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In general, Russia is a safe country as a tourist to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, or the trans-Siberian route. Russia was a troubled country after the disintegration of the USSR, but now things have drastically improved for better. Russia is safe even for solo female travelers. It is rare for them to face pestering or catcalling. You can politely decline advances.
The best places and things to do which are always included in the tourists' to-do list are Moscow, St. Petersburg, Lake Baikal, Kazan Museum, Irkutsk, Sochi, Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok and Petergof.
Russians are superstitious about a black cat crossing their way, knocking on a wooden item to avoid self-jinxing, and losing money after whistling at home. Broken mirror or spilled salt is supposed to bring bad luck. Empty bottles on the table are lousy omen in Russia. It is supposed to bring bad luck to Russia. Go into the room to greet someone. It is superstition to never shake hands over a threshold(door). Russians view this as bad luck.
The iconic local dishes which are very popular in Russia are Shchi, Pelmeni, Pirozhki, Solyanka, Borscht, Beef Stroganoff, Shashlik, Kasha, Syrniki, Caviar, Pancakes and the list never ends.
Visa on arrival is not available for Russia to Indians. Indians can apply for a Russian tourist visa for 30 days for holidays and sightseeing. This visa is confirmed with documents such as air tickets and hotel bookings. A tourist visa will allow Indians to visit Russia for a short period (up to 30 days). Visa is granted on a supporting invitation letter issued by a Russian tourist company that hosts the tourists. This invitation is a service agreement between a foreign citizen and a Russian travel company. The invitation consists of a tourist voucher and confirmation of his/her arrival from the receiving company. Tourist invitation should be duly signed and stamped on the letterhead of a travel company.
The important documents that you will need to get a Russian tourist visa for travel are: Passport with six-months validity and two blank pages. Two copies of the Russian visa application form Two passport-size photos signed on the back. Original tourist invitation along with a copy. Proof of funds to support stay in Russia. Confirmed return ticket.
The invitation should contain the following information: Name of the travel company with its reference number; Full name of tourist and his/her passport information; Purpose of the visit; Duration of visit; Number of entries (single or double); Places, which tourist plans to visit.
Russia is a vast country, and the climate varies for different areas. In the north, the temperature falls below -40°C with a lot of snowfall. When we head toward the south, the climate gets warmer. Summer is heated in the central part. Western parts of Russia receive the most rainfall (750 mm). The southern and southeastern areas are the driest with an annual rainfall below 200 mm. Northern and Central European Russia has dry and sunny summer with sunshine for nine hours a day, showers, thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. Siberia faces extreme climate with freezing winter and rainfall about 500 mm. Though summers are warm to hot paradoxically. It gets really inclement when the temperature plummets below -35°C lashed by strong winds and snowstorms. Primary tourist location St. Petersburg averages between 20 and 25°C temperature, whereas Moscow records about 35-37°C.
Summers are hot and warm in Russia accompanied by blue sky without clouds and bright sunshine in July. The months of summer in Russia are from June to August. It usually gets a little cooler in August as it is the goodbye month for summer. The average summer temperature in Russia ranges between 20-25°C
It gets very cold in Russia in the winter. It is evident in its average winter temperature which comes down to -10°C in winter. Rivers and lakes freezes up in winter and days get shorter with chilling nights getting longer.
The Spring in Russia lasts for a duration of 3 months in a year i.e., it starts in March and stays till May. It is the best season for tourists to explore the sightseeing in Russia and witness the warm and pleasant of Russia receiving bright sunshine and melting the snow it received during winter.
Yes,It is autumn in Russia in October. The months of the Autumn season in Russia are from September to November. It is the time when days start getting shorter and nights become longer. Those travelers who are not very much fond of the crowd can visit Russia during Autumn as very less people likely to travel in Russia in Autumn.
As Russia receives little rain in summers, carrying a raincoat, umbrella and waterproof light- to medium weight clothes are must. You can also pack warm light clothes for early mornings and evenings when setting out for your Russia Trip.
With an average winter temperature falling to -10°C in winter, consider packing heavyweight clothing because warm layers of protection are essential. Fur cap(shapka) with ear covers or hat, Pashmina, Earmuffs, the long coat below the knee, scarf and gloves and boots for the snow are the ideal outfit to experience Russia in winter. Carry or purchase Swimwear from Russia if you want to ba a part of ritual bathing in steam rooms, sauna, and hot pools.
The taxis at the Airport usually take will take around 40-50 mins to take you from the airport to Moscow. You can hire a legal and authorized taxi at the airport. Taxi stands are at the arrivals area of each terminal. Taxi companies like Yandex Taxi, Transparking, LLC Taxi-Sher, LLC AvtoSher, LLC autothermia, Ltd. ESC-24 are providing services round the clock.
Yes, Uber cabs are available in Russia. Uber offers cab booking at a very economical price which is comparatively lower than other private taxis in Russia. You can also book a shared ride at a flat rate through Uber.
Sheremetyevo(SVO) Airport, Khimki is only 29 kilometers away from Moscow. Sheremetyevo Airport is the busiest international airport in Russia. You can book a taxi, board a train or bus to reach Moscow from the airport.
You can catch public buses from terminal B, D, and F to the city center and other central locations in the Moscow region. You can get a ticket from the driver on board.
To reach the city centre quickly, you can board a Aeroexpress Sheremetyevo Train. Aeroexpress is a high-speed train that links Sheremetyevo Airport to Moscow (Belorrusky Railway Terminal) every thirty minutes. Journey time is 35-40 minutes. This station is located outside the terminal facilities. Just follow signs to get here. Buy tickets from ticket machines at the Aeroexpress Station, Aeroexpress website, or mobile app. Operational Time: 00:01 am to 11:30 pm with a break from 00:30 am to 05:30 am. The toll-free number for Aeroexpress: +8 800 700-33-77. It is toll-free in Russia only.
Russia is the biggest country, areawise. It is a European country with a vast expanse of territory. Christianity, Islam, and Tengrism are the main religions practiced in Russia. The majority of Christians follow the Russian Orthodox Church. Russian culture is rich with customs, traditions, literature, paintings, and classical music. Russian is the official language. After the Bolshevik revolution in 1917, the communist party ruled Russia for almost 70 years until the collapse of the USSR into separate countries.
Russians are hospitable, and they love inviting people. If you are invited for a cup of tea, do not eat anything before the visit. Russians cover guest tables with everything they have in the house. Many Russians speak English as a second language. They are cheerful, love jokes, and pulling each other’s leg.
Dress code in a night club is black for men and short skirts with high heels for women. This way, Russian dressing behavior is formal.
You can shake hands to greet Russians formally. Handshake requires firmness and direct eye contact. You can tap a person and embrace him to greet a male friend informally. Women friends kiss each other on the cheek three times, starting with the left to greet.
You have to cover your legs and shoulders in some Orthodox churches (Cathedral of Christ the Savior). Women should wear a headscarf to cover their hair. Men should remove their hat or cap, and wear long pants. Use a shirt with sleeves or wear a sweater before entering the cathedral.
Only Russian neo-Nazi and skinhead group people are seen attacking Asians and Africans on the street. Anti-American and anti-western sentiments sometimes create tensions. Be conscious of your surroundings, especially on Hitler's birthday (20 April) and 2 August, when staunch right-wing people roam around for a conflict with anyone who does not look like a Russian. Sometimes even highly educated Russians exude racist attitudes. Russian racism focuses on Central Asians and Caucasus, so Indians are not the apparent target.
There are some dangerous regions in Russia that a tourist must avoid exploring. Keep yourself updated about the latest danger zones with your embassy. The border with Ukraine, North Caucasus and Abkhazia and South Ossetia are some of the arm conflicted and militarized areas where a tourist must not go.
It is cheap to pay by credit or debit card due to a reasonable exchange rate. Banks may interpret multiple purchases in a row as suspicious behavior and block your card as per their safety mechanism. You should inform your bank in advance that you are going to Russia, so they unblock the card during your trip. Please note that it is illegal to pay using Indian rupees, pounds, dollars, or euros even if they are accepted in shops or stores.
Trekking in some border areas is allowed after obtaining a permit. You will be fined and deported if you are caught without a permit (It takes 60 days for the permit to be processed) in the border area. Besides, some military cities are closed for people. Some regulated wilderness zones require official permission to enter.