Places To Visit In Thailand

The tourism hotspot of Thailand attracts tourists from all over the world for the number of exquisite places to visit in Thailand. A visit to Thailand is sure to be blissful amidst the beautiful and welcoming vibes of this place. Thai people are known for their extremely hospitable nature, to the extent that Thailand is dubbed as the "Land of Smiles". The high-quality road infrastructure throughout Thailand adds to the pleasant experience that Thailand is.

The temples and monasteries in Thailand, which number over 40,000, are some of the most important places to visit in Thailand. These temples are very diverse and rich in terms of architecture, which has evolved over the years while maintaining the aesthetic and cultural feel of Thailand. There are also a number of Buddhist festivals celebrated in Thailand, most notable of which are the Thailand Lantern Festival and the Elephant Festival both in the month of November. These festivals are aesthetically very pleasing and peaceful, making November the best time to visit Thailand.

Thai cuisine is very noteworthy for its delightful soups and noodles to fill your stomach with the warmth and comfort of a trip to Thailand. As icing on the cake, some of the best restaurants and places to stay in Thailand are super inexpensive compared to other parts of the world. No matter where you are in Thailand, you will always be near to Thailand's glistening and exotic beaches and its shopping areas where you will find a variety of local and international items.

By traveling to Thailand you will get to immerse yourself in the exquisite feel of Thailand at the several places to visit in Thailand. Prepare yourself for a trip that will leave you in the revelry of the culture of Thailand that you will not find anywhere else.

If you want to see this beautiful, reliable, and attractive architecture of the old King Rama I, then you must visit the Grand Palace. If you want to visit the dazzling city, then you should visit Bangkok. But without a visit to the Grand Palace, this trip will not be considered successful. The Grand Palace is one of the famous destinations in Thailand, where visitors can enjoy it.

The Grand Palace is located in the heart of Bangkok city. It is built-in 1782, which was also the residence of the King. This palace is the best example of beautiful and impressive architecture. There are beautiful grounds and greenery all around here. Ongoing here you will get very detailed information about the historic grounds and the Grand Palace.




Grand Palace was built with the temple of Emerald Buddha, it is also known as a royal hall. It surrounds four walls, which is 1900 meters. In 1782 on May 6, King Rama 1 ordered constructing the palace that time he moved the capital city to Bangkok. In 1925 the castle moved out completely to the monarch's own premises. It is the center of ceremony and the monarch; here also has a museum that is a tourist attraction. 



Why Is It Famous?

Bangkok is a city of beauty, culture, and hospitality, and Grand Palace is one of them where we can see the culture. Entering the palace, you have to wear long skirts or trousers; otherwise, you can't enter the palace premises. You can see four buildings, but you might not get permission to enter the premises, but you can take a tour from outside of the palace. British colonizers were built the highest building among these four. Different sculptures and structures make this place unique and eye-catchy. The grand palace colors are red, green, yellow, and orange; these colors have a significant meaning. The colors represent Buddhism's religion and stand for peace, religion, harmony, and tolerance.

The design of the palace is unique, and the roof is also very modish. Nowadays, it is not the place of the king; it is used for ceremonial purposes. Chitralada palace is the present residence of the king, but there are no tourists allow.



Best Time to Visit

To see the Grand Palace such as the grand scene and its beautiful, exquisite, and sculptural architecture one must go between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm as the palace closes daily after 3:30 pm. 



Palaces To Eat

If you have gone to visit the Grand Palace, then you should know about the food dishes and restaurants bars found around there. Because after enjoying the sight of the Grand Palace, when you feel hungry, you can taste the delicious dish there. He lives a street market street food vendor near Wang Lang (N10), he sells very good food. Along with this, you have some vegetarian restaurants near there that provide a delicious dish. Ethos Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant are the most popular for the veg dish, and the Bonchon Restaurants for Chicken Dishes.



Where To Stay?

Baan Wanglang Riverside-

It is a 4-star hotel, located in 342 Trok Watrakhang Alley, Siri Rat, Bangkok Noi, Bangkok 10700, Thailand. This hotel offers you free Wi-Fi, air conditioning room available, for parking and breakfast you have to pay extra money. Check-in time of this hotel is 2.00 pm, and check-out time is 12.00 pm. for more information and booking, call +66 2 412 7234.


The Royal Tha Tien Village-

It is also a 3-start hotel with free Wi-Fi, and full laundry service; air-conditioning rooms are available here. It situated in 392/1-2 Maharaja Road Pranakorn Bangkok 10200, Thailand. For more information call at +66 95 151 5545.



Would you recommend a guide?

No guide is required to visit the Grand Palace. If you want, you can download Grand Place Map from their official website.


4.5 Rating

There are many beautiful sea beaches in the world better than your dreams. If you want to go to a comfortable place for your body and soul and enchant your mind, then come to Railay Beach. If you are a travel lover then you will find that this place is one of the important places in the world.

Railay Beach is very quiet and beautiful as well as surrounded by four seas. This beach is a small peninsula located between Krabi and Ao Nang in Thailand. To reach here you have to take boat service. Railay Beach is also known as Rai Leh.


4.6 Rating

Wat Arun Temple is one of the beautiful and ancient temples of Thailand. The temple is situated on the Chao Phraya River, which is located in the Wai District of Thailand.

This Buddhist temple is named after the Hindu God Aruna. This temple is also called the Temple of Dawn. Wat Arun Temple was originally conceived and renovated by King Taksin in the 17th century AD. The courtyard of the temple was built during the reign of King Rama II. 


4.6 Rating

Tired of staying at home? Every day monotonous life does not feel good? Don’t worry Get Ready to experience the stunning beauty and natures paradise in Thailand “The Similan Islands”, a trip to this island is will rejuvenate your mind get you ready for your work life. If you like to visit a magnificent place then you should head to the Similan islands in Bangkok.

Similan is so attractive and it is naturally beautiful. It is one of the most popular islands in the world. These islands have the deep forest, ringed by the crystal-clear water. This is surprisingly delightful. Let’s explore more about this Island in this article. Similan, there are a total of 9 islands in this park. However, in 1998 two remote islands have been added again.

By adding two more islands this place has expanded a bit. Each island is called by its number. The archipelago was formed by hot magma stimuli during the Terrier-Cretaceous period about 65 million years ago. The coral walls are possibly 5000 years old. This national park was inaugurated in 1982. Due to the 2004 tsunami, the island's waters are very deep.



Why Is It Famous?

Heritage and culture are some of the many reasons why the Similan Islands are famous. You will find so well behaved people there. These islands have a natural attraction. The Similan Islands in Thailand are extremely spectacular islands, one of the most dazzling white beaches.

The water of Andaman is coast is clear. This is perfect for snorkeling or diving among marine life large and small.  If you come here between November and February, then you will be able to easily see the snails of green and hawksbill turtles in this area. You can see here the beautiful reef fish, shark’s barracuda, and rays. Once you reach this place you will be amazed.




4.3 Rating

Let’s imagine your shoes are scattered in sand and the ocean waves in front of you reawaken your soul. Sounds Good? It sounds as good as these words, and if you go to such a place, your mind will feel pleased and rejuvenated. So, come to Phuket Fanta Sea to experience the spread of happiness.

When we hear the word Thailand, our heart starts pumping fast because of its scenic beauty and marvelous Thai culture and food. Phuket Fanta Sea is a theme-based park specially focused on Nightlife and culture of Thailand. Thailand has many islands and Phuket is one of them. Phuket province is located in Southern Thailand. It is the biggest island of Thailand and sits on the Andaman Sea region. 

Theatrical show, Theme based buffet restaurant and a shopping street middle in the 60-acre park make Phuket Fanta Sea, a must-visit place for every tourist visiting Phuket in Thailand. If you cannot afford Las Vegas of America, this theme park offers the same experience featuring Thai culture, magic, and everything which is needed to keep you entertained. Phuket Fanta Sea has many beaches like Rawai, Karon, Kata Yai, and Mai Khao.

4.5 Rating

Getting Bored with your daily life? Want a go for a vacation? So here is our recommendation for a place where you will feel comfortable. Bangkok is an incredibly beautiful city in Thailand that you must visit once in your life. You will feel very pleasant when you go out of your daily life and visit this place.

If you go to Bangkok with your friend, you must force upon this road named Khao San road. Khao San Road is located in the middle of Bangkok and its length is not more than 410 meters. You will encounter many surprises while walking along this road.

Khao San Road was built by King Rama V in 1892. Khao San means Rice Mill. Many decades ago, this place used to be the rice market. That is why this place is called Khao San Road.



Why Is It famous?

If you visit Bangkok, you should visit this place. You can find eateries, restaurants, pubs, bars, live music. Even if you wanted to get a massage, there are plenty here. You must have heard about the famous Thai massage.

Everything is clean here. In the evening, this place looks electrifying. According to Khao San Business Association, forty to fifty thousand tourists visit here every day in the peak season, and another season twenty to twenty-five tourists visit every day.

4.6 Rating

Along with keeping the body healthy, it should be our duty to keep our soul strong. Come to the Big Buddha Phuket to strengthen your soul and mind. If you are in Phuket, Thailand, and wishes to have a 360-degree view of the southern part of Phuket along with the sighting of Kata beach, Karon beach, Chalong Bay, then Big Buddha is the right place.

Located at the six-kilometer distance from Phuket's Chaofa road West and just 2 km from Chalong Circle, this place is on the peak of Mount Nagakerd in the sub-district of Karon. The height and width of the statue are 45M and 25.45M respectively. The whole statue is made up of Burmese jade marble.



History of the Big Buddha 

This place is dedicated to Lord Gautam Buddha, the founder of the Buddhism religion. The Buddha status shows, the lord Gautam in sitting position. The Status is 45 meters (148 Feet) tall. The construction of this status was begun in the year of 2004 and still, some 80 percent of the project is completed. The whole cost of construction is donations from all around the world.



Importance and Grandeur of big Buddha

Created with the cost of approximately 950,000 US dollars, it is in the middle of the National Conserved forest. As it is situated on the hill and in the forest, the view is just mesmerizing from this place. This place is also worshiped by the proponents of the Buddhism religion.

Visiting this place is a lifelong experience but the vast space makes one fully tired. The entry is free and you can spend as much time as you like, it's just a fascinating place, lots of history and you can even get blessed by a monk.

Lots of souvenir options with all proceeds going directly as a donation for the ongoing work. As the place is located on a height, on a hot shinny day, climbing the steps would be more difficult for older people. 

Today we are going to talk about a very beautiful and wonderful place and that place is Wat Rong Khun which is located in Bangkok. For foreigners, this place is particularly famous for its beautiful white temple. A Buddhist temple is located in Chiang Rai Province in Thailand with a privately owned art exhibition. 

There are many better places to visit here, about which we are going to tell you in this article below. So, let's know about some special things about this place that you need to know about if you too are thinking of going here.


Historical Significance

By the end of the 20th century, the condition of Wat Rong Khun had become very bad and it was in huge need of repair. At that time, suitable funds for the renovation of this place were also not available. At that time, a permanent artist from Chiang Rai decided to take full responsibility for all these things. That artist started the work of completely renovating the temple with his own money.

If we talk about his contributions, then Chalermchai has spent 1080 million on this project so far. Work is still going on at this place but by 2070 the work is expected to be completed.


Why Is It famous?

Wat Rong Khun is most famous here because of the beautiful and stunning white temple. The discussion of the beauty of this temple extends abroad. The foreigners probably consider this magnificent white temple the biggest reason for the beauty of this Wat Rong Khun place. There are many more excellent places here, which are included in the fame of this place. If you want to go here then you must go to these places also once. 

For example, the bridge of the cycle of rebirth, the gate of heaven, Boston, The golden building, clock tower of Chiang rai, Baan dam museum, Wat Rong Khun night bazaar, etc. All these places are also very attractive, you should also see them. These places have a huge contribution to the fame of Wat Rong Khun.

4.3 Rating

Have you heard the name of “Scorpion Queen” lady? This lady is the world record holder for Stay with Scorpions in 2008. The lady stayed in a 12sqm room with 5000 scorpions for 33 days.  This extraordinary achievement was obtained at The Sriracha Tiger Park or Pattaya Tiger Park.

A Zoo mainly focused on tiger in the city of Sriracha District, approximately 30 minutes' drive from the main tourist destination, Pattaya in Thailand. Spreading across the vast area of 400,000sqm, this zoo is the biggest zoo in the Asian continent. You will be able to See over 300 Panther tigers and nearly 100,000 species of crocodiles on site. 

Another attraction of this place is Meeting, greeting, and feeding adorable tiger cubs, farm animals, ostriches, kangaroos, and wilder animals. This zoo also promotes the protection of the environment and various endangered animals in the region. There is no historical significance attached to this place as it is a man-made zoo. This tiger zoo was opened in 1997 and it is divided into four zones like Talent show zone, Tiger Breeding Zone, Crocodile Zone, and Animal Zone. 


If you don't visit Jim Thompson House in Thailand, your visit is almost incomplete. Jim Thompson House is a popular museum in Thailand. The museum was founded in 1959 by Jim Thompson, a Bangkok businessman. The area of ​​this museum is 2023.43 meters. 

Thompson was fascinated with handicrafts and collected a variety of historical Buddhist statues and traditional paintings made of cloth, wood, and paper. Thompson loved to travel and visited various places at different times and bought various historical things from there and stored them in his museum. 

Here is a collection of different secular industries from different countries. There is also a collection of different types of Chinese pottery brought from China. Jim Thompson went missing suddenly in 1986, and then the museum, The James H. W. Came under the Thomson Foundation.



Jim Thompson House Museum History

Jim Thompson, an American entrepreneur, is the founder of this museum. This museum was formerly the home of Jim Thompson. He owned a world-famous Thai silk company and was very interested in art, so he built his museum. It is unique among other museums in the world.

The museum has six Thai style houses. In 1978, Jim Thompson went on a trip to the jungles of Cameroon, Malaysia, and never returned. Since then this museum has been owned by James H. W. Comes under the control of the Thomson Foundation.



Why is it Famous?

Jim Thompson House Museum is a popular place in Thailand and Bangkok. The museum has six large buildings made of teak wood. There are a variety of artifacts collected from Laos, Burma, Thailand, and Cambodia. Since Jim Thompson was fascinated by the silk industry, his museum has a variety of rations.

There are historical Buddha statues made at different times, there are different types of ancient paintings. Visitors to this museum will learn a lot about history.


The word 'Sukhothai' means 'dawn of happiness’; the old city of Sukhothai was the metropolitan city of Thailand. Gradually, the city turned into ruins but has become a world's remarkable heritage site and an important spot for tourism also. In the top-notch of the city, there is a small bounded area which is the origin of the area named 'Wat Phra Pai Luang'.

Sukhothai's central zone contained 21 temples within it. The most important one is the 'Wat Mahatat', a royal temple and spiritual center also. You would have seen numerous Buddha statues, carvings, monuments, etc in every temple. If you want to get the topmost experience in Thailand, don’t forget to visit here. 



Why is it famous? 

The city is like a mirror of the 13th century of Thailand. A lot of manuscripts, monuments, statues, and sculptures were found here. Sukhothai is the birthplace of 'Thai art', and the UNESCO heritage site with incredible ruins out of the country. And some temples make the city famous. An impression can be found somewhere in modern Thailand belongs to the Sukhothai kingdom.  

Though the kingdom stayed for a short period, Sukhothai is marked for the Golden era for sculpture - art and architecture. The great king Ram Kamphaeng established a Ceylonese school for Theravada Buddhism. He also set up an administrative system and prepared manuscripts of his kingdom.

4.5 Rating

This place will be the best if you need to find a place to get rid of monotonous life. The aquarium covers an area of ​​10,000 square meters and is home to a large number of waterfowl, with about 8,000 creations. It is considered the biggest in South-East Asia and the most attractive part of the city.

Large tank aquarium, penguin exhibits, sea turtles, and lots of sea-horses can be seen here. You can also have the option to visit Madame Tusauds so that you can watch 4D cinemas or ride a glass-bottom boat. You will be amazed by seeing those marine species, you have never heard. There are different shows at different times to feed the species; the shows are quite crowded with spectators.   



Why Is It Famous?

When it comes to signification, Sea-Life is a sky-high place for kids and a treasure trove of knowledge. Sealife ocean world is one of the best tourist attractions with world-class features. There is also a 270-degree glass tunnel to view the vast range of all the species. It is like no other better underwater experience. Through the narrative, this aquarium wants to appreciate and share awareness for the marine environment.



4.5 Rating

Want to visit an island paradise? Here you can end your search for an island which can give you an experience of lifetimes. One of the beautiful Islands of Thailand, located in the southern province of Thailand, Koh Lipe is a Small L shaped Island, Situated near the Thailand Malaysia border. It is the house of sea gypsies.

There are three main beaches in Koh Lipe, the west beach (Sunset Beach), the east beach (Sunrise Beach) and the south beach (Pattaya Beach). It is famously known for its coral reefs, Scuba diving, and snorkelling. From four-star resorts to bamboo and thatch bungalows are available for your accommodation’s choices.



Why is it famous? 

Koh Lipe is also known as an island paradise for its turquoise blue waters and white sandy beaches located in the south Andaman sea. It is famous for its food, beaches, and clean waters. You can enjoy snorkelling, diving, or can take boat trips. To experience the bird's eye view of its beauty and the marine park you can hike up to its 3 different viewpoints. 

Tired of this daily and today's modern life? Then you should go for a vacation in a nice place to refresh your mood. Here we can suggest you an awesome place that is very close to the city of Thailand, Bangkok. You will feel different when you go out of your daily life and visit this place. The name of that place is Ayutthaya.

If you are going to visit this place, you must visit the National Park here. This national park is a popular well-known historical place. Once you enter this place, you will be able to see the old history of this place with your own eyes, which will take you into a completely historic era. So, let us have some brief discussions about this park.

4.4 Rating

Want to spend some quality time with the family? And if you want to live on the dream planet then come to Thailand Dream World. Dreamworld can be rightly said as an amusement park created for all sorts of adventurous life for all generations. If you are in Bangkok, this place is a must-visit. It is all-day fun. 

You purchase the ticket online, then there are no further charges on any rides and the place is amazing, awesome and you can spend your whole day clicking pictures. What we can enjoy the most is the giant room, the roller coaster ride, dream world plaza, adventure land, and the birdhouse. The main specialty of this place is the hanging garden just like a Grand Canyon in the United States. 

This hanging garden is the first in the Asian continent. A new generation comes in Thailand, an amusement park created by the family was unable to keep the pace with requirement of the people. In that case, it was decided to create another park now called Dream World. This world is opened on 12 November 1993. The area of this park is very fast approximately 25 hectares. More than 1000 million baht (Thai currency) spent on this dream world to create.



Why is it Famous?

Located in the Thanyaburi District of Thailand, this place is mainly famous for the wholesome family amusement park. Many roller costar rides along with one handing garden as part of river rafting attraction, are the main focal point of this place. The history of this place is attached to one of the famous families of Thailand, “ Kitiparaphon Family”. In the past, this family has many businesses including the business of amusement parks.


4.7 Rating

Have you heard the name of Erawan Elephant? This is a type of white elephant with three heads according to Hindu mythology. The name of this park is kept on the name of this elephant. This park is mainly famous for a waterfall called “Erawan Fall” located in between the emerald green ponds, deep forest along with many deep caves. 

This waterfall is the main attraction of this park and attracts all tourists visiting this place. Besides this, you may also enjoy watching various wildlife species like Asian Elephant, Gibbon, Barking deer, Samber deer, wild boar, etc.

If you are enthusiastic about birds, then also you can watch more than 100 types of birds at this park. There is no history is attached to this park because this is manmade create to conserve the natural beauty of this place and also save the endangered species living there. The park was founded in the year 1975. 



Why is it Famous?

This Park is famous for the waterfall in the name of the park itself. Another attraction of the parks is more than 100 types of birds. Limestone hills, various caves, and the number of river flow can also be viewed there. Erawan national park is a nice natural place for spending some quality time close to nature. You can also enjoy the food stall in the parks

4.6 Rating

Want to enjoy the beauty of the sea and the forest together? You must visit the island. Khao Phing Kan aka James Bond Island is a forested island in Thailand. The island is located about 3 miles from the mainland. The depth of seawater on the beach is only 2-3 meters and many small caves can be seen here. 

The island is 690 feet long in the west and 460 feet long in the east. The island was not well known in 1986. It was only known as a tribal area. A song from the James Bond movie was shot on the island in 1981, and since the movie's release, the island has been known and turned into a tourist destination. As the island became more and more popular, it became a popular part of the Ao Fang Nga Marine National Park.



Why is it famous?

This place is usually popular for various movies. Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood movies have been shot here which has attracted people to see the beauty of the island. The island is surrounded by other calm seas that can captivate anyone. Another nice thing about it is that there is a forest here. There are various shops selling corals, oysters, crabs, and various marine items.

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Thailand provides a very enriching and enjoyable time for solo travelers and singles. Nightlife in the cities of Thailand is a popular attraction for single tourists across this Land of Smiles. Phuket island and Koh Phangan island in Thailand have the most active scene in terms of beach parties that go on at almost all times, attracting solo travelers from all over the world. Thailand is in fact a popular tourist destination for backpackers trodding the globe on their own. You can also choose to stay at one of the many scenic tourist resorts in Thailand like Samui and Mae Nam especially meant to suit the preferences of solo and single travelers.
Thailand is known for its enchanting beauty at its beaches, where both a party environment and a tranquil and cozy environment can be found. There are several beach resorts especially in southern Thailand that let you indulge into the true beauty of Thailand. Besides there are a number of glorious and magnificent temples across Thailand. To add to this, a trip to Thailand will cost you relatively cheaper than other similar international tourist destinations. All of this makes for Thailand to be a great honeymoon destination.
Phuket and Pattaya are two locations in Thailand with non-stop action in terms of parties, shopping, nightlife, game nights and a range of other activities to enjoy with a group of friends. In addition, they also house some of the beautiful and serene locations of Thailand as well to provide you an all-round experience.
Thailand is a south-east Asian country but with a cuisine of its own. Thai cuisine is very unique and well-loved by people from all over the world. Thailand is also renowned for its breathtakingly beautiful and glamorous beaches, especially in southern Thailand, and its magnificent temples and bustling nightlife. There is also a widespread and active martial arts scene in Thailand.
The northern part of Thailand is famous for its beautiful and lively cities. The most prominent names amongst these are Sukhothai and Chiang Rai. These cities have extensive and beautiful architecture and history dating back to the ancient times from World War 2 and Thai history. Bangkok is the capital and most popular city of Thailand with a number of tourist destinations but it takes a lot of exploration to truly discover the beauty of Bangkok.
Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and undoubtedly the most popular city of the country. For this reason, it attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world for its numerous tourist attractions like Chinatown, Grand Palace and the Museum of Siam. However, it will require you an in-depth and thorough exploration of the city and its culture to truly understand, appreciate and enjoy the city and what it is about.
Your overall trip to Thailand will be relatively cheap because of the low cost of products like apparel, food and all sorts of chic items in Thailand. This is because labor charges are extremely low in Thailand, resulting in cheap manufacturing and selling costs.
The monsoon season in Thailand is from May to October, when the weather in Thailand is very humid and it rains heavily which might cause inconvenience in travel plans. The best time to visit Thailand is the month of January, where the weather is pleasant and the general atmosphere is lively and peaceful too.