The Geneva Water Fountain




The Geneva Water Fountain or Jet d'Eau literally means 'water jet'. It is a huge Fountain on the Geneva Lake, in the city of Geneva, Switzerland. The Geneva Water Fountain is one of the tallest fountains in the world. Originally, in 1886 the fountain was built to control and release the excess pressure of a hydraulic plant at La Coulouvrenière. Shortly after, it became a remarkable symbol of the city and so it was amplified and relocated to the center of the Lake.
The presence of the Fountain gives the power to the place, every time you look at the majesty you are reminded that you are in a powerful and well-organized country.
Soon after being finished, the fountain became the symbol of strength, ambition and vitality and one of the most exquisite sites of Geneva and Switzerland. The strong engines of the fountain pumps 500 liters of water per second to the height of 140 meters.




The history of the Geneva's Giant Water Fountain has a particular charm, since this attraction became an exquisite site by chance. During the 19th century, the city of Geneva experienced very rapid development during which the population of the city almost doubled. With the growing population, the water requirements were growing exponentially, so the city had no choice but to construct a hydraulic plant in 1886. But when the plant’s workers left the site in the evening, they would shut off the valves, with the result that the pressure grew dangerously and placed the turbines at a risk of damage. To alleviate this danger, a safety valve was created to release the excess water and to reduce the pressure. This safety jet of water then reached 30 meters in height and rapidly became a source of curiosity and interest for many Genevans.
But it wasn’t until 5 years later, in 1891, that the Geneva Water Fountain would start to be used as an attraction and decorative symbol for the city. To celebrate the 600th anniversary of the Swiss Confederation, the city of Geneva decided to make use of its tourism potential by installing it at the end of the Eaux-Vives jetty by the shore of Lake Geneva. And so the Geneva’s The Great Water Fountain, the city’s 90-meter-high icon, was born.



Restaurants near Geneva Water Fountain

  • Twins
  • Da Paolo
  • La Gondola
  • La C
  • Helios Restaurant and Bar
  • Chez Marino



  • Sunday : 10:00 am to 04:00 pm
  • Monday : 10:00 am to 04:00 pm
  • Tuesday : 10:00 am to 04:00 pm
  • Wednesday : 10:00 am to 04:00 pm
  • Thursday : 10:00 am to 04:00 pm
  • Friday : 10:00 am to 04:00 pm
  • Saturday : 10:00 am to 04:00 pm

Timings are subject to change. You will be automatically booked into a time slot as part of the check out process. Please visit the official website to confirm the time slot before your visit.


How to Reach

  • by Train : The best way to reach Geneva Water Fountain is by train. From the main railway station of Geneva, you won't take more than 10 minutes to reach there on boat.
  • By Flight :

Things to do

  • Take a walk around Geneva Lake to get a full view of the Jet D'Eau from all sides.
  • Refresh your senses with a cup of coffee, a cold breeze, and the mesmerizing view of the lake.  
  • See a beautiful view of the sunset in the evening time.
  • Have a picnic experience here with your friends as it is a wonderful place to hangout with friends.
  • Enjoy the boat ride.


The Geneva Water Fountain, Quai Gustave-Ador, Geneva, Switzerland

Rating & Reviews

Based on 9812 reviews
Very Good
Amer Dibs Wa Laban
Amer Dibs Wa Laban
08/09/2020 14:00
You can spend hours there without getting bored of it! Refreshing in the summer to walk next to it to get a little wet!! Everyone would enjoy this from old people to the youngest :)
Kashif Khan
Kashif Khan
08/13/2020 17:17
Great place for a stroll in the evening. Nice to hangout, bring some food and drinks. Dip your feet in the water....
Reena Motwani
Reena Motwani
07/01/2020 20:25
It’s such a beautiful fountain with droplets hitting your face when you go around. Beautiful lake view, a cup of coffee and cool breeze is all you need to refresh yourself. No entry fees and a must visit in Geneva. 😊
Shiney Shine
Shiney Shine
08/09/2020 03:23
its always a pleasure to visit the fountain...this time we went at night for a walk at the lake.... the fountain had a mystic aura to it as it was engulfed in blue light..gave an ethereal look to it...Im glad we went at night time
Rajiv M
Rajiv M
07/07/2020 05:14
The Jet d'Eau in Geneva, Switzerland is the city's most famous landmarks, a large fountain that also features on the city's official tourism web site. Installed in 1891, the fountain will celebrate its 129th anniversary at its present location on 25th Aug this year. It was beautiful to spend the evening at the lake, on our Euro trip last year, watching this magnificent fountain.

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Yes, Geneva Water Fountain and Jet d'Eau are one and the same attraction on the Geneve Lake. Jet d'Eau literally means the water jet. Jet d'Eau is the big fountain on Geneve Lake. It is among the world's tallest fountains. This fountain was built in 1886.
There is no need as such but it is always a great idea to book Jet d'Eau tours in advance to secure your seat. We would recommend you to book your Geneva Water Fountain Tour with TrueHAB that will provide the best travel experience on your international tour.
The Geneva Water Fountains goes off almost daily except on Tuesday from 1 April to 31 October. The tickets for Geneva Waer Fountain has to be purchased one hour before the start of jet.,
459′ is the height of Geneva Water Fountain, eventually making it the world's tallest water fountain.
After landing in Switzerland via flight, you must make your way for center of Geneva that can be best reached by train. From the main train station, it's less than 10 minutes by walk to the Quai du Mont-Blanc, where the suggested route around the Geneva Water Fountain starts.
The reports published by CIPEL show that Lake Geneva is of average to good quality. However, Lake Geneva is unsafe and unfit for swimming.
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