Iran Tour and Holiday Packages

Planning a trip to Iran with your family, college friends or colleagues, then TrueHab's best-selling Iran Tour Package would surely help you in experiencing the favorite tourist attractions in Iran. The top destinations in Iran (also known as Persia) that are added as inclusions for sightseeing are Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Golestan Palace, Chehel Sotoun and Ālī Qāpū. The other inclusions in our Iran Holiday Packages are meals, air flight tickets and local transport. Keeping in our mind every category of travelers i.e., couples, honeymooners, senior citizens, friends, solo male traveler, solo female traveler, adventure junkie, etc, we have curated our Iran travel packages by theme: Iran Affordable Tour Package, Iran Honeymoon Package for romantic couples, Iran Family Package, Iran Adventurous Package for Thrill-seekers, etc. Have doubts in your mind regarding where to go, what to see, where to eat and where to stay in Iran, refer to our travel vlogs, travel stories and FAQs on Iran. Want us to help you in planning your Iran Trip, send us your details through the travel form given below and our ready-to-help executive will shortly call you.

Iran Travel Stories

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We can call Iran as one of the safest countries to visit for tourists because there are very rare cases of violent crimes against tourists. If the tourist manages to respect the habits of the local people of Iran, they will get nothing but love and warm welcoming from the people of Iran. Solo-Female travelers can also visit Iran without any worry plus they should take every precaution meant for a traveler in a new country. The main precautions for solo-female travelers are not showing their jewelry and other kinds of valuable stuff in the busy streets of Iran as it can be pickpocketed or snatched,' always carry minimum cash; avoid locals who are coming to offer help as they can be scammers. Overall, by being a street smart with common sense, you can explore Iran at its best.
Iran offers a plethora of attractions that are must-visit for tourists on his/her vacation to Iran. This 18th World's most populated country also boasts of its rich culture, unique history, and idyllic nature, According to TrueHab's travelers, the unique destinations to explore for sightseeing are Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Golestan Palace, Chehel Sotoun, Ālī Qāpū and Tomb of Hafez.
Iran is famous for its heart-touching poetry, lush greenery, and high-class rugs. In facts, you would be shocked to know that the very common English word "Paradise" has been taken from a Persian word “Pardis” literally meaning "enclosed garden"
If you are planning to visit Iran with your family and kids, then the top places which are suitable for ideal family outings and getaway are Isfahan Seashell Museum, Kooh Sangi Park, Kish Dolphin Park, Ladies' Beach, Ocean Water Park and Gisoom Beach
The city centre of Iran i.e., Tehran is only 49.3 km away from Imam Khomeini International Airport. It will take 40 minutes of yours to reach the Iran city centre if you choose the Persian Gulf Hwy/Tehran - Qom Fwy/Route 7 . You can hire a taxi, bus from outside the airport.
No, Uber does not provide any cab service in Iran. However, Snapp is the alternative to Uber in Iran. Snapp is the ride-hailing app that provides cab facility to nearly two million a day in Iran.
Based on the insights of TrueHab's Iran Travelers, the good hotels that you will not only be hospitable but also responsive to each and every demand of the guests are Shiraz Hotel, House of Elephant Boutique Hotel, Zandiyeh Hotel, Darb-e Shazdeh Boutique Hotel etc.