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Bhutan is the beautiful Buddhist Kingdom in the Himalayas with scenic valley views and dramatic landscapes. Browse Bhutan Tour Packages from India at TrueHAB. During Bhutan Travel, you can discover this landlocked country for hilltop monasteries, fortresses (dzongs), snowy mountains, dense forest, and rolling hills. Buddhist stupas exist everywhere in Bhutan. Explore the best places in Bhutan, such as Bumthang Gangtey, Haa Valley, Mongar, and Paro with Bhutan Trip from India. Mountain Trekking, Hiking, river rafting, and archery competitions are the main tourist activities here. Its colorful festivals exhibit the culture and traditions of the kingdom.

Bhutan has the Vajrayana form of Mahayana Buddhism as its state religion. Southern Bhutan has a Hindu population. The UNESCO Heritage list has some of the monasteries. Bhutan is a unique country globally to value GyalyongGakidPalozom or Gross National Happiness(GNH) above GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Bhutan ranks mental wellbeing above material wellbeing. Check Bhutan Holiday Packages from different Indian Cities like Bhutan Packages from Delhi, Bhutan Tour Packages from Mumbai, Bhutan Packages from Bangalore, Bhutan Tour Packages from Ahmedabad. Bhutan is expensive because its government authority spends more than $200 daily throughout the year to maintain its culture.

Tourists can select Bhutan Trip Packages for once in a lifetime experience. Book your Bhutan Tour Package at the best price with TrueHAB for comfortable and hassle-free sightseeing. These packages include sightseeing, airfare, accommodation, and meals. You can customize them as per your requirements. The best Time to Visit Bhutan is from October to December for fresh air and sunny skies. Spring and autumn are two beautiful seasons to explore the kingdom. The climate in Bhutan varies because the altitude is different for different places. There is a variation between 15 and 30°C in summer and spring temperatures. You will experience freezing weather and snow at high altitudes with an average temperature from 11 to 0°C.

Bhutan trip cost from India

Looking for Bhutan Trip Cost? Check Bhutan Trip from Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore based on duration and price for a beautiful vacation in the land of the thunder dragon.

Bhutan Tour Packages Duration Price (per person)
Bhutan Package 7 days-6 Nights INR 11, 250
Wonders Of Bhutan 4 days- 3 Nights INR 12, 600
Catch A Glimpse Of Bhutan 7 days-6 Nights INR 28, 709
Beauty Of Bhutan 5 days- 4 Nights INR 22, 518
Dragon Tour Of Bhutan 5 days- 4 Nights INR 23, 670


Ideal Itinerary for Bhutan Packages

Refer to an ideal itinerary for Bhutan Trip from India to experience a great vacation. It includes all major tourist attractions in the Himalayan Kingdom.

Day 1: Land in Bhutan. Drive to the capital Thimphu. Visit Kuenselphodrang and Memorial Chorten. Overnight at the hotel.
Day 2: Explore the wildlife reserve area. Visit the national library of Bhutan, the national textile museum, the folk heritage museum, the royal botanical garden, Wangchuck Centennial National Park, and Tashichho Dzong monastery. Overnight at the hotel.
Day 3: Head out for Punakha and visit Dochula Pass en route. Visit Chimi Lhakhang and Punakha Dzong. Overnight at hotel in Punakha.
Day 4: Discover the serene valley of Phobjikha, the Crane Information Centre, and the beautiful 17th-century Gangtey Monastery. Overnight at the hotel.
Day 5: Visit the Tamchog Lhakhang temple, Rinpung Dzong monastery, and national museum Ta Dzong. Overnight at the hotel.
Day 6: Drive to the Taktsang monastery and then walk to the top. Visit Kyichu Lhakhang temple. Overnight at hotel.
Day 7: Check out and catch a return flight from Paro airport.


Places to Visit in Bhutan

Bhutan Tourist Places comprise iconic landmarks to make the most of your visit. We share paradisiacal Bhutan Places to Visit.

  1. Punakha: Punakha is famous for mesmerizing views, beautiful scenery, and great resorts. Explore the Dochu la Pass and the majestic Punakha Dzong.

  2. Bumthang: This cultural hub of Bhutan is home to ancient temples and the birthplace of Bhutanese saint Pema Lingpa. Guru Rimpoche also paid a visit to this magical place.

  3. Trongsa: Chogyal Minjur Tempa constructed the most impressive Dzong in Bhutan, Trongsa Dzong, in 1644. The present Royal family has their ancestral home at Trongsa.

  4. Paro: The iconic Tiger’s Nest (Taktsang) monastery is the main attraction in the most fertile valleys of Paro. The international airport is also located in the valley.

  5. Haa: Visit spectacular Chele La pass and unravel its hidden secrets in the valley. The valley was not open to tourists until 2001.

  6. Thimphu: The tallest statue of Sitting Buddha at Kuensel Phodrang and the annual Thimphu festival are the main draws for tourists in the capital of Bhutan.

  7. Wangduephodrang: The Wangduephodrang Dzong is the most prominent site to visit in the last town on the highway before entering central Bhutan.

  8. Gangtey and Phobjikha: This most beautiful valley at 3000 m is known as "Switzerland of the Himalayas." The Black Mountain park borders central Bhutan.

  9. Lhuntsi/Mongar/Trashigang: The semi-nomadic villages of Merak (3500 m) and Sakten (2800 m) are the dwelling places of the Brokpas in eastern Bhutan. Pristine Wildlife Sanctuary at Sakten is the place to spot Snow Leopard and Red Panda.

  10. Motithang Takin Preserve: Takin is Bhutan's national animal, and it is a strange mix between cows and goats. The preserve is home to Takins.


Things to Do in Bhutan Trip

Your Bhutan Trip would be incomplete without partaking in unique activities. Here is a round-up of some fantastic things to do in Bhutan:

  1- Observe and learn Bhutan’s national sport, archery.
  2- Take a steep two hours hike up to Tiger’s Nest.
  3- Spot elusive creatures like yeti at Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary.
  4- Participate in colorful Tsechu festival and dance with monks on traditional music. Monks wear masks and elaborate costumes to give a moral message.
  5- Spend some time with a local family on their farm in the Paro valley to learn more about tradition and culture.
  6- Walk on Bhutan's longest suspension bridge. This 160-meter long bridge connects Punakha with Phunaka Dzong and offers scenic beauty all around.
  7- Enjoy whitewater rafting at Punakha.
  8- Try local delicacies like momos, ema datshi, ara, kewa datshi, and zaow.

Bhutan Travel Packages

Bhutan Attractions

Royal Takin Preserve


Royal Takin Preserve, the crown jewel of Thimphu, is located in the Motithang district of Thimphu. I...
Punakha Suspension Bridge


Punakha has been the former capital of Bhutan in the heart of Punakha-Wangdue Valley. This quaint to...
Paro Taktsang


Tiger Nest Monastery or Taktsang is one of the most venerated places near Paro in Bhutan.  It i...
Clock Tower Square

Clock Tower Square is located in the heart of Thimphu town as an architectural marvel and a pleasure...
Karbandi Monastery

Karbandi or Karbandi Goemba is one of the oldest Monasteries in Bhutan situated 400 meters above an...
Buddha Dordenma Statue


Buddha Dordenma is a gigantic Buddha statue in the East Himalayan mountains of Bhutan. This Buddha s...
Bhutan Gate


India and Bhutan share a soft border. Bhutan is a protectorate state of India. Bhutan Gate is very s...
Folk Heritage Museum Kawajangsa


Folk Heritage Museum in Kawajangsa is within walking distance of the National Library of Bhutan and...

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Pack heavy cotton and lightweight woolens, T-shirts or long-sleeved shirts (not sleeveless) in summer.
If you come in the winter, pack thermals, warm and waterproof clothing in layers such as woolen sweaters and down jackets, and thermal underwear. You can enjoy winter only when you are used to freezing weather and snow at high altitudes.
The climate in Bhutan varies because the altitude is different for different places. There is a variation between 15°C and 30°C in summer and spring temperatures. You will experience extremely cold weather and snow at high altitudes with an average temperature from -11°C to 0°C. Southern Bhutan- Hot and humid almost throughout the year with the temperature between 15 and 30°C Central Bhutan- Warm summers, cold and dry winter Far Northern Bhutan- Very cold with snow-capped mountains.
At dzong (an ancient fortress with temples and courtyards), you cannot put on jeans, wrap your jacket, or have your coat unzipped. You cannot wear hats, shorts, short skirts, flip-flops or t-shirts inside. Please cover your arms and legs with long-sleeved clothing.
Hire a taxi from Paro airport to the capital Thimphu, which is around six kilometers. After receiving your tourist permit at Paro, the taxi will drop you to your hotel at Thimphu. Flights are sometimes delayed due to visibility and weather (most of the time in the summer). To avoid inconvenience on your part, please set aside 24 hours before any onward connecting flight.
Bhutan is a safe destination to travel. However, conventional wisdom remains correct about precautions for personal safety and security. It is even safe for solo male or female travelers.
Stay alert while trekking because the ground gets slippery with leeches everywhere during the monsoon. Avoid leaving valuables in the vehicle at the parking. Always wear a seatbelt and avoid driving at night because accidents are frequent in Bhutan due to mountainous roads and blind curves. Flight delays are common due to weather and visibility. Have necessities in your baggage to face delays or unexpected stop-overs. Dogs are the fond animals in Bhutan. Please avoid teasing or feeding them.