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Is making a trip to Muscat on your mind? If it is yes, we have various Muscat Tour Packages of all types to execute it. Muscat in Oman provides some of the world-class landscapes in Western Asia. While in Muscat, you can go to Jalali Fort, Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace, Bait Al Zubair Museum, and Bandar Jissah for sightseeing. These prime tourist dest ... Read More

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There is no doubt that Muscat is one of the safest cities in Oman. The crime rate of this city is very low and the locals of Muscat are always ready to lend a helping hand to tourists. However, every other person who is planning to go to Muscat must know the two risky things in Muscat. The first one is Oman is one of those East-Middle countries that have the highest number of road accidents. Second, Persons walking on the streets of Muscat are seldom taken care of by the person moving in vehicles. Instead, Hire a taxi cab to get around Muscat city. Second, avoid coming between the months of May & October as these months are the hottest of all months of the year. Body dehydration is very common during these months. Drinking a lot of water, apply sunscreen lotion, covering your face with a mask and wearing a hat could help.
Muscat boasts of many beautiful mosques, palaces, museums, and other historical and cultural places for tourists. The most popular places in Muscat that are a must-visit for an outsider in Muscat are Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Al Alam Palace, Bait Al Zubair Museum, Royal Opera House, The National Museum of Oman, Al Jalali Fort & Mutrah Corniche.
Muscat houses some of the prime tourist hubs and this thing makes it one of the must-visit cities in Oman. It is truly the hidden treasure in the Gulf. Muscat is notable across the world for its 2001 Mosque - Sultan Qaboos Grand which has the world's second largest prayer hall and beautiful chandelier.
There are so many unique & beautiful things to buy in Muscat like Omani Mandoos, Pottery, Frankincense, Palm baskets, and crafts, Jewelry, Clothes, Crafts.
The Sultan's Armed Forces Museum, Bait Al Zubair, Bait Muzna Gallery, Children's Museum, Marine Science & Fisheries Centre, National Museum, Natural History Museum, Omani French Museum and Omani Museum are the Museums in Muscat the one or few of which you must-visit on your trip.