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Canada Travel Stories

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Canada is a safe destination for tourists. This nation values respect and tolerance for everyone, so tourists are not going to face any problems here. Crime rates and violent crimes are meager in tourist spots. Petty crimes such as passport theft, bag snatching, and pickpocketing sometimes occur in tourist areas, public transport, and big cities. Valuable thefts from cars are common in city areas.
Thompson and Manitoba are the most violent dangerous cities in Maclean's ranking of the country's most dangerous places with stabbings, assaults, gun crimes, firearms offenses, and drug crimes. North Battleford, Sask, also ranks high in violent incidents.
The biggest ski resort Whistler-Blackcomb is free of serious crime for tourists. It is a must for most tourists.
Indian passport holders are currently not eligible for a tourist visa on arrival for Canada. You have to obtain a visa before landing in Canada. You can apply online for a tourist visa and track the entire procedure. Alternatively, you can apply using the offline process.
For online application, you have to open an account on the Government of Canada website with the help of bank details. After opening the account, you need to fill two application forms: Form IMM 5257. It is an application for a temporary resident & Form IMM 5707 (Family details form). Apart from these types, you may have to fill form IMM 5409, form IMM 5476, form IMM 5475forms (if needed). After filling the application form, you have to support the application form with the mandatory documents. On submission of the application form, the embassy will verify the details and call you for the interview or the biometric round. You can track the status of your tourist visa on the website of the Canada Embassy in India. You require an application number, birth date, or name.
Eligibility criteria cover aspects such as nationality, age, health standards, and valid documents such as Extended Six month valid passport. Children below 18 years can neither apply for the visa nor enter the country until they are visiting Canada with their parents or guardians. An applicant has to inform the embassy about a disease, and a medical examination is required to prove that you do not have a chronic illness (if needed). You must maintain a bank balance to fund your stay in Canada. A letter of invitation is required in case you have been invited by your friends, family, or relatives. Some documents that the applicant must produce are application form with three photos as per Canada visa requirements, NOC from the employer or leave letter from school/college, confirmed air tickets, travel itinerary , Proof of accommodation, Proof that you will go back to your home country after the Canadian visa expires, Identity and civil status documents, police clearances to show no criminal records (if inquired), Covering letter mentioning your purpose, motive, and duration of the travel
Canada experiences a wide variety of climates. All of Canada has a winter season with low average temperatures and snowfall except the west coast. The northern two-thirds of Canada- Freezing winter, and short and cool summers with polar climate. The central-southern area (interior plains)- Freezing winter, hot summer, and sparse rainfall with a continental climate. British Columbia in the west- Mild and temperate climate. West coast and island of Vancouver- Mild and rainy winter with the marine climate. Southern Ontario and Quebec – Hot, humid summer and cold, snowy winter
Canada is the home to many attractive landscapes and beautiful sightseeing. The top places in Canada where you will always find tourists exploring are Niagara Falls, Banff National Park & the Rocky Mountains, Toronto's CN Tower, Old Quebec (Vieux-Quebec), Whistler, Ottawa's Parliament Hill, St. John's Signal Hill National Historic Site & Old Montreal.
Canada is the second-largest country by total area in the northern part of the North American continent. It is a constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth as the figurehead of the state. British, French, and its own indigenous cultures and the cultures of immigrants populations have shaped composite Canadian culture. English and French are the official languages in Canada. Christians, Muslims, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhists, and Jews, are the central religious communities in Canada.
The spring season in Canada is from March to May. Canmore and Alberta may face snowstorm in May. Snowfall ends in April except for high altitude areas of Banff or Whistler(Here it ends in May). Canada receives an ample amount of rainfall during these months. It is the time for all the winter fallen snow to get melt. There is an early spring on Canada's west coast with an average temperature above 0°C.
The summer in Canada begins in the month of June and lasts until the end of August. There is a hot and humid weather in central and eastern Canadian cities like Toronto and Montreal. Summers are moderate in west coast with less humidity and cooler evenings. The Northern region usually remains cool and comfortable in summer. The daytime temperature ranges from 20 to 30°C in Canada in July. It is humid in Durham. High humidity levels can make it feel much hotter, this temperature is usually called 'the humidex.'
September, October, and November are the months of the Fall/ Autumn season in Canada. Central and Eastern Canada gets a little cold in the month of September. Fall gives the relief from heat and humidity of August. Trees transform into shades of orange, red, and yellow thus ending up giving a new view to landscape in Autumn. The weather in this season makes it suitable for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and whale watching. Fall also brings a short day with a few hours of sunlight. Canada has an average temperature of 20°C in September and 5°C in November respectively.
Winter may begin early in November and last till late March or early April in the eastern part of Canada. Bright sunny days may be the coldest with temperature ranging between -10°C to 5°C. Eastern Canada (Toronto and Montreal) has subzero temperatures that plummet up to -20°C with eight inches snowfall in January and February. Tourists can enjoy winter sports such as sledding, skiing, skating, and building snowmen.
Weather is pleasant in autumn, and hence autumn is an excellent time to visit Canada. Tourists can enjoy winter sports such as sledding, skiing, skating, and building snowmen. Banff, Canmore, and Whistler receive a good amount of snowfall making the place more beautiful.
A warm coat, hat, mittens (gloves), Cardigans, Boot, Jeans, pashminas, Umbrella are the spring outfit that you can put in your backpack to rock your Canada trip.
Light jacket, rainwear, shirts, shorts, and polos are the ideal summer outfit in Canada. You can apply insect repellent on your skin to stay safe from insects in the streets of Canada. Wear sunglasses and apply sunscreen to avoid sun exposure and sunburn.
Coat, Mittens, a light jacket or travel jacket will be the perfect outfit for your Canada trip in Autumn/ Fall Season. Also, take an umbrella with you or purchase one as it rains in Canada in November.
Layer your clothing. Wear long thermal underwear, t-shirts, and sweaters underneath your coat. Keep warm hat for ears or earmuffs, scarf, warm mittens, long-sleeved shirt, non-slippable boots with rubber soles, a warm, thick coat are the ideal winter outfit for Canada.
The main Toronto city is only 25 miles away from the airport. Tourists can transfer from airport to Toronto and other suburbs using multiple transfer options like Taxis, Limos, Trains, Buses etc.
Go to the pick-up area on the terminal curbs at the arrival level. A licensed taxi or Limo bears the GTAA number plate on the bumper and decal(sticker) on the window. Taxis charge flat rates, accept all major credit cards, and fulfill safety requirements. Limos are premium black cars that cost 10% more than a taxi. Terminal 1 – Arrivals Level Taxis: Door D, Limos: Door C Terminal 3 –Arrivals Level Taxis: Doors D, E and F, and Limos: Door F
Go to car rental counters on level 1 of the terminal 1 and terminal 3 parking garages in Pearson airport. Quick car rentals are available by Avis/Budget, Dollar/Thrifty, Enterprise, Hertz, and National/Alamo on best rates.
Union Pearson Express covers the distance between Pearson Airport and Union Station in downtown Toronto in 25 minutes. The ride is free for children under 12 years of age. The train is available between 5:27 am, and 12:57 am every 15 minutes. You can purchase a ticket at the free UP Express mobile app, ticket vending machines at all stations (Pearson, Weston, Bloor, or Union), or customer service counters in terminal 1 and 3. Get to the UP Express station in terminal 1 next to the terminal link train.
Canada is a welcoming destination for women travelers, given the liberal attitude and safe surroundings in leading cities or tourist circuits. However, indigenous women have faced sexual assaults and discrimination, it should not impact female travelers if they take a few precautions. The police are not corrupt, they will protect you. At the same time, they will not spare you if you break the laws. Install Weather+app that gives a six-day weather forecast.
Buses ply between the airport, Toronto, and the suburbs. TTC(Toronto), Go Transit, Miway, T1T3VISCOUNT, and Brampton Transit are the bus services from the airport.
Yes, Uber does provide its cab ride-sharing services in Canada. Request a pick-up from Pearson Airport using ride-sharing apps Uber or Lyft.
Canadians are polite, respectful, and friendly. They are a law-abiding, diverse, and very private bunch. To avoid confrontation, they avoid conflicting views on politics, religion, or any sensitive issue that might create tension. It is inherent in them to be tolerant of diversity. Local people respect the privacy and individualism of others. At the same time, these unpretentious people encourage humility, empathy, sensitivity, and honesty in relationships.
Canadians shake hands to introduce themselves and may shake hands before parting, as well. Maintain eye contact while shaking hands. Men may extend their hand to a woman without waiting for her to extend hers first. Short hugs are frequent among close friends, particularly women. Kissing is reserved for family or lovers, although light cheek kisses are friendly greeting among French-Canadians. Older men may kiss a lady’s hand. Address with the last name and titles unless you are encouraged to be less formal.
Tipping is customary, and something expected by service providers like bartenders, waiting staff, taxi drivers, hairdressers. It may be 10% to 15/20% of the bill.
Downtown East Side (DTES) in Vancouver is infamous for drug abuse and prostitution. Tourists can not avoid this area because it lies between two great tourist spots of Gastown and Chinatown. A visit to DTES may be confronting. It is safe during day time. At night, avoid deserted areas in Hastings and night market in Chinatown. Avoid display of wealth, and remain indifferent to drug dealers and other shady people. Avoid parking your car as smash and grabs are common.