerala, established by Parasurama.
According to Vastu Shastra, it is considered appropriate to place the idol and picture of any goddess and deity on the wall on the east or north side of the house of worship. Never face the idol of God towards the north, otherwise, the worshiper will face towards the south, which is not considered good....
.Traditionally, the devotees follow a special order for praying in the inner and outer sanctums of the temple. Bow to Chidambaranatha at the small platform at the south-east corner...
.Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple in Kerala is known best for its architecture, festivals, and also the rituals which are performed in a unique way known for its tradition. The temple must be visited from April to May as there is the Thrissur Pooram was held in this duration. One must visit the temple as it was built in the seventh century and known for ancient temples in Kerala. You can visit here throughout the whole year, but its annual festival celebration called Annayoottu is a great experience...
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