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Neelkanth Mahadev is a Shiva temple at the height of 1330 meters, about 32 km from Rishikesh in Pauri Garhwal of Uttrakhand in India.

This famous pilgrimage near Rishikesh lies above Swargashram adjacent to the Nar Narayan mountain range.

Vishnukoot, Brahmakoot, and Manikoot are the valleys that surround the Shiva abode. Dense forests and mountain ranges of Nar-Narayan surround the temple on the confluence of Rivers Madhumati and Pankaja.

Spectacular sights of the mountains and valleys add to the beautiful natural surroundings of the temple and allure tourists.

A fire has been burning from the beginning of time inside the temple, and devotees carry this fire's soot as prasadam. The temple houses the idols of Sri Kapil Muni and Lord Ganesha in the temple compound.


History and Legend

Devas(Gods) and Asuras(demons) churned the ocean to obtain elixir. Ocean emanated poison after Samudra Manthan(churning of the sea). As per Hindu mythology, here, Shiva consumed poison, and it made his throat blue. Thus, Shiva came to be known as Neelkanth.

After consuming venom, Lord Shiva came to Rishikesh and sat on a mountain peak to remove the poison. His forehead had become hot after holding poison in his throat. Devtas poured water on this forehead to cool him down because Shiva was suffering from poison's negative energy.

Since then, pouring water over the deity or the Shiv Linga has continued. Later, Devtas requested Lord Shiva to go back to his abode Kailash.  

Lord Shiva is regarded as the most authoritative of all gods in the Hindu Pantheon. The aura of the temple is ethereal and subtle. Priests give out vibhuti, Chandan, and Prasad.

Kanvad Yatra

Kawarias(devotees) trek from Haridwar to Neelkanth Mahadev Temple. During the Shraawan(Jul-Aug), Kanvad Yatra is an annual pilgrimage. A single pole is known as kanvar. Kanvarias fetch holy waters of Ganga and offer it at the local Shiva temples. 

Best Time to Visit Neelkanth Mahadev Temple

Shivratri during Shrawan month is a gala occasion at the temple. Pilgrims flock here for music, Pooja ceremony, performances, and the temple's decoration in flowers and lighting. This is the best time to enjoy festivity at Neelkanth Mahadev Temple.

Devotees offer Bael leaves, coconut, milk, honey, flowers, fruits, and water to Lord Shiva. The temple observes two fairs annually – Maha Shivratri(February-March) and Shivratri of Shravan(July-August).



  • Sunday : 06:00 am to 09:00 pm
  • Monday : 06:00 am to 09:00 pm
  • Tuesday : 06:00 am to 09:00 pm
  • Wednesday : 06:00 am to 09:00 pm
  • Thursday : 06:00 am to 09:00 pm
  • Friday : 06:00 am to 09:00 pm
  • Saturday : 06:00 am to 09:00 pm

Timings are subject to change. You will be automatically booked into a time slot as part of the check out process. Please visit the official website to confirm the time slot before your visit.


How to Reach

  • Road : You can rent a car from Ram Jhula at Rishikesh (32 km) to reach Neelkanth Temple.
  • Train : Rishikesh is the nearest railhead for Neelkanth Temple. Board a public transport bus or cab to reach the temple.
  • Air : Land at Jolly Grant Airport at Dehradun, and hire a cab to the temple, which is 49 kilometers away.


Ticket Pricing

  • Ticket : The temple offers free entry to everyone. However, you may have to pay for Pooja, anushthan, or Abhishek.

Things to Do

Prayer and Pooja: Take part in prayer(Arti) and perform Abhishek and Pooja to Lord Shiva. You can offer coconut, honey, milk, flowers, and fruits to the Lord. Hindu priests perform a significant Pooja to clear doshas(faults) in the stars.

For early morning rituals, please go empty-stomach to partake in the sacrament.

Architecture: Intricate architecture and beautiful carvings visually treat onlookers. Pilgrims click pics and appreciate the design of the temple. Fine details have been executed without the use of technology.

Internal walls portray the story of Samudra Manthan to rever the sacrifice made by Mahadev for the well-being of the entire world. The main entrance has carvings of Dwarapalakas(Gatekeepers).

Take a bath: Hot springs in temple premises is where pilgrims come and take a bath before offering puja.

Buy yourself a memory: You can buy religious idols and accessories as souvenirs for your loved ones. Outside the temple, several stalls sell Pooja ingredients and memoirs.

Rishikul Yogshala: Numerous tourists visit this place to learn the nuances of Yoga. Chaukhamba point and Khirsu village are other scenic spots.

Trekking: Some devotees trek their way up the temple because the way to the temple is thrilling. Ram Jhula to the temple is a 22 kilometers trek for the trekkers.

Food: Tea stalls and roadside dhabas are available around the temple, where you can halt for refreshments after the visit. You may head to Rishikesh for Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, or continental food for a wholesome meal.


Top Attractions Around Temple

Parvati Temple: You have to climb 2 kilometers to reach the Parvati temple. This temple is perched on top of a high hill. There is a cave up the hill, and a temple lies there. This climb is tough, but the walk to the cave is easy.

Kandoliya Temple Kandoliya is an ancient temple in Rishikesh in a serene ambiance.

Chaukhamba Viewpoint You can take in the beauty of Rishikesh with your near and dear ones at this viewpoint.

Dhari Devi Temple This ancient temple instills everlasting faith amongst pilgrims.

Peepal Tree

Peepal has a specific belief attached to it. Pilgrims wind threads around the trunk of the tree for getting their wishes fulfilled. 


Neelkanth Mahadev Mandir, Swargashram, Swarg Ashram, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India

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Very Good
Dev Technical
Dev Technical
09/15/2020 18:29
Shiv mandir
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma
09/01/2020 13:50
I love you mahadev
03/29/2020 07:40
Relationship with God naturally produces worship of Him. He tests us, challenges us, saves us, showers us with gifts, provides for us, and protects us. He is intimately involved in our lives, and in return, we praise and adore Him. We worship Him. True worship is not forced or false; worship flows naturally from us toward the One who controls our life and destiny. Whatever God wants from us, no matter how taxing, we will do, because our object of worship is of prime importance. And that is what worship is, at its heart.
Depth of Science
Depth of Science
07/05/2019 14:56
The facilities to travel is very good. The rent for single person from lakshman jhula stop to NEELKANTH temple is 150 with share taxi. If you rent your own taxi than you have to give 1100 rupee. And the route is very good condition. This is the main holy place where you can connect to the Lord shiva.
Eni Ran
Eni Ran
12/02/2019 21:42
I'm feeling blessing come here to pray Mahadev

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Neelkanth Mahadev Temple is perched at Manikut Parvat in Rishikesh. At this place, Mahadev drank the poison emanated from the sea when God and Demons churned the ocean to obtain Amrit(elixir). This is why Lord Shiva is called Neelkanth because his throat turned blue after consuming poison.
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The temple is perched at the height of 1330 meters in the Pauri Garhwal district of Uttrakhand in India....
A Mughal Ruler built this must-visit temple for his Hindu wife. ...
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