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Yanar Dağ, Maiden Tower, Old City, Palace of the Shirvanshahs, Gobustan National Park, Heydar Aliyev Centre, Ateshgah of Baku, Flame Towers & Azerbaijan Carpet Museum are the top tourist attractions in Azerbaijan.
Azerbaijan is safe for tourists barring some petty and violent crimes. In Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, violent crimes are gaining ground. You have to be extra cautious in Azerbaijan. Solo woman travelers should not go out alone after 9 pm.
Some shady spots like New Yasamal and the 20 January metro station are terrifying at night in Baku. Some basement bars on Azadliq Avenue have earned a lousy reputation where you need to be extra cautious in Azerbaijan.
Indians can get an eVisa within six hours for single-entry of up to 30 days. This eVisa is electronically linked to your passport. Register with the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan when you want to extend your stay longer than ten days. Your hotel can apply on your behalf. The important documents you will need for applying Azerbaijan eVisa are passport with a minimum validity of three months after the expiration of the visa, a passport scan – the information page of your passport. and a working email id and means of payment.
The Spring season in Azerbaijan starts from March and lasts till the end of May. The best time to visit Azerbaijan is during the spring season as you will find the climate very pleasing and suitable to visit the best destinations, shop at local store and outdoor activities. March's average maximum and minimum temperatures are 10°C and 4°C respectively. April's average maximum and minimum temperatures are 17°C and 9°C respectively. March's average maximum and minimum temperatures are 22°C and 14°C respectively.
June, July & August are the months of the year in which the summer season is in Azerbaijan. Summers are hot and dry in Azerbaijan. The average minimum and maximum temperature during the summer season in Azerbaijan are 21.1°C & 29°C respectively.
Lightweight clothes and rainwear are advised for summer. Brace yourself for very low temperatures and hazardous conditions in mountainous areas in the winter. Women can carry Tank top, tee-shirt, shirts, leggings, jeans, skirt, etc. as an ideal outfit for summers whereas Men can take shirts, collared shirt, and undershirts, shorts, jeans, and pants, light jacket as their perfect summer outfit.
The airport is 30 kilometers away from the city center. It may take around 25 minutes, depending on traffic congestion. Several options are available for transfer from Baku Airport to the city center namely Taxi, car rental, bus etc.
Yes, Uber Cabs are available in Azerbaijan. Uber provides a reliable service with a flat rate. It is cheaper than other taxi options, but you need data roaming and wi-fi to avail of this option.
Yes, there is an airport express bus carrying passengers directly from the Baku airport to 28 May Metro Station. The bus stops at Koroglu metro before reaching 28 May metro station. You can board these buses from the terminal opposite the official airport taxi rank. To buy a ticket, go to BakuCard Kiosk, select a card and add some credit to it. You cannot buy tickets on the bus. You require some Manats (Azeri currency) because the machine does not accept card payments. These buses are equipped with wifi, air conditioning, and toilets.