Vaadhoo Island


Vaadhoo(Mudhdhoo) is a spectacular island on Raa Atoll with just 500 inhabitants. Raa Atoll houses the best sites and resorts. Vaadhoo is a sparkling beach of the Maldives due to a natural phenomenon Sea of Stars. Tourists from the world over flock to the shores of Vaadhoo for one of the most memorable sights.

Visitors have to venture to the shores and behold the glowing sea under the moonlight to witness this phenomenon. The sea glitter and glows a brilliant blue and waves lap on reflecting stars. Various phytoplankton glow at night in the sea. It appears as if stars have come down to adorn the sea.

It goes as a self-preservatory gesture for the fish. Light emission in the sea is mesmerizing to the onlookers. This site will enable you to click some great photographs for your social media interactions.

The Glowing Beach

Plankton is a microscopic free-floating organism, and many fish prey upon them. As a defense mechanism, these plankton emit bioluminescence to baffle predators and scare them away.  Nature’s most fascinating phenomenon is bioluminescence.

A chemical luciferin emits a glow when it is agitated. Many other marine animals also exhibit this phenomenon. However, the plankton displays it most surprisingly at night. June and October are the months to watch bioluminescence live. No heat generates, so the blue light is cold and safe to play and fee.

Living organisms cause glow in the dark phenomenon in a vast and mysterious sea. This magical luster produced by several marine animals lights up the sea's shorelines at Vaadhoo beach. Family, friends, and newlyweds travel to the Maldives to witness this otherworldly occurrence.

Translucent waters and incredible phenomenon make it an experience in dreamland for every offbeat traveler. A few couples move to Vaadhoo Island for the spectacular sea of stars and a romantic retreat.

How to Reach Vaadhoo Island 

Raa Atoll is 152 kilometers from Male, and a speedboat transfers tourists to Vaadhoo Island in 15 minutes. This destination is well connected to the rest part of the Maldives. The island is 8 kilometers from Male and the main airport. 


Raa Atoll in the Maldives

Entry Fee

Free entry



Timings are subject to change. You will be automatically booked into a time slot as part of the check out process. Please visit the official website to confirm the time slot before your visit.


How to Reach

  • Speedboat : Raa Atoll is 152 kilometers from Male, and a speedboat transfers tourists to Vaadhoo Island in 15 minutes. This destination is well connected to the rest part of the Maldives. The island is 8 kilometers from Male and the main airport.

Things to Do

Undoubtedly, Bioluminescence or Sea of Stars phenomenon stands out as the most popular activity on Vaadhoo Island. Tourists rush to the seashore at night to witness glowing beaches. Other than this natural phenomenon, the resorts at the island offer villas and luxury facilities. Here, you will get an opportunity to assimilate and learn about the Maldivians and their culture on this rarely populated island.

Tourists can partake in the following other activities to experience island life:

Scuba Diving

A reef protects the Vaadhoo Island, and the diving sites rank high amongst the world's top spots. At Maldives Atolls, scuba diving is a breathtaking and expensive activity. Underwater some larger fish and colorful reef fish venture, and people can see them closely.


Kayaking is another draw for the visitors in Vaadhoo Island. It is fascinating after the sunset because you can witness the beautiful hues atop the waves. It also enables us to enjoy the sea of stars phenomenon after it turns dark. Kayak is a canoe-like boat or watercraft, and people propel it with a double-bladed paddle. 


You can stroll along the beach and leave your footprint on the beach. You can swim in the water and brave the glowing waves lapping the seashore.

Other Experiences

Lèn Be Well Spa

The spa offers treatment, select services, activities, and gastronomic treats bring happiness and soothe the soul. Here, wellbeing is the way of life. You will get a perfect experience with treatment pedicure. A comfortable chair and Edsel will help you relax. Deep tissue massage with a body scrub is a fantastic experience.

Perfect Voyage

It specializes in the high-end luxurious getaway, cruise, liveaboard experience. It supports a backpackers voyage into the history and culture of islands or a surf retreat.

Talise Spa

The spa provides for an Aerial yoga pavilion and a meditation pavilion for the group and personal sessions. In pre-treatment consultation, expert therapists give you the experiences customized to your wellness needs. Talise signature treatments, sun treatments, Talise body treatment, specialized facials will rejuvenate you.

You can unwind in the relaxation area of our garden and sip on immune booster juice or a healthy detox in the resort's lush vegetation.


Ministry of Crab, Maldives

High standard food, attentive service, and friendly staff are the attractions at the Ministry of Crab. It is the right place for lunch and dinner.

Café del Mar Maldives

It would give you a fantastic resort experience with friendly, informative, and professional staff. Food and bar menu provide multiple selections, and it never disappoints in taste and value. The poolside atmosphere is trendy with excellent service. Poolside also offers beautiful sea views and sunsets.


Vaadhoo, Maldives

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The aquatic microbes Phytoplankton/plankton are the secret behind the magically shining beach. These microorganisms are naturally bioluminescent and radiate a lively blue light beneath the sea. The glowing or glittering finds its explanation in chemical science. The natural phenomenon of light emission by a living organism is bioluminescence. Lingulodinium polyedrum is the phytoplankton that causes the "Sea of Stars" during late summer in the Maldives' reefs. It inspires tourists to capture the memory of this offbeat phenomenon.
It is one of the islands of Raa Atoll in the Maldives. Sea of Stars phenomenon has placed it high on the global tourism map. For this reason, this is the most coveted place to visit in the Maldives. Moreover, its tropical weather throughout the year makes it an enjoyable destination in the Indian Ocean. ...
You can swim at Vaadhoo Island to experience the water glow....
Plankton is an organism that tides and currents carry, and it cannot swim to resist these forces. Some typical plankton drift for their entire life cycle....
Like the sky, stars are there in the sea too. These stars belong to the taxonomic class Asteroidea. In other words, these stars are known as starfish. Starfish are unrelated to fish....
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