Places To Visit In London

London is one of the top destinations for tourists from all over the globe, on account of its plethora of tourist attractions. In fact, there are so many activities you could do in London that it will take you several days to fully explore what London really is about. From history and entertainment to sightseeing and culture, there is nothing that London lacks in terms of the range of things to do in London that you will find.

Whether you wish to climb atop the giant Ferris wheel that the London Eye is to catch breathtaking panoramic views of the entire city, or witness the Changing of the Guards ceremony at Buckingham Palace, there is so much sightseeing to do around London that there will always be something exciting to look forward to.

Amongst places to visit in London, there are cathedrals with intricate architecture like Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral, towers like Big Ben and Tower of London and museums like the British Museum, National Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum and Natural History Museum. London also has several theaters, a rich music scene, giant parks and shopping areas to complete the whole spectrum of tourist attractions in London. The cultural aspect of London is very rich and with deep roots, and it shows in places to visit and things to do in London.

London is definitely one of the must visit places globally and you will need either several days or multiple visits to cover London completely. This alone goes to show how immersive a visit to London is actually like, and has something to offer for anyone and everyone.

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“Experience London with a different eye” 

London Eye, as the name suggests, is located in London at the South Bank of River Thames is a beautiful tourist attraction. This place is also known in other different names like Ferris wheel, Millennium Wheel, and revolving observation wheel. It was first opened on 31st December 1999. With an overall height of the wheel is 443ft, it was considered as the world’s tallest wheel. Being a popular tourist attraction in London, it charges an admission fee. It has used a concept were a wheel in a circle where chairs are attached. However, this concept has been used for decades in amusement parks. The London Eye has proved that people are enthusiastic and attracted to this concept. 

The temporary structure of the London Eye is successful in winning the heart and minds of people across the globe. Now, it has turned to be the enduring symbol of the city from every angle and a must-visit tourist place. The place allows the visitors into the air with the wonderful sight of the city along with the freedom to move around. The duration of the wheel to take one round is 30 minutes which is enough to watch the various unique sights of the city. Spots like Saint Paul’s Cathedral, The Shard can be viewed with an unmatched beauty. Interactive screens are also available to help the viewers identify the places that are difficult to spot. The views represent as if you are watching a 4D cinema. The place is surrounded by a line of shops and restaurants.  

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This is a world-famous restaurant chain located in the city of London. Having two addresses as the location but the one located at Heron tower is more famous among tourists. If you want to explore the city of London from a height without being on a flight, then you must visit this food heaven.


Located on the 38th and 39th floor, at 110 Bishopsgate (Now Heron Tower) in London, It is One of the most popular high-end restaurants around the world. This world-known restaurant is also available at Amsterdam, Miami, Las Vegas, and Dubai. 


Why it is famous: -   

This place looks like heaven to every visitor. Lovely service and breath-taking views will make your time more memorable. People visiting this place called it, a mixture of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian culture and cuisine. You too will feel like you are not in a single place, you are at different continents at the same time. 

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It is a Roman temple dedicated to the god of Mithras. It was discovered in the early 1950 and has now been rebuilt in the basement of Bloomberg's European headquarters.

Another name of this ancient temple is the Temple of Mithras. The said temple was discovered during a building construction at the original Roman street level. 

Why it is famous: - 

The history of this site, an ancient Roman temple, is fascinating but the overall experience will leave you asking more and more. On the ground floor, there is an art exhibition.

When will you further go down a couple of stairs, there is an information center, further going down will lead to the Mithraeum. In this place, there is an interesting display of over 600 artifacts. 

The Bank of London Museum was built in the 17th century. Today, this bank is known as a fiscal monarchy. In earlier times, the appointment to go to the museum was achieved only by the use of an appointment, but in the year of 1980, the manager of the bank decided that now more decades will have to be available.

He included plans to make the bank a new museum in 1994. In 1986, due to a serious fire in the Bank of London, the bank was damaged and suffered a lot of damage. England in the country, the Bank of London Museum is established in a city called London.

 Why it is famous?

Bank of London Museum is considered famous because here you will be able to see various types of modern art galleries and human culture. This gallery, created by modern art in Britain's time at the national level, is considered international. For humans, the largest culture and history of the important museum affects this London museum.

The museum has more than 7 million objects from other continents. The story of the culture world for humans started from here. Bank of London Museum is considered to be the third-largest popular museum in the world. For peace of mind, you can spend some time inside the museum.

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The Tower of London is considered to be the oldest tower in the whole world. This tower is located on the banks of the River Thames, towards the north of London. In the 11th century, this tower was built as a fort by the British capital to protect London.

The Tower of London was formerly known as the White Tower. Its construction started in 108 and was completed in the reign of King William II in 1100. The height of the tower is comprised of 89 feet. 700 years ago, there used to be a family of Yeoman Warders in this tower.

Why it is famous?

There are 911 World Heritage sites all over the world; this includes the Tower of London. It is considered as one of the popular attractions due to the tower having many jewels of the Taj. This tower of London is considered famous due to such crown jewels.

During the Second World War, the building of the tower and the ground near it was completely damaged. The royal zoo was built in this tower of London for more than 1200 decades to see. When you come here today, you will see the Crown Jewels open, which attracts more tourism.

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Visit London’s landmark, Big Ben tower situated next to the Houses of Parliament tower, named after Sir Benjamin Hall. It was previously called the Clock tower, has developed a 0.26-degree tilt, and was renamed in honour of Queen Elizabeth II on her Diamond Jubilee.

It has five bells and weighs 13.5 long ton chimes every hour and is referred to as the Voice of Britain. The height of the tower is 315 feet and has a big clock with a 14-foot minute hand weighing around 220 pounds and the dials of each four clock are 23 feet in diameter.

Big Ben comprises limestone and cladding bricks and the spire consists of cast iron. It is recognized as an icon of British culture and is known to be one of the prominent symbols of the United Kingdom.

Why it is famous? 

Many visitors admire the glorious architecture of Big Ben, the humungous magnificent clock tower with its chimes you can hear it all through from far and wide.

Apart from this, you can see plaques showing the trials of William Wallace, Charles I inside the Palace of Westminster, which is also a meeting point for British Politicians. The hall contains the largest hammer-beamed and is an architectural delight in the world.

This place attracts tourists for two main attractions i.e. Big Ben which has been the iconic symbol of London and the other one the Houses of Parliament. Tourists can easily recognize and symbolize this tower with London’s culture. 

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Hyde Park is one of the most significant parks in Central London, which is one of the biggest among the four Royal Parks. It is the city’s most significant green space with a huge plantation, a lake, and around 350 acres of land area where tourists and locals come to relax in between their busy lifestyle for leisure and to enjoy the fresh air.


By King Charles-I it was opened around the 17th century for the public as a tourist attraction spot, the park is in proximity to Kensington Gardens. Hyde Park is a conventional site for mass protest, earlier it was preserved for hunting activities.


It has various attractions like a huge park, a large lake with a boating facility, the presence of wildlife species, lovely flower gardens, and much more to look forward to.


Why is it famous?

This is an appropriate place for relaxation or for an exciting gateway which offers various things like boating, swimming, football, its suitable for nice snaps and photography or just to calm and relax. There are monuments, statues, gardens, memorials which makes it worth a visit.


It is also much in demand during winters covered with snow much suitable for skating. One can look forward to the Serpentine Bridge, fountain, popular Achilles statue, the Diana Memorial fountain also at the Serpentine one can have a ride on its popular Solar shuttle having a capacity of 40 passengers at one go.

Tower Bridge is considered as the most popular landmark to visit for its aesthetic appearance, which was established within the year of 1886 to 1894, in London. This is simultaneously known as a suspension as well as a bascule bridge. London's most famous river the Thames flows through the underneath of this bridge.

It comes with two individual towers which are joint with two separate walkways. The Bascule pivots along with operating machinery installed at its base. With the help of these machines, it can easily lift two suspended parts by resisting the horizontal forces. Thereby, the bridge may permit all river traffics to cross beneath through it.

Why Tower Bridge is so popular?

There have several reasons behind Tower Bridge's popularity. This is the only crossover bridge of Thames that can be raised.  Separated sections of the bridge are raised high for permitting massive vessels to pass underneath it. Huge engines are there to help each section to raise. Each section weighs 1000 tons approximately.

These engines are enough capable to raise it within a few minutes.  This bridge is considered another colossus of the London skyline. Currently, among all sightseeing locations in London, this is the most popular one.

If you're in the London Bridge area and looking for a place to relax from a big city hassle, then this is the place. Sit on one of the benches in the gardens of this church-in-ruin and enjoy your time. It is an old Roman ruined church located halfway between Tower Bridge and London bridge.

It is named for St Dunstan, a tenth-century monk. It is damaged by various past events concerning London like the Great Fire of London, World War II. During the Second World War, the church is largely damaged but later this destruction is converted into a garden. 

Why it is famous: -   Famous for its peaceful environment and lush greenery, it is a lovely garden located within the bombed-out remains of a church. Once you got there, it is like entering another dimension. It is so peaceful that you make relax or read a book. It's worth visiting. 

Westminster Abbey is a large renowned gothic architectural masterpiece in the city of Westminster, London, England. It is known to be England’s magnificent and world’s famous building founded as a Benedictine monastery and known to be England’s main religious building.

It was formally named as the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter at Westminster. The Abbey church is covered with statues, tablets and is packed with inscriptions showing knights, writers, queens, kings, musicians, scientists, artists. The church is known to be the tomb of unknown soldiers with many famous people and writers buried in the Church and Cloisters.

Apart from this, some other occasions also take place here including funerals and weddings. Westminster Abbey offers worship every day and many other services are held at this church. 

Why it is famous? 

This Abbey gothic style architecture is known to be one of the most remarkable religious buildings and people stroll through Liddell’s Arch for a peaceful retreat away from the city chaos. This church was a resting place for many monks. It is a traditional place of the burial site and coronation.

Westminster Abbey is at the heart of many small districts that has London’s well-known attractions like Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace. You can walk around and look at the stained glass, paintings, textiles, books, pavements, and other artifacts. The Abbey has a significant collection of monumental sculptures.

The beautiful chapel is in the perpendicular Gothic style which is a must-see and is famed intensely and exquisitely with fan vaulting. This church has been famously serving as a site for organizing royal weddings of the Prince and Princess. 

In 1830, the famous architect John Nash built Trafalgar Square. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in England. It is located in the City of Westminster in central London which is one of the hubs of London. Every year a large number of tourists come to visit here.

This square is divided into several parts. Each section is world-famous for its architectural style. There are various historical stories behind each section. The square has long belonged to the British royal family.

For a long time, the British royal family was in charge of its care.  But it is currently under the authority and responsibility of the Greater London Authority and the Westminster City Council.

This museum is situated in the Bloomsbury site of London. It was founded in 1753. People from all over the world started visiting this museum in 1759. In the museum, there is no visiting charge. This museum is based on human culture and art. There are seven million objects to visit from different continents.

Why it is famous?  

The British Museum is famous because visiting the museum is free. Since the entrance to the museum is free, visitors from all over the world come here to visit this expensive museum. The Rosetta stones are one of the most popular shows of the museum that reveals the culture and history of ancient Egyptian civilization.

It is the oldest museum in the world. The museum had its underground station for over thirty years. It is said that in the museum there lived a cat, named Mike who used to guard the main gate between 1909 and 1929.

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Buckingham palace is the dwelling place of the ruler of the United Kingdom and situated in the City of Westminster. This palace plays an important role in tourist attractions all over the world. This palace is also called Buckingham House. The garden of this palace is believed to be the largest garden in the entire London. It is the heartbeat of London.


We can say that this place is no less than like a town. Tourists from all over the world visit this palace for its good reception and state ceremonies. The garden of this palace covers a distance of about 39 acres.  


Why it is famous?


This palace is situated in the main center of London and encircled by Green Park. In 1837, it became London’s dwelling place of one of Britain’s most popular ruler, Queen Victoria. The ground area of this palace covers a distance of 39 acres. The garden of this palace is one of the largest gardens in all over London.


This palace is famous for its good reception and many state ceremonies. This palace has a large accommodating space for the visitors. All facilities are available in this palace. This palace is no more than like a town.

Darwin Brasserie is London’s spectacular and fantabulous Sky Garden building. It is situated on the 36th floor of the Walkie Talkie on Fenchurch Street. This restaurant has one of the best views of London and focuses on an all-day dining menu. Its emphasis is on in-season homegrown produce, serving classic British dishes with a modern twist.

This restaurant has one of the most highly desirable locations with elegant features, exotic flora, greenery, and minimalistic décor that is inspired by nature. The restaurant is surrounded by an impressive garden and greenery that makes a wonderful backdrop for many people making it a picturesque view. 

Why it is famous? 

The brasserie is famous for its incredible panoramic view and British cuisine that is served differently. It is London’s highest brasserie with mezzanine floor dining and Sky garden with lush greenery where you can also select some of the signature diverse cocktails. This place serves and is very famous for its food options with multiple choices to select from.

With its exquisite and 360-degree London view, this restaurant is encased in glass, perched over the garden, sleek interiors, and modern fittings. You can also enjoy the Chef’s table that accommodated around 20 people in the centre of the restaurant serving exclusive dinner with Chef’s menu.

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London is most famous for its tourist attractions like the Big Ben tower, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and London Eye ferris wheel. There are also a number of famous museums in London such as Albert Museum, Natural History Museum and British Museum. Amidst the top sightseeing places to visit in London, the city is famously known for its extensive cultural delights in the form of food, entertainment and other fun activities to do in London.
It is advisable to enjoy Buckingham Palace, Covent Street, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, The Shard and London Eye on day 1 of your visit. These top tourist attractions in London will get you into the London vibes while providing a diverse and exciting experience. For day 2, going to places like Notting Hill, Hyde Park, Mayfair will provide you an experience in the other aspect of London, which is the calm and beautiful English life. You can also do some shopping for things to take back home on day 2.
The most famous museums in London like Natural History Museum and British Museum offer free entry into their glorious and enriching galleries. You can also watch the Changing of the Guards ceremony for free at Buckingham Palace. Even if you do a lot of sightseeing around London while engaging only in activities that you wish to pay for, your visit to London will surely be exciting and enriching.
There are a number of famous museums in London like Victoria and Albert Museum, British Museum and Natural Historical Museum which provide an immersive and enriching experience. There are also several theaters in London such as Novello Theater, Shakespeare’s Globe and National Theater. Royal Opera House, Westminster Abbey and Big Ben are also famous cultural places to visit in London.
Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Albert Memorial are some of the most iconic places to visit in London with a deep and rich history behind their beautiful architecture. Westminster Abbey and Southwark Cathedral are two of the most famous historical churches in London. Churchill’s war rooms where he planned Britain’s war front during World War 2 are also one of the top tourist attractions in London.
Tower Bridge and London Eye are top tourist places to visit in London that offer a special charm due to the glamorous lighting and ambient setting at night time. Taking a walk down Southbank, Chinatown and Leadenhall Market at night is also an enlightening experience due to the way these places are lit up at night.
Warner Bros Studio, Sealife Center, London Zoo, London Dungeon and HMS Belfast are some of the best places to visit in London with family and children, as they offer engaging activities to do for people of all ages.. London Eye, the giant ferris ferris wheel from the top of which you can catch panoramic views of the entire city, is also amongst the popular tourist destinations to visit with your whole family.
If you are a first time visitor then you will be able to visit a number of famous tourist attractions in London in a duration of 3 to 4 days, and have an enthralling and exciting time during your stay. You will never run short of things to do in London no matter how long your stay, but 3 to 4 days are enough to see, eat and do more than you could dream of.
You will find the world-famous English breakfast and fish and chips of London at all of the places to visit in London. Chicken Tikka Masala and roast duck are other notable popular dishes in London. You will also find a lot of afternoon tea made in English style and the famous gin and tonic during your visit to London.
Borough Market in London will offer you an extensive range of snacks like bread, English cheese, sausages and cured meats. At Spitalfields Market, you will find an extensive variety of boutiques and chic items. Oxford Street and Bond Street are the top places to visit in London for designer shopping, while Notting Hill and Sloane Street will offer you shopping opportunities for trendy and chic items of a variety of kinds at reasonable prices.