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Indonesia has a tropical climate. The temperature remains constant, with an average of 28°C, 26 °C, and 23 °C in coastal plains, the inland and mountain areas, and the higher mountain areas respectively. There is little variation in temperature from season to season. Daylight hours change very little for different seasons. The humidity ranges between 70 and 90 percent. Higher elevations experience cold temperatures. For most of Indonesia, there is a dry season (June to September), and a rainy season (December to March).

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Indonesia Attractions

Taman Tirtagangga, Bali


Explore Bali’s water palace that is surrounded by pools and fountains and discover the royal h...
Uluwatu Temple


Uluwatu Temple is one of the Bali's nine key directional temples, which is situated on the top of a...
Goa Gajah


Goa Gajah or the Elephant Cave is regarded as a significant Hindu archeological site and has also be...
Seminyak Beach


In one word we can define the Bali ‘The Land Of Gods’-   due to huge religious...
Bajra Sandhi Monument


Today we are going to present to you Bajra Sandhi, which is the most popular monument in Denpasar, D...
Tirta Empul Temple


The Tirtha Empul Temple is known as one of the most visited Hindu temples in Indonesia. This histori...
Taman Ayun Temple


History- To accomplish the far greater thing, let us swim into the divine pond to get the blessing...
Ulun Danu Beratan Temple


Fresh climate with Mountainous scenery is enough for changing your mood and enjoying the weekend. Be...

Indonesia Travel Stories

Ogoh Ogoh Parade in Bali (Nyepi Day)
Bali is host to a number of religious ceremonies aimed at celebrating the cultural and religious beliefs native to the i...
Galungan and Kuningan: Gods' return to Bali
Bali is an island with unique beliefs and a culture that’s so crucial to the feel of the place that it shows throu...
Odalan: Bali's temple celebrations
Bali is a tiny island that blooms in its essence with a myriad of beliefs and practices rooted deeply in its ancient cul...
Tumpek Landep: Sharp mind for a sharp Bali
Tumpek Landep is a religious ceremony in Bali when Hindu people offer prayers to the god Hyang Pasupati in hopes to seek...
Bali Arts Festival: A cultural experience
Bali has a rich art scene that is rooted in its extensive culture and beliefs. Even though many of these traditional a...
Chinese New Year in Bali
The Chinese New Year is a lively occasion celebrated around the month of February by 20 % of the world’s populatio...


Indonesia is a safe destination to visit for tourists. Although tourists must exercise some precautions while visiting this country. You must call your reliable taxi driver to avoid taxi-related scams. Take care of your belongings and leave your valuables in the security deposit of your hotel to prevent pickpocketing and bag snatching in public places. Indonesia is prone to volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods, and tsunamis with a high level of tectonic activity. Avoid dark and deserted areas to avoid rare violent crimes. Indonesia has a high risk of a terrorist attack. Deny all drinks by strangers to prevent drink spiking and beware of credit card fraud. Solo female travelers should not prefer going to bars and clubs to avoid unwanted attention or assaults.
You can hire private cars and taxis to travel from the airport to the city center.Several means of public transport are available to get around Indonesia. Taxis are more expensive than other public transportations. Apart from taxis, you can take buses, minibusses, cabs, and auto rickshaws in Indonesia to travel. You should know the fare beforehand. Flights are also available to move from one city to another.
Indian travelers with a passport do not require a visa in Indonesia for tourism and stay up to 30 days. Get Visa Exemption Stamp at immigration free of cost. In case of exemption, you need to leave Indonesia within 30 days as visa exemption can not be extended.
For a stay between 30 and 60 days, Indians can avail of a tourist visa on arrival for 30 days. It can be extended for another 30 days. You have to show valid return tickets, passport, and sufficient funds for expenses during your visit to Indonesia. For spending more than 60 days, you have to apply for Visa on Arrival. Please check and ensure that your passport is valid for six months from the date of entry in Indonesia with two blank pages.
No, it is not safe to go to Indonesia in the month of October as typhoons occur between September and December which leads to heavy winds and rainstorms. Try going to Indonesia in the summer season to enjoy the hot climate of Indonesia, enjoy beautiful places and have an amazing life experience.
Islam, Christianity, Confucianism, and Buddhism influence cultural practices in Indonesia. Indonesians are very superstitious, mystical, conservative, polite, and courteous. They love to make friends. Indonesians value harmony, smile, and a humble demeanor. They greet people with a handshake. You should never extend your hands to a Muslim lady unless she initiates it. Indonesians move in the groups with an active community sense; they seldom do things alone.