Goa Honeymoon Packages

The honeymoon destination of Goa offers you an exciting and lovely honeymoon. You will get attraction offers from TrueHAB on our your honeymoon trip moon to Goa. You can find the best luxury hotels and resorts in Goa, and fancy things to do ands enjoy with your prtner like romantic ships cruises in Goa. Also visit some of the oldest and beautiful churches of Goa, such as Basilica of Bom Jesus and feel blessed in the aura.

You can enjoy walks by the beach, ranging from sandy to rocky. If you wish to also indulge in an exciting and enjoyable  party scene on your honeymoon.TrueHAB also offers Goa Honeymoon Packages on a budget, through the form of Bali affordable packages. Additionally, you can even customize your trip Get a discount on Honeymoon packages for Goa. We also offer customized Goa honeymoon packages. Plan a honeymoon to Goa and its various tourist attractions with Goa Honeymoon package.

Bounded by the glistening waters of the Arabian Sea, Goa is a side of India that appeals to both domestic and international tourists. This tiny state is a popular choice for a leisurely vacation; the reasons being its scenic landscapes and the cultural influence of Portugal. Goan cuisine and beach parties are also some things, contributing to this popularity. The carefree aura, spectacular vistas, and romantic touch offered by this little gem are tempting enough to draw newlyweds. Goa honeymoon tour packages allow couples to spend a memorable time with each other.

Laze around on the sun-drenched sands of Goa beaches or walk hand-in-hand with your partner; make every moment of your Goa honeymoon holidays special. Fun-loving couples can party on the velvety beaches while nature lovers can admire the idyllic sun, setting in the horizon beyond the seemingly endless sea. Goa can be easily reached by air, trains, and road from around the country. Honeymooners, who seek a little adventure, can partake in various watersports, such as windsurfing, dinghy sailing, scuba diving, and parasailing. You can also visit other romantic tourist spots in Goa such as Se Cathedral and Shantadurga Temple. And of course visit the Dudhgsagar Falls, where beauty comes to life in the form of this pictureque waterfall. Spend time at this scenic location and also get splendid pictures of yourself taken with your special someone.

Enjoy the best of sightseeing, excitement and tranquility in Goa with TruyeHAB's Goa tour packages. Make your honeymoon in Goa an experience that will be in your memory in all of these aspects, and in the best form. With such an idealized setting, your honeymoon is going to be truly special and romantic, and TrueHAB's Goa honeymoon packages ensure just that.


Goa Honeymoon Packages Prices

Goa Honeymoon Packages Nights Price
Thrilling Goa Couple Honeymoon Package 2 nights INR 18,500
Romantic Goa Honeymoon  3 nights INR 21,200
Romantic Couple Honeymoon Holiday 3 nights INR 25,800
Couple Honeymoon Vacation 4 nights INR 32,500
Jalesh Cruise Goa Honeymoon 4 nights INR 44,700
Luxury Honeymoon Package (with flights) 5 nights INR 56,000

Honeymoon Packages for Goa

Goa Attractions

Anjuna Beach


Anjuna Beach is a village located on the coast of North Goa. It is a Census Town, one of the twelve...
Dudhsagar Falls


Dudhsagar Falls also known as Sea of Milk is a four-tiered waterfall located on the Mandovi River. D...
Calangute Beach


Calangute is a town in North Goa which is famous for its beach. The beach is the largest in North Go...
Shree Mangesh Temple


Shri Mangesh temple is located at Mangeshi Village in Priol, Ponda taluk, Goa. It is at a distance o...

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Goa is one of the smallest states in India packed with beaches lush with beauty and natural healing property, palm trees ornamenting the shorelines and streets, caves waiting to be explored and forts and churches whose architecture will take your breath away. In addition, there are several resorts and villas for getting honeymoon accommodation in Delhi. The scope of indulging in a range of romantic activities in the midst of the sensual feel of Goa with your partner makes for it to be one of the most sought after destinations for honeymooners.
Goa is more expensive than most of India. However, if you compare the honeymoon luxuries that Goa offers to its costing elsewhere, it is definitely one of the relatively cheaper places. Most other places that offer that same type of experience around the world like Europe are costlier than Goa, for example in terms of the exquisite food and drinks menu that Goa offers that people seek on honeymoon.
South Goa is least crowded and thus even lacks nightlife for the most part, making for a very peaceful atmosphere around night time. It is generally considered the more scenic part of Goa too, with a greater number of exotic beaches. An example of an ideal honeymoon location in south Goa would be Palolem Beach. However, in case you are looking for good options within a budget reach, Ashwem Beach and Morjim Beach in north Goa would be great honeymoon locations as well.
Goa offers a range of activities to enrich your honeymoon experience. For example, you can have breakfast with the dolphins, go on ferry cruises, take strolls down the beaches, roam around the beautifully architectured old Goa neighborhoods, visit caves and rock engraving sites, enjoy cycling tours or go crab-catching, all with your new spouse. The overall vibe in Goa will make your honeymoon stay very enjoyable, in the form of memories to cherish and share forever with your partner.
All things included, Goa is not only cheaper if you compare it with the same class of facilities on the offing in Kerala, the overall experience in Goa is generally considered to have more scope for a variety in the overall experience of the trip.
Goa and Thailand are considered to have the same budget for tourists in terms of accommodation, food, etc., and on the overall as well. However, with international flight charges included, a trip to Thailand will be the costlier option to an Indian.
There are no official timings for opening and closing of beaches in Goa. It is allowed to stay overnight at a beach and get some sleep there. However, it is advisable to make sure beforehand it will be safe and come prepared to keep yourself warm through the night.