Gokarna Tour and Holiday Packages

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Top Ten Destinations To Visit in Gokarna

  1- Gokarna Cliff 

  2- Subrahmanya Temple 

  3- Belekan Beach 

  4- Bhadrakali Temple 

  5- Yana Caves 

  6- Shiva Cave 

  7- Paradise Beach 

  8- Maha Ganpati Temple 

  9- Mahabaleshwar Temple 

  10- Koti Tirtha


Gokarna Tour Prices

Gokarna Tour Packages Days/Nights Prices/Head
Gokarna Tour Package (without flight) 2 Days/1Night Rs 10,500
Tour and Travel pack to Gokarna (without flight) 3 Days/2Nights Rs 14,000
Fabulous Gokarna Pack (without flight) 4 Days/3Nights Rs 15,000
Gokarna Tourism (with flight via Delhi) 5 Days/4Nights Rs 26,000
Great trip to Gokarna (with flight via Delhi) 6 Days/5Nights Rs 31,500


Travel Itinerary

Day 1- Arrival at Gokarna

You can visit the pristine beaches and landscapes, of Gokarna. 

Day 2- Gokarna sightseeing

You can visit the Mirjan fort, which was built on the banks of the Aghanashini river which is a tributary of the Sharavati river. You can go to Koti Tirtha, which is an immensely sacred spot for any Hindu. Further, you can pay respect and seek blessings from the Lord, in Mahabaleshwar temple. 

Day 3- Visiting temple & beaches

 You may visit the Bhadrakali temple, which is said to have been built in honor of the Goddess Uma. You can then go to the half-moon beach, which is gorgeous, and less crowded. Eventually, you may visit the Kudle beach which is one of the more popular beaches in the town. 

Day 4- Murudeshwara Sightseeing

You can visit Murudeshwara, which is considered to be very sacred, and witness other fascinating places in this town. 

Day 5- Departure

You can visit the local markets and shop for different items and get a taste of the local flavors. Then you may leave for your home with happy memories. 

Gokarna Travel Packages

Gokarna Attractions

Om Beach


Om Beach is a famous beach in Gokarna. Two converging crescents give it a shape like the Hindu spiri...
Paradise Beach


Paradise is one of the four famous beaches at Gokarna in Karnataka. This sober and secluded beach is...
Sri Mahabaleshwara Swamy Temple


Mahabaleswar Swamy temple is a Shiva temple at Gokarna of Karnataka, India. The temple featured the...
Sri Bhadrakali Temple


Bhadrakali temple is dedicated to Goddess Uma. Hindu Goddess Uma transformed into Mother Kali, which...

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Gokarna, a holy town in the Southwestern Indian state of Karnataka, is well known for its spirituality and sacredness. It is a must-visit popular sacred place for the people of Hindu religion. Mahabaleshwara (Lord Shiva) Temple is the most famous temple in Gokarna which attracts not only God-loving devotees but also tourists fro different states of India. The place is well known for its temples, picturesque beaches, and clean water. Om beach is a must-visit beach for pilgrims and tourists in Gokarna.
Yes, Gokarna is worth visiting as you can visit famous beaches like Half moon beach, & OM beach and can also visit Murdeshwar Temple and Jog Falls which is near about 120KM from Gokarna. These are the most visited sites by the tourist in Gokarna.
The ideal and perfect time to explore Gokarna is between the months of October and March. October through March are the months of favorable, warm, and pleasant climatic conditions with the temperature hovering around 32°C. If you want to be part of the nine days long-held Mahashivratri festival celebration here, come to Gokarna at the end of February or the start of March. This big festival dedicated to Lord Shiva is organized at Mahabaleshwar temple for devotees. The festival ends with the hordes of devotees following the Chariot carrying the idol of Lord Shiva across the street on the last day of the festival. Avoid visiting Gokarna in April and May as It gets very hot in April and May. It is no wonder that the temperature can easily touch 38°C during these two hot months.
The nearest airport to Gokarna i.e., Dabolim Aiport is located in Goa about four hours North to Gokarna. It will take you 3 hours and 37 minutes to cover the distance of 154.9 km between Dabolim Airport and Gokarna via National Highway 66. To reach Gokarna. you can hire a cab, bus from the airport as per your need and budget.
There are so many top engaging activities you can opt for on your Gokarna trip like attending the aarti in Mahabaleshwara temple, soaking up the sun on Om beach, strolling along the Kudle beach, exploring caves, taking a ride bumper boat, etc. Adventure junkies can satisfy their excitement for some adventurous activities by opting out for a trek along the beach, boat riding, and scuba diving.
The top tourist attractions for sightseeing in Gokarna are Om Beach, Mahabaleshwara Temple (Must-visit), Kudle Beach, Water Sports at Gokarna, Maha Ganpati Temple, Shiva Cave, Mirjan Fort, Half Moon Beach, Koti Teerath etc.
There are so many good restaurants, cafes and colorful shacks in Gokarna where you can spend a good time having casual dining with your family, friends and beloved ones. The name of famous restaurants in Gokarna along with their locations are Chez Christophe 2010 on Midle Beach, Ocean Pearl on Kudle Beach Road, Namaste Cafe on Om beach , Little Paradise Inn & the White Elephant on Kudle Beach.
If you want to give yourself & your family the best experience of staying in a top-rated hotel, then consider taking a room in one of these luxury hotels like Kudle Beach View Resort & Spa (5,040 INR), Nimmu House (2,240 INR) and Anaariya Beach Front Gokarna (2,686 INR). Please note that there will be little price variation when you contact the hotel for the price because prices do vary during peak seasons. The average cost of a 3-star hotel room in Gokarna is 3,390 INR.
If you are exploring Gokarna on a shoestring and don't have much to spend on accommodation in Gokarna, then there is no need to worry for you at all. You can find some of the top budget hotels which will not affect your pockets like R K Beach Cottage (456 INR), Mandala Village (892 INR), Gokarna CityStay Rooms (1,500 INR), HosteLaVie-Gokarna (1,098 INR), Rambler Stay (485 INR), & HosteLIT Backpacker Hostels (360 INR).