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Explore the multitude of beautiful destinations in Bhopal with Bhopal Tour Package at ever-seen before price only on TrueHab.A wide variety of Bhopal travel packages for budget travelers, couples, senior citizens and families are featured on this page. With our Bhopal Holiday package, you will get to see the top temples, best museums & world heritage sites. Don't forget to go to Bhimbetka, a world heritage site, to explore some ancient cave paintings of the world. This city shows a real combination of the prehistoric spell and recent-time architecture. While exploring this city, you will not only find mosque telling you about the stories of Mughals, but also the new wander such as the majestic infrastructure of the National Law Institute University. Tourists visiting Bhopal get a tad bit feel of the past when seeing the ancient ruins in the present to collect some unforgettable memories to cherish in the future. See the below FAQs travel guide for more information on Bhopal.

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This question pops in everyone's mind when they are traveling to Bhopal for the first time. The answer to this question is YES but this doesn't imply that you are going to taken any precautions. Make sure that you follow certain basic precautions that every tourist must take in a new city. The top precautions that we would advise you to take are: Never carry hard cash with you; Always keep your valuable at the security deposit of your hotel room and don't flaunt your belongings and valuables.
Known as the "The City of Lakes", Bhopal is notable across the nation for numerous artificial & natural lakes. Tourists come here to spot the enthralling lakes this city got to offer and visit their sightseeing spots. You can spend a relaxation time by strolling along the lake.
The most favorite & famous vegetarian dishes of the people of Bhopal are curries and Kebabs. In non-vegetarian, they love eating Keema pulao. The other top unmissable foods that a traveler should not avoid eating in Bhopal are Achar Gosht, Mutton Keema Kalegi, Biryani Pilaf, Roghan Josh, Bafla, and Bhopali Paan.
There is an abundance of adventure activities in the capital of Madhya Pradesh. But sadly, most of the people coming here to travel have no idea about this. Here we come with the number of places along with the recreational activities it offers. Well, the adventure lovers & thrill seekers must go to Upper Lake (Bada Talab in Hindi) to boat and canoe. For trekking and hiking, you can go to the popular National Park - Van Vihar. Bhopal has now also introduced some new activities on its land like Rappelling, Zipline Ropeway, Sailing, Archery, Paintball, Fishing, rappelling, ATV Biking, Go Karting, Climbing, etc. The places where you will find a plethora of adventure activities in Bhopal are Kerwa Lake, Bhopal Ropeway, Bada Talab, Pachmarhi, and Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary
The beautiful tourist attractions, the friendly nature of people, enthralling natural beauty are all the important traits of the Bhopal that propels a visitor to come to this city for exploration. There are countless number of top things to do in Bhopal are: Going to Upper Lake for boating and canoeing, spending a good time in Sair Sapata Park, Cycle inside Van the Vihar etc.
The perfect places in Bhopal for couples where you will find love flowing freely in the air are Upper Lake, Sair Sapata, Raw the Restro Bar to have a lovey-dovey dinner; Kerwa Dam and Bhopal Ropeway.
There are lot of marketplaces in Bhopal that offer a wide variety of products ranging from gift items to basic necessities. The popular streets where you can go for shopping in Bhopal include Chowk Bazaar, Bittan Market, Mrignayani Emporium, Habibganj Market, New Market and Sarafa Bazaar.