Kumbhalgarh Fort

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Kumbhalgarh Fort is perched at an elevation of 1914 on the foothills of Aravali Ranges. Thirteen hill peaks surround this fort. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and five hill forts of Rajasthan and Rajasthan's architectural wonder.

Rana Kumbha of the Mewar dynasty built this splendid and grand fort in the 15th century AD under renowned architect Mandan's direction. This wall is the second largest after the Great Wall of China. The wall has enough width for eight horses to run alongside.

Ram Gate (Ram Pol) is the entrance gate. The fort comprises seven gates and 360 temples. The main gates of the fort are Hanuman Pol, Halla Pol, and Aaret Pol. The winding wall stretches for 38 kilometers.

Fort houses Kumbha Palace, Jain Temples, Baoris(stepwell), Chhatris(cenotaphs), water reservoirs, and Brahmanical. Rana Fateh Singh constructed the Badal Mahal (Palace of clouds) with two interconnected parts of Mardana Mahal and Zenana Mahal in AD 1885-1930. Pastel-colored murals adorn the rooms of the palace. Chambers had air conditioning systems.  The fort offers a bird’s eye view of hills, forests, and the dunes in the Thar Desert from the defense.

This place is the birthplace of Mewar's legendary King Maharana Pratap. King Udai of Mewar got refuge in his early childhood when Banbir slew Vikramaditya and usurped the throne.

Its strategic position, inaccessibility, and topography make this fort invincible. This citadel is the second most important after Chittorgarh fort in the Mewar region. The fort could hold out against a protracted siege by enemies. Its security could be compromised only once by the Mughal and Amber's combined armies due to lack of drinking water.


Monuments inside the Fort

Ganesh Temple

This is the oldest temple built inside the fort. It is built on a 12 feet platform.

Vedi Temple

Rana Kumbha built this three-storeyed octagonal Jain temple on a raised platform near the Hanuman Pol. Thirty-six pillars support the domical ceiling. Later, Maharana Fateh Singh renovated it.

Parsvanatha Temple

This temple was built in 1513 on the eastern side of Bawan Jain temples and Golera Jain temple.

Bawan Devi Temple

Bawan(fifty-two) shrines in a single complex make it Bawan Devi Temple. The lalatabimba of the doorway bears a carved image of Jain Tirthankara. The big shrine consists of a sanctum, antarala, and an open mandapa.

Kumbha Palace

Beautiful blue durbar hall, circular Ganesh Temple, ventilated toilets make it the finest example of Rajput architecture. A corridor separates the mardana (men's) palace from the zanana (women's) palace. An attractively painted frieze with elephants, crocodiles, and camels festoon Some zenana rooms.

Badal Mahal

This highest point of the fortress is a two-storeyed building with pastel color paint in the interiors. Wall paintings and attractive friezes of the 19th-century style beautify the palace. The queens used to view the court proceedings and other events through stone jail screens in the Zanana Mahal. This is a suitable place for clicking photographs given the view of Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary and hills.



  • Sunday : 09:00 am to 06:00 pm
  • Monday : 09:00 am to 06:00 pm
  • Tuesday : 09:00 am to 06:00 pm
  • Wednesday : 09:00 am to 06:00 pm
  • Thursday : 09:00 am to 06:00 pm
  • Friday : 09:00 am to 06:00 pm
  • Saturday : 09:00 am to 06:00 pm

Timings are subject to change. You will be automatically booked into a time slot as part of the check out process. Please visit the official website to confirm the time slot before your visit.


How to Reach

  • Road : Fort is 84 km north of Udaipur in the wilderness. You can hop into the bus or taxi to reach Kumbhalgarh.
  • Train : Falna is the nearest railway station to Kumbhalgarh(67 km). Catch a taxi or bus to reach Kumbhalgarh.
  • Airport : Dabok Airport, Udaipur is the nearest airport. You can hire a taxi or board a state transport bus to reach Kumbhalgarh.


Ticket Pricing

  • Indians : 15 INR per person
  • Foreigners : .200 INR per person..
  • Light and Sound Show - Indian : 100 INR per person...
  • Light and Sound Show - Foreigners : 250 INR...
  • Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary - Indians : 20 INR ...
  • Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary - Foreigners : 160 INR...
  • Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary - Indian students : 2 INR ...
  • Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary - Videography : 400 INR...
  • Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary -Two-wheelers charge : 20 INR...
  • Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary - Jeep, car, and minibus : 130 INR...
  • Jeep Jungle Safari : 2500 INR per Jeep for 6 Persons or 1200 INR per adult. No charges for kids below five years old.

Things to Do


Light and Sound Show at Fort

This is a show in Hindi about Rajput Royals for 45 minutes. It starts at 6:45 pm.

Ticket charges are 100 INR for Indians and 250 INR for foreigners.

Temples in Kumbhalgarh

Vedi Temple, Neelkanth Mahadeo Temple, Muchhal Mahavir Temple, Parshuram Temple, Mammadev Temple, and Ranakpur Jain Temple are the prominent sacred places in Kumbhalgarh.

Fairs and Festivals

Gher Ghoomer is the main festival at Chamunda Devi Temple among local tribes. People from tribes such as Bheels, Garasias, and Rawats dance on drum beats. Village girls play with colored water and sing songs with double entendres.  People enjoy local brew laced with bhang.

Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Its forest has been turned into a wildlife sanctuary. You can see Asiatic Lions, four-horned antelopes or chausingas, panthers, wild boars, wolves, sloth bears, jackals, sambars, chinkaras, leopards, hyenas, jungle cats, nilgais, and hares. You can spot birds like Parakeets, Bulbul, Grey Pigeons, Spur Owls, White Breasted Kingfisher. It offers lion safari as well. Wolf is the main attraction of this sanctuary.


07:00 am - 06:00 pm. It should take your 3-4 hours to see this sanctuary.

Please note that the sanctuary is closed between July and September.

Entry Fee and other charges

Charges are 20 INR for Indians, 160 INR for foreigners, and 2 INR for Indian students.

Videography 400 INR

Two-wheelers charge 20 INR

Jeep, car, and minibus charge 130 INR

Jeep Jungle Safari

Jeep safari picks you from the sanctuary's entry gate and takes you to Thandi Beri and back in 3.5 hours. You spot predators, birds, and other animals. The famous Jain temple at Ranakpur is at the other end of the sanctuary.

Several hotels from Kumbhalgarh, Kotri, Ghanerao, Narlai, and Ranakpur organize a jeep or horse safari.

Safari Cost: 2500 INR per Jeep for 6 Persons or 1200 INR per adult

No charges for kids below five years old.


Main walking trails are Kumbhalgarh to Thandi Beri (14 km), Roopnagar to Sumer (98 km), Ranakpur to Ranakankar (15 km), Ranakpur to Kumbhalgarh (25 km), Malgarh to Magga (8 km), Roopanmata to Ranakpur (30 km) and Ranakpur to Thandi Beri (15 km). The entry permit is the document to go on treks. You can get a guide from your travel agent or ask a forest guard to escort you for 200-500 INR a day.


Hotels provide Rajasthani dishes such as safed maas (mutton in a curry of almonds, cashews, coconut kernel paste, poppy seeds, and white pepper), pasta, fish, and chips.


Kumbhalgarh Fort, Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan, India

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Very Good
Kush Sushil
Kush Sushil
10/11/2020 12:12
The Kumbhalgarh fort is worth visiting if you ever visit Kumbhalgarh. It has a great view from the top. The artistry and engineering of the fort makes one wonder how such a monument was created years ago. The place is very beautiful if you visit in the right season. The wind at the top of the fort is really soothing n exhilarating. And not many people know, but the wall of the Kumbhalgarh fort is the second longest in the world after the Great Wall of China.
Pushpendra Khandelwal
Pushpendra Khandelwal
09/19/2020 12:28
Kumbhalgarh fort is known as Great Wall of india, the walls are second in the world , it’s after the great china wall, walls are above 1100 meters ,walls are 36 km long and 15 ft wide, the Maharana Pratap was born in this fort, the fort is known as AJEY GARH because win over this fort was impossible 10 horse can run along on this wall, Maharana Kumbha constructed this fort that’s why it’s known as Kumbhalgarh fort, it was completed in 15 years, The childhood of maharana Sanga was spent in this fort More than 360 temples are there, which includes ancient jain and Hindu temples The fort is secured by 7 gates and 8 poles, Akbar failed to cross these walls, even after hundreds of years walls are still in good condition The proud of nation and Rajasthan
Amandeep Mathur
Amandeep Mathur
09/10/2020 21:22
One Of The Most Sought After Locations In Southern Rajasthan. Located Among The Hills Offering Pleasant View & Temperature. The Birth Place Of Great Maharana Pratap, With Worlds Second Largest Wall After Wall Of China.
09/25/2020 02:22
It was a amazing experience at Kumbhalgarh fort, i visited this place on September 2020, all payments have to be made through online or digital payment method. Guards are there to ensure your safety, they will check you properly. Drone camera are not allowed. Moreover they have all facilities including separate washrooms for male and female. Restaurant, juice store and general store are located at the starting of the fort. Its a real sign of historical palace.
Niket Doshi
Niket Doshi
06/25/2020 16:23
One of the many amazing forts in Rajasthan. It's very massive and huge. It's on a mountain and so the view of the Kumbhalgarh City from there is mesmerizing. It's a very nice heritage site. Had a great time over there. The tourist guides over there were really good in explaining the history. They speak Hindi as well as English. It's a must visit place in Rajasthan.

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Kumbhalgarh is a historical town famous for the fort, royal chhatris, monuments, and grand palaces.
Kumbhalgarh Fort has the second-longest wall only after the Great Wall of China with a 36 km long perimeter of walls. ...
You can take a two hours ride to Kumbhalgarh fort from Udaipur via road. You can take a flight or train up to Udaipur. Onward journey, you can undertake in taxi or bus. ...
Kumbhalgarh is worth visiting with your kids so that they can learn about the glorious and grandeur past of Rajasthan. ...
In the 15th century, Rana Kumbha of Mewar built this majestic fort to separate Mewar from Marwar. Its architect was Mandan. ...
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