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Amsterdam Travel Packages

Amsterdam Attractions

Heineken experience Amsterdam


In the year 1991, the giant brewery opened to the public as a tour and visitor center of the brewery...
Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam


Van Gogh is an art museum about the works of Vincent van Gogh, established in 1973, situated in Amst...
Albert Cuyp Market amsterdam


The Albert Cuyp Market is renowned as the most famous street market which is located in the De Pijp...
Bloemenmarkt, amsterdam


With just over 1.2 million people, Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands. This city has a...
NEMO Science Museum, Amsterdam


NEMO is one of the most attractive, unique, and interesting science museums situated in the Netherla...
Rijksmuseum - Unique Museum in Amsterdam


Rijksmuseum, popularly known as national museums that represent the Dutch culture. The location of t...
Eye Film Museum, Amsterdam


Amsterdam is the best place to visit European cities. You will be able to enjoy your holidays here....
Madame Tussauds Amsterdam


If you are planning a tour to visit Amsterdam recently, then you cannot skip visiting the famous wax...

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Amsterdam is a safe city in Europe. There is no need for you to worry about your safety if you apply common sense and stay safe. Amsterdam stood fifth in the safe city index (2015). Amsterdam is a female-friendly city, so women traveling alone will feel safe and secure here. Even with the availability of marijuana freely in coffee shops, smart drugs in smart shops, and legal prostitution, Amsterdam is not dangerous.
As we are aware of the fact that Amsterdam is a place that invites party animals and drugs are easily available for sale on the street without any intervention from government and police. But with all these entertainments and fun, sometimes comes an unavoidable darker side. There are some serious crimes taking place at night in some wicked places of Amsterdam. The places that you must avoid roaming at night or after evening are Kit, Kolen, Overtoomse Veld, Buurt, Amsterdam-Zuidoost and Osdorp. it is fine if you are going to these places in the day time but don't forget to exercise some precautions for your own safety. These places seem to be dishonest and disreputable at night. Stay in the Centrum (Canal Zone)- Jordaan, Rembrandtplein, Museumplein, Nine Streets, etc., or De Pijp.
Amsterdam is the Netherlands ' capital with fantastic architecture, artistic heritage, diverse population, and elaborate canal system. Its rich and free-spirited cultural life, vivid nightlife, and plenty of activities and events make it a vibrant city. The Dutch ranks were fifth in the happiest people in the world as per UN World Happiness Report 2019. The famous places that you must visit in Amsterdam are the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, Vondelpark, Dam Square, Jordaan, Rembrandt House Museum, Royal Palace Amsterdam & Royal Palace Amsterdam.
Amsterdam is liberal, progressive, and respects people’s freedom of choice in their attitudes, beliefs, and individuality. Hence, the Dutch people hold a progressive outlook on social and ethical issues and allow permissiveness. Amsterdam is one of the cycling-friendliest cities across the globe. Locals tend to give a direct, honest, and frank opinion, so do not take offense. It is not considered impolite. The majority of Amsterdammers speak English, so it is easy to communicate for tourists.
Handshake with a nod of the head is the common and standard greeting in Amsterdam. Keep both hands out of your pockets while shaking hands. Among the close circle of friends and family, kissing on alternating cheeks three times is the greeting. Address someone with their title and last name. Greeting everyone present, including children, is customary in the Netherlands. Two essential words Hallo (Hello) & Hoi (Hi), are frequently used in greeting casually.
No, public transports do not accept paper tickets anymore because the government has banned paper tickets. So, tourists should now purchase and top up contactless OV-Chip cards before using a bus, tram, or train in Amsterdam.
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is 15km from Amsterdam city. You can avail of several transportation options from the airport to the city center such as Taxis, Buses, Train and Schiphol Hotel shuttles.
Almost all stores and restaurants have stopped accepting physical currency altogether in Amsterdam so you will not be able to make cash payments. On the other hand, small businesses and supermarkets accept payments from debit cards but do not allow major credit cards like American Express or Visa.
Yes, Uber is available in Amsterdam. It is considered as the safest mean of transportation in Amsterdam. You just need to install the app, open the app and book a ride.
Do not buy drugs from the street dealer as several cases of Intentional drug poisoning of tourists have been reported. It is illegal and dangerous. Amsterdam is considered tolerant of using so-called "soft drugs." As such, drugs are prohibited, and this tolerance exists in the designated premises only.
Tourists with heavy luggage can take a taxi as taxis offer door-to-door service. You will reach the city center comfortably in 20 minutes. Plenty of taxis are available at the train station level and the main entrance to arrivals of the airport.
Amsterdam is humid & rainy with a sub-oceanic climate. It has cool summers and cold winters. The temperature averages from 3.5°C in January and February to 17 °C in July and August. Rainfall is about 840 millimeters per year.
There is no such best time to visit Amsterdam. However, tourists flock in large number in Amsterdam between March and May which are the months of Spring in Amsterdam. It snowfalls in March, followed by mild weather and little or no rain in April and May. Tourists also come to Amsterdam during the Autumn season which begins from September and lasts till November. This is the best time for those travelers who don' like sunshine and have love for cold weather and chilly nights.
In Amsterdam, there is no dress code, and you can wear whatever pleases you. It is fine to wear shorts and short skirts. You can take a Winter coat, scarf, gloves, jeans/warm trousers, tops, a full-sleeve shirt, a t-shirt, pants, a scarf if you are visiting Amsterdam in winter. The perfect outfits for summer would be a light cardigan, more heated jacket, sandals, sun cream, sunglasses, sunhat, shirt, pants