Notre Dame de Paris


Notre Dame De Paris is a stunning Catholic Cathedral that is known not only in Paris but all over the world. This more common term for this Cathedral is “Our Lady of Paris”. Situated on the island of Île de la Cité in Paris, Notre Dame is a top-rated tourist attraction in Paris attracting millions of visitors every year. The construction of this church took nearly 185 years. It got completed in 1345. This Church serves as the perfect example of French Gothic Architecture. Its French Architectural Style and enormous size lure tourists from every corner of the world.

Notre Dame History

The history of this church still remains a mystery. It has not been known yet whether this was built in the end of the 4th century or 7th century. Some are of the opinion that this cathedral was built on the place where once stood the Roman temple of Jupiter. A total of four churches were built at the site before Notre Dame was finally constructed. 

Built in the French Gothic architectural style, this medieval catholic Cathedral is 427 ft long. The Cathedral consists of the square chapels, a short transept & choir, and apse. In the 19th century, a central spire was constructed that increased the popularity of this church. The inner width and height of this cathedral is 157 ft and 115 ft. respectively.



  • Sunday : 08:00 am to 07:45 pm
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How to Reach

  • By Metro Station :


Notre Dame, Paris, France

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