Learn about Gujarat Indian Street Food Tour - Sev Usal, Shrikhand, Dabeli, Ragda

Gujarat is known for its sweet food, so I hit the streets in the beautiful city of Vadodara, Gujarat, to try the best Gujarati street foods and eat like a local! Vadodara, Gujarat (formerly Baroda) is a foodie city. The quality of the food, the taste, and cleanliness of Vadodara is the best. The Indian street food in Vadodara is delicious and clean and safe for foreigners to eat. Vadodara is one of the top foodie cities in India. The Indian food in Gujarat is just a little sweeter than the rest of India. They add sugar into everything including their salty snacks! You're going to eat a lot of sweet, spicy, and tamarind chutney infused dishes in Gujarat. We ate the following Indian streets foods, some are available around India, but all have a uniquely Gujarati style to them: 1. Sev Usal 35 - A very chilli spicy curry with chickpeas and fried biscuits. 2. Sev Kachori 25 - A deep fried biscuit shell filled with chutneys and more sev. 3. Ragda Samosa 30 - A samosa covered in a spicy chickpea curry. 4. Samosa Sandwich 50 - A samosa between two slices of bread with tomato, chutney, and a ton of cheese. Served with chips and tomato sauce. 5. Dabeli 20 - The classic Gujarati vegetable hamburger. Like everything else here it has Sev and lots of tamarind chutney. 6. Shrikhand 190/kg - A thick and very sweet yoghurt. It comes in over 14 flavours. The berry and traditional Gujarati saffron flavours are best.

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