Alimatha Island, Maldives




Alimatha Island is an island that is the most impeccable spot for an impeccable vacation. This Island will take you far from your daily busy life and will take you to a whole different world filled with clear water, shiny white and sparkling sand, and lots of colorful fishes.

This Island is located in a place named Vaavu Atoll in the Maldives. The tourists who visit because the Island is famous for scuba diving and they get a chance to check their bucket list, which includes scuba diving.

Apart from Scuba diving, the Island has everything that a person would imagine about an Island and so much more. The Island is completely covered with the surreal view of the ocean, white sand, and a perfect blend of greenery into it.

Why is this famous?

It is famous for the surreal view of the ocean, the sand, and marine life. It is a perfect place for the people who would like to get away from the hectic work life for a while and experience the marine life. It is also famous for the various watersports that they have on this Island.



  • Sunday : 12:00 am to 12:00 am
  • Sunday : 12:00 am to 12:00 am
  • Sunday : 12:00 am to 12:00 am
  • Sunday : 12:00 am to 12:00 am
  • Sunday : 12:00 am to 12:00 am
  • Sunday : 12:00 am to 12:00 am
  • Sunday : 12:00 am to 12:00 am

Timings are subject to change. You will be automatically booked into a time slot as part of the check out process. Please visit the official website to confirm the time slot before your visit.


How to Reach

  • By Air : Vaavu Atoll, where the Island is located, is 40 miles away from the nearest Airport. Therefore, one could catch a flight to reach there.
  • By Seaplane : They even have seaplane facilities available that will take around 20 minutes to there. One can take that too.
  • By Boat : One can even opt for a boat which will take 90 minutes to reach the destination.

Things you could do there:

Watch the marine life: You could watch the beautiful eels, morays, and Jackfish floating around in the clear blue ocean, which magnificent coral reefs.

Scuba diving: Most of the tourists visit this Island to explore what is under the water more than what’s above. So, scuba diving is a must to do when it comes to Alimatha Island. Not only tourists but also professional divers come to this place to practice their underwater diving skills.

Canoeing: It is one of the well-known watersports which is available here. People who are adventurous and enjoy water sports will enjoy canoeing. It is a whole different experience for tourists.

Windsurfing: It is another watersport for the ones who love water adventure. Windsurfing is done there because of the climate there is just incredible. They would enjoy this to the fullest.

Ayurvedic Massage Center: It is a prevalent feature on this Island. One would go to an Ayurvedic Massage centre to get released from all the stress that they carry as a piece of baggage from their stressful, busy life.

Meditation centre: One can meditate as long as they want in this meditation centre. It is also very popular here since a lot of people opt for this to get relieved from stress and anxiety and to attain a sense of calm and mindfulness. People who do not want to go into the water can sunbathe there to get naturally tanned shiny looking skin.


Hotels nearby and their packages:

Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives-This is 11.2 km from Alimatha Island Per night INR 1,50,972, which includes two breakfasts and two dinners and free Wi-Fi.

Plumeria Maldives- This is 12.5 km from Alimatha Island Per night INR 12,081. One can also take advantage of the spa, gym, and swimming pool, and free Wi-Fi.

Seena Inn- This is 13.2 km from Alimatha Island Per night INR 9,016, which includes breakfast and free Wi-Fi.


Alimathà, Maldives

Rating & Reviews

Based on 207 reviews
Very Good
chimmu victor
chimmu victor
06/08/2019 19:43
Wonderful must go
Yusree Jaleel
Yusree Jaleel
10/16/2019 19:25
Very beautiful island, stunning beaches all around the island. Friendly staff n everything is easy.
01/23/2018 22:35
Amazing ocean beauty.
rajesh katreddy
rajesh katreddy
08/25/2019 16:49
Great for Italian food lovers. Run by Italian management.
Kevin Chen
Kevin Chen
11/19/2017 18:47
Amazing underwater environment.

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Minimum of 4 hours in a day you can stroll all over the Island and make use of all the facilities provided.
This place is worth every penny that you would like to spend on an Island. This Island is a blend of beauty and adventure that nature can provide you. One will experience the wonders that lie in every bit of this fantastic Island, and the get-away will be worthwhile.
Not necessarily a guide, but most of the sports which one would like to do are water sports, and definitely, an instructor is required to instruct in every step one takes.
There are resorts like Alimatha resort and Alimatha Aquatic resort where one can stay.
Yes, it is best to book beforehand since one can get various packages online, and it will cost less.
Get upto 30% Lower Prices

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