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“Experience London with a different eye” 

London Eye, as the name suggests, is located in London at the South Bank of River Thames is a beautiful tourist attraction. This place is also known in other different names like Ferris wheel, Millennium Wheel, and revolving observation wheel. It was first opened on 31st December 1999. With an overall height of the wheel is 443ft, it was considered as the world’s tallest wheel. Being a popular tourist attraction in London, it charges an admission fee. It has used a concept were a wheel in a circle where chairs are attached. However, this concept has been used for decades in amusement parks. The London Eye has proved that people are enthusiastic and attracted to this concept. 

The temporary structure of the London Eye is successful in winning the heart and minds of people across the globe. Now, it has turned to be the enduring symbol of the city from every angle and a must-visit tourist place. The place allows the visitors into the air with the wonderful sight of the city along with the freedom to move around. The duration of the wheel to take one round is 30 minutes which is enough to watch the various unique sights of the city. Spots like Saint Paul’s Cathedral, The Shard can be viewed with an unmatched beauty. Interactive screens are also available to help the viewers identify the places that are difficult to spot. The views represent as if you are watching a 4D cinema. The place is surrounded by a line of shops and restaurants.  



  • Sunday : 10:00 am to 09:30 pm
  • Monday : 10:00 am to 09:30 pm
  • Tuesday : 10:00 am to 09:30 pm
  • Wednesday : 10:00 am to 09:30 pm
  • Thursday : 10:00 am to 09:30 pm
  • Friday : 10:00 am to 09:30 pm
  • Saturday : 10:00 am to 09:30 pm

Timings are subject to change. You will be automatically booked into a time slot as part of the check out process. Please visit the official website to confirm the time slot before your visit.


How to Reach

  • By Rail – : Charing Cross and Waterloo are the nearest railway station to the London eye. You can easily for any of the railway stations to reach the London eye conveniently.
  • By Bus - : A lot of bus services are also available for reaching the London eye. 77, 211, and 381 are available frequently.
  • By Coach – : You have to coach parking bay in advance in you are in groups. However, this is a free service but the space is very limited.
  • By Car – : Private cars are easily available for reaching the London eye. You just have to book a car and start your journey.


Ticket Pricing

  • Normal Booking Fare : Adult-£32.00, Child-£34.00
  • Online Booking Fare : Adult-£37.00, Child-£32.00...

Top Attractions that cannot be missed:

The London Eye is considered as one of the most iconic attractions. People planning a London tour will keep this spot-on top of their list. However, some other exciting activities and attractions are found near the London eye. Let’s know what they are.

Sea Life London Aquarium

Just take a 20-sec walk from the London Eye, and you will reach the London Aquarium. It is the best place to spend with your family and children. So, after you have completed the wheel ride and watching the city view from heights, you can have a relaxing moment seeing the aquarium. There are a lot of marine lives inside the aquarium to watch.

Have a Boat Ride

Another beautiful activity that will make your day is the boat ride. This is also a perfect ride to sit and enjoy the city view from down on the cruise. You can just have a relaxing time saving your feet by sitting on the boat. From here you can also spot an endless number of spots, and even the other end of The Thames can be seen. You will have one round trip here.

Relax in Jubilee Gardens

The beauty of the London eye is more enriched by the grass patches of Jubilee's garden. It is a perfect picnic spot on a sunny day. 


London Eye, London, UK

Rating & Reviews

Based on 124034 reviews
Very Good
Zubin Musharraf
Zubin Musharraf
08/26/2020 13:24
It was lovely, the cabins had less people in them due to covid restrictions, I'm scared of heights but still enjoyed this. Only negative is that the price of photos is quite high
Peter Horn
Peter Horn
08/18/2020 22:59
Lost access to my previous account so might be leaving this review twice within minutes! Great day out. It’s a little pricey but as a one off it’s a nice experience. My friend and I went early evening when the night sky is particularly well lit. I would highly recommend!
Veronika Vaitkė
Veronika Vaitkė
08/24/2020 15:29
I liked the idea of it, seeing London from above, but the price for only seeing the buildings and the river is just ridiculious. If you're going alone I think it's not that bad, but if you're going with family you'll need to empty your pocket. They also take pictures of you, in case you wanted to buy some, with also cost way too much. Also it says the trip last for 40min, which in our case was not true. At least 15min less than stated. I would never go there again and I would not recommend for anyone, unless they really love London. ✌
Peter Horn
Peter Horn
08/18/2020 22:52
Quite expensive but nice for a one off if you’re looking for a day out in London. Recommend for that reason. Amazing views! Evenings when London is lit up make for a better experience in my view!
Madhav Arora
Madhav Arora
08/23/2020 20:59
The experience at London eye was amazing. The team had taken great precautions in order not to spread Covid. Not more than 7-8 people are allowed in one capsule/wagon (not sure what to say :( ). It is sanitized before boarding & is sanitized as soon as we get off so that next set of people can board safely. The view, temperature within it, safety precautions, team was all good & more than satisfactory. All those who are interested in buying physical photos - they are being priced at £20 for 2 and £25 for 3 pictures. I think its same for all the 5 attractions at London.

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The rotational speed of the London eye is 0.26m/s circumferential speed approximately. A complete rotation takes about 30 minutes. One capsule consists of 25 visitors there 1600 visitors can be engaged in an hour.
The purpose of the London eye is to provide the city with a symbol and the visitors to climb on the top height and look at the amazing sight of London. The location is the heart of London therefore the view seen is awestruck.
This place is busiest from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Therefore, you can avoid this time and enjoy the ride at any other timing when it is open.
Season: Spring Timings: 11:00 till 18:00 Days: Seven Days Season: Summer Timings: 10:00 till 21:30 Days: Seven Days
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