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South Africa is a relatively safe country, but you have to be extra cautious about your safety. Mugging and violent crime are a big problem. The rate of violent crime is the ninth highest in the world, with the highest incidence of rape in the world. South Africa had an annual intentional homicide rate of 30 deaths per one lakh inhabitants as per a 2012 study by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Crime is the main security threat to travelers. Violent crimes like rape and murder occur often involving even foreigners. Most tourist areas are safe, and the likelihood of violent crime is low.
Yes, visa on arrival is available for Indians in South Africa. Indians can apply online for eVisa to South Africa for tourism. You will receive eVisa in your email address. You should apply for a visa at a South African embassy or consulate in person and provide biometric data. After the trial is finalized, you can complete the process online.
Documents required for the South Africa tourist visa are given below • Valid passport for at least 30 days from the day of their departure from South Africa with two blank pages. • For minors, a birth certificate with parent details is required. Other parent’s affidavit of consent is needed when the child is traveling with one of the parents only. • The first and the last page of the passport. • Photocopy of old passport, which was not issued more than 10 years ago. • Visa application form. It should be filled with a black pen and only in capital letters. • Two photographs (35X44mm) with white background and matt finish taken within six months. • Proof of accommodation in South Africa. • Period of stay in the country. • Contact details of the place of stay. • Air tickets. • The bank statement of the applicant for the last 6 months. • Papers of income tax returns for the last three years. • If the applicant's passport was issued before marriage, then he or she needs to provide the marriage certificate. • Covering letter for the Visa officer, Consulate General of South Africa • If the applicant is a student, then a student ID or a bonafide certificate is required. • Retirement proof for a retired individual. • Any other investments, such as shares, bonds, PF, etc. • Payslips for the previous three months and the employment contract for employed candidates. • A NOC from the employer/school/college with passport number of the applicant, the name and period of stay in South Africa. • The registration letter of the company and two letterheads for the self-employed candidates
South Africa enjoys a lovely, temperate climate with a lot of sunny and dry days. Altitude and surrounding oceans influence the weather. The east coast (Indian Ocean) has a warm current, whereas the west coast (Atlantic Ocean) has a cold flow.
The best time to visit South Africa is during the Spring and autumn season. During these two seasons, tourists flock in large number in South Africa as the autumn and spring provides the best temperature for outdoor activities and sightseeing.
The autumn season in South Africa is March through May. The days are mildly hot and the weather is very pleasant during the fall in South Africa. It is foggy and there is a slight drop in the temperature with humidity lowering down in the month of April. The temperature in Cape Town move up and down around 18.33°C. The temperature in Johannesburg remains above 21°C.
The winter in South Africa starts in June and continues to last until the end of August. The temperature of some places in South Africa ranges between 0°C at night and 20°C in the day. The Northern Regions of South Africa are usually cold and dry whereas it showers in southern parts of Africa. It snows in the mountainous region of South Africa. You can get to see Whales in winters. The weather in the Western Cape is extremely cold and wet and receives a high rainfall..
Summer in South Africa begins in December and lasts until the end of February. It rains frequently in the afternoon in Western South Africa. Warm temperature near the water area makes it suitable for swimming. • Southern Region- Hot and dry summers • Northern Region- Rainy Southern Region experiences hot and dry summers whereas Northern regions are rainy. The average temperature in Capetown and Durban during summers are 17°C and 21°C. Humidity is very high in most parts of South Africa during Summer.
Light, breathable clothes, raincoat, umbrella, insect repellant are the t6op things to add in your packing list for your South Africa trip in summer.
Long-sleeve shirts, sweaters, warm socks, jacket, raincoat, scarves, woolen beanies are the best clothes to pack for South Africa in Winter/
You can add lighter clothes, a jacket, a sweater for chilly days in your backpack to visit South Africa in spring.
The light breathable clothes, raincoat, umbrella & insect repellant are the top things which you should pack for South Africa in the Autumn season.
The international airport of Johannesburg is fourteen miles from the city center. You have the option of using a bus, train, taxi, or Limo to transfer from Tambo International Airport.
`The important document which you will need to hire car are driving license, ID, and passport to rent a car. You can hire a budget car, a standard car, or even a luxury car that suits your needs. Some of the companies include Avis, Europcar, Budget, Tempest Car Hire Johannesburg, South Africa Car Hire, Hertz, National Car Rental, and Value Car Hire.
In South Africa, there are separate cars for women. South Africa provides a metered cab service driven by women with GPS tracking and taxi meters.
Taxi takes you to Johannesburg in 30 to 35 minutes. You can recognize metered taxi by their yellow “taxi” lights.
The bus is an economical means of public transport in South Africa. You can board city buses and informal minibusses from outside the international and domestic terminals. The Rea Vaya is a transit bus with dedicated bus lanes, which stops at every 500 meters.
Follow the signs and reach train station on the upper level between terminals A and B. Catch a train that links the airport to the suburbs in Sandton, Pretoria, and bus connections.
Limo is a luxuriant and quite pricey service that offers you comfort and avoid airport congestions. You can relax all the way to your destination. You can hire Limo from several companies at the airport.
South Africa is a southernmost country on the African continent. It is a rainbow nation because it is one of the most multicultural countries in the world, with 11 official languages and eight other recognized languages. Colonialism and immigration have brought in white Europeans, Indians, Indo-Malays, Chinese, and many more apart from indigenous black peoples of South Africa.
South Africans are warm and accommodating. They are confident and straight-talking and speak what they think. South Africa is informal in behavior like western countries. Local people wear casual clothes, even at special events like weddings. English is widely spoken almost everywhere in South Africa. So, communication is no issue.
Handshake with eye contact and smile is the most common form of greeting. Some women may not shake hands and only nod their heads, so wait for a woman to extend her hand. While meeting a South African for the first time, address them by their title and the last name. Hugs and kisses on one or both cheeks are common among family and close friends. Men can kiss a woman they know well on the cheek. It is normal to enquire after someone’s well-being and health.
A tip of 10-15% is standard when somebody has offered a service to you. Low wage waiters in South Africa expect a tip.
Berea, Hillbrow and Yeoville in Johannesburg, Sunnyside in Pretoria, Victoria wharf and the beachfront in Durban, Waterfront in Cape Town are the places where you must avoid visiting after dark as it is not safe at all for tourists at night. Pickpocketers and armed assaulters keep roaming there in search of prey.
• Do not withdraw at night and in secluded place from an ATM that opens onto a street. Use ATM in a bank and withdraw a minimum amount. Well-dressed and well-mannered thieves are on the prowl in Stellenbosch as in downtown Johannesburg.