Triund Tour and Holiday Packages

Triund is a crown jewel in Himachal Pradesh with scenic beauty, a vast expanse of grass, and gorgeous land. Browse through a range of Triund Trek Packages at TrueHAB. On Triund Trip, you can discover riveting waterfalls, monasteries, cafes, and sublime hills. The small hill station is at the foot of the Dhauladhar ranges in the Kangra district. This lush little town attracts trekkers, stargazers, bird watchers, and photographers. Kangra Valley, forest, and Dhauladhar range make it the most sought-after trekking location in the country. The forest comprises oak, rhododendron, and deodar.

Triund Trek Difficulty Level is low. It is one of the easiest treks in Himachal Pradesh. The last kilometer is full of slopes and curves. It is an achievement to reach the Triund Valley. It gets even more adventurous to hike up to Triund Lake, Kareri. Triund Trek Height is 2 828 meters. Triund Night Sky is an exhilarating experience to see a galaxy of stars. Millions of star's experiences will have etched into your memory forever. Check Triund Trek Packages from different Indian Cities like Triund Trek from Delhi. Tourists can select Triund Packages for an adrenaline-pumping experience. Book your Triund Trek Package at the best price with TrueHAB.

Triund Trek Cost

Looking for Triund Trek Cost? Check Triund Trek packages based on duration and price for Triund Hill Trek.

Triund Tour Packages Duration Price (per person)
Triund Trek Short Break 2 days-1 nights INR 1, 080
Breathtaking Triund Trek Tour 3 days-2 nights INR 6, 299
Trek To Triund 2 days-1 nights INR 3, 960
McLeodganj Triund Trip 3 days-2 nights INR 5, 670
Road Trip To McLeodganj and Triund Trek 3 days- 2 nights INR 5, 400


Triund Trek Itinerary

Refer to an ideal itinerary for Triund trekking to experience an adventurous vacation. It includes Triund Camping.

Day 1: Pick up from your accommodation to begin an adventurous journey.
Day 2: Reach the campsite, settle in your tents, and enjoy some refreshments. Overnight stay in the tents.
Day 3: Wake up in the Triund, pack your bags, and proceed to Dharamkot. At Dharamkot, our vans will pick you up and drop you at the desired location.
Day 4: Get down at Dharamkot with your camping gear and backpacks. Begin your trek for 2-3 hours and complete it to reach the campsite on the hilltop.


Triund Trek Guide

Best Time to Visit Triund

May, June, September, and October is the Best Time to Visit Triund and enjoy a trek for a pleasant climate. Triund Trek in December will give you a true escape from mundane routine in a cold month. Carry warm clothes and a stick to safeguard you from skippering in the snow. During Monsoon, you may have to stay at a guest house in Triund instead of camps.

How to Reach

Air: Catch a flight to Dharamshala. Hire a taxi to the hotel from the airport.
Road: Come to Dharamshala on an overnight bus. Hire a cab to reach Dharamkot within 3 hours.
Rail: Get off at Pathankot, the nearest railhead from Triund. Board a bus or taxi to reach Dharamshala in 2-3 hours.

Camps, lodges, moonlight rooms, Forest Department Guest House, are available at an affordable price at Dharamkot and Bhagsu. Price ranges between INR 800 to INR 2000 and onwards.

Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, and Israeli cuisines are delicious and affordable at cafes and eateries in McLeodganj, Dharamkot, Bhagsu, and the campsite.

Trekking Route
McLeodganj is the starting point for the trek. You have to drive from McLeodganj to Dharamkot to reach the base camp where the hike begins. From Dharamkot, cover the trek to Bhagsu Nag. For your convenience, you can hire a guide. You can even navigate the path by yourself with the help of locals and the marked trail. The initial 5 kilometers trail is very easy and straightforward to cross. After the onward climb, you have to pass through 22 curves, which are a little strenuous but manageable before you reach Triund. Many trekkers on the way and visible trails will not get you lost on the trek. You will run into Buddhist monks and locals on stalls on the way. Shiva Temple and the gushing Bhagsu Waterfall are the main attractions of the Triund Trek. Spend overnight at Triund in camp and get back to Dharamkot via the same trail. You will see a lot of Israeli travelers and cafes in the tiny hamlet of Dharamkot. Come back to McLeodganj and visit local attractions at Dharamshala and the Tibetan settlement, McLeodganj.

Safety Tips

 • Pack a power bank, a Swiss knife, and sunglasses.
 • Keep a pain-relieving spray for possible injuries.
 • During winter, carry a jacket and sweater.
 • Get extra pairs of socks and quality hiking shoes.
 • Do not litter the valley.
 • Carry a backpack and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
 • Sunglasses and knives are other essential accessories.


Best Places to Visit in Triund

The Best Places to Visit in Triund comprises some beautiful locations in the valley.

Lahesh Cave: Laka Glacier is 2 kilometers uphill from Triund to visit the fantastic rock cut Lahesh Cave. Camp overnight and enjoy the bonfire.
Norbulingka Monastery: Norbulingka Monastery is a Buddhist institute around McLeodganj, famous for manicured gardens, carpentry, and monks.
Dalai Lama Complex: The complex is the political seat of His Holiness Dalai Lama. You will see monks, café, museum, and library.
Kangra Valley: Go paragliding at Kangra Valley and soak in the picturesque views of the valley.
Kareri Lake Trek: This trek has scenic views and unexplored trails 40 kilometers away from Dharamshala.


Things to Do near Triund Hill

Your Triund Trip would be incomplete without partaking in unique activities. Here is a round-up of some fantastic things to do near Triund Hill:

 • Visit the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts to learn more about music, opera, and dance in Tibetan style at Little Lhasa, McLeodganj.

 • Camp overnight and enjoy a warm bonfire, barbecue dinner in the natural surroundings.

 • Savor authentic Tibetan cuisines such as momos, soup at Lhamo’s Kitchen at McLeodganj main square.

 • Unwind in the lush green Deodar forest and enjoy boating in the beautiful lake.

 • Visit monasteries, waterfalls, temples, Tibetan settlements, and lakes at McLeodganj.

 • Exotic sculptures, Tibetan carpets, and rugs are souvenirs to buy from McLeodganj.


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